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The assumed gender of the doctor is female but the assumed gender of the lunatic is male

Assessment orders
Section 2 is an assessment order and lasts up to 28 days; it cannot be renewed. It can be instituted following an assessment under the Act by two doctors and an AMHP. At least one of these doctors must be a Section 12 approved doctor. The other must either have had previous acquaintance with the person under assessment, or also be a Section 12 approved doctor. This latter rule can be broken in an emergency situation where the person is not known to any available doctors and two Section 12 approved doctors cannot be found. In any case, the two doctors must not be employed in the same service, to ensure independence. Commonly, in order to satisfy this requirement, a psychiatrist will perform a joint assessment with a general practitioner (GP). A Mental Health Act assessment can take place anywhere, but commonly occurs in a hospital, at a police station, or in a person’s home.
If the two docto…

Could "female vicar porn" become a new genre of porn?


Sally Hitchiner has blocked Claire Khaw on Twitter, which about says it all for the her preparedness to engage in debate.  Clearly, this woman already knows she doesn't have a stiletto to stand on.

Perhaps Sally Hitchiner is the best argument against having female bishops.   Then we might have "female bishop porn".  And after that, perhaps, "female archbishop porn".   It would bring the entire Church of England clergy into even more disrepute and entrench further the pornocratic matriarchy we now have.

Is female influence pernicious to Catholicism in the UK?

" ... the Tablet, now Catholic in name only"
"I'm not really sure what is Catholic about this organisation; I mean, in the sense that being Catholic might involve believing in what the Catholic Church teaches, but I might be old-fashioned in these matters. However, could you imagine the BBC daring to wheel on a Muslim who mounts sustained and bitter assaults on key aspects of Mohammed's message, while claiming he was an Islamic spokesman?"
Valerie J Stroud, one of the most prominent "Catholic" dissenters from Rome, from an organisation called Catholics for a Changing Church, who are always banging on negatively about the Pope etc etc.
Catholics for a Changing Church is female-dominated, as you can see.

The Editor of the T…

Which is your favourite Facebook page of all these?

Dame Jenni Murray giggles when ex-wife says on air she used ex-husband's toothbrush to clean toilet

Fleet Street Fox Fleet Street Fox writes a popular anonymous blog revealing the workings, attitudes and shenanigans of a tabloid newsroom. Having used her blog to give her a way to voice her own opinions, journalist Susie Boniface finally confirmed her true identity just a few days ago.  She explains why she revealed who she is, and discusses her new book and what the future holds for Fleet Street Fox. The Diaries of Fleet Street Fox, published by Constable on February 21 2013.
Fleet Street Fox blocked me ages ago from following her on Twitter, so you can guess what sort of a woman she is. has an un-updated list of tweeters who have blocked me on Twitter.

Who needs porn to corrupt the morals of the nation when we already have BBC Woman's Hour?

Typical female: Rachel Frosh resigns as Crime Commissioner over a retweet without a fight

Image has her resignation statement.

I suppose she thinks it is the nature of a woman to yield.  Pathetic and contemptible in a female POLITICIAN.   If she were a man she would be called a GUTLESS WIMP, but as she is female this will be fine in our Culture of Excuses.


What to say against gay marriage

Marriage is eugenic, feminism dysgenic.More female MPs proportionately will support gay marriage than male MPs, calling into question their moral judgment and ability to think rationally and independently.The fact that more female Tory MPs will support gay marriage than male Tory MPs is evidence of their moral judgment and ability to think rationally and independently.Our political classes do not respect marriage.  Our political classes do not know how to respect marriage.If our political classes respected marriage, they would see the necessity of privileging married couples over unmarried couples.Currently, not a single political party you will have heard of proposes privileging married couples.  Marriage is for the rearing of children and so is exclusively for male-female pairings who are not in the prohibited degrees of consanguinity capable of procreative sex. Just because there are childless married couples does not detract from the original nature and purpose of marriage.Catholi…

Why gay marriage is wrong whether or not you believe in God

Extremist PC liberalism infects all faiths.  
Even the Muslims have been very quiet about gay marriage, apart from, which I am sure virtually no one has read.  Perhaps they don't think it is anything to do with them because their people would not be so silly as to go for gay marriage like the kuffar who is Cursed by God, but how do they know, once it is legal?
What is so great about gay sex?
It is purely recreational and non-procreative. Gay sex has all the fun and games without the inconvenience of giving birth to children nor the expense of rearing them and the trouble of trying to bring them up properly. 
If you have no children, they cannot disgrace and disappoint you, can they?
What do you think might happen if we all decided to go for this option?
Could this be the reason why gay sex w…

Will the percentage of female MPs who support gay marriage be much higher than the percentage of male MPs supporting gay marriage? What does this say about women?

There are 503 male MPs and 146 female MPs.

How many male MPs and female MPs will support "gay marriage"?

Will the proportion of female MPs supporting gay marriage be higher than the proportion of male MPs supporting gay marriage?

How many male MPs out of 503 of them will support gay marriage?

What will be  is the percentage of male MPs supporting gay marriage?

How many  female MPs out of 146 of them will support gay marriage?

What is the percentage of female MPs supporting gay marriage?

What is the percentage of female Tory MPs supporting gay marriage compared to the percentage of male Tory MPs supporting gay marriage?

What is the percentage of female Labour MPs s…