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Why feminism fucks up your civilisation

It is quite clear that feminism leads ineluctably to female promiscuity, and female promiscuity (which *facilitates* male promiscuity) has a deleterious effect on the quality of the next generation. 

There you have it, all the ills of British society (and indeed Western civilisation), cited and explained in one short sentence.

The Enemy is Within, and inside our knickers ...

"Special" Britain: almost one in four primary school boys 'have special educational needs'

Government figures obtained by this programme show that thousands of eleven-year-old boys start secondary school only able to read at the standard expected of seven-year-olds or lower. Mike Welsh, of the National Association of Headteachers, examines the literacy problem. 0810
Government figures show thousands of boys start secondary school only able to reach the reading standard of seven-year-olds or below. Reporter Sanchia Berg explains the findings. Education Secretary Michael Gove discusses the literacy skills of secondary school boys.

This means that the land of bastards and sluts is producing substandard children the result of substandard parenting who go on to suffer substandard teaching by the female-dominated teaching profession who refuse to condemn female promiscuity.

And British men are too frightened to s…

The contemptibility of alpha males in Britain (such as Cameron) who fear the wrath of promiscuous women

Why do so many cultures have an instinctive visceral disgust for promiscuous women and the illegitimate?
This is because they are the cancer that is ultimately responsible for the decline and fall of their civilisation.

We wouldn't know because we have literally had that moral instinct bred out of us by generations of single mothers, so much so that about 50% of babies born in Britain these days are born out of wedlock and about 50% of the female friends of the average Briton of child-bearing age is a single mother. 

Instead, our alpha males such as Cameron, Clegg, Miliband make a virtue of being afraid of telling off the sluts and slapper mothers of this land, who produce substandard children with substandard morals who will receive a substandard education to damn the future of this country to oblivion.   Indeed, Ed Miliband is a father of bastards and remains too contemptuous of the opinion of right-minded members of this society to make an honest woman of the mother of his ch…

The difference between men and women

"The difference between men and women can be summed us thusly:

A woman will fake an orgasm for the sake of the relationship. A man will fake a relationship for the sake of the orgasm."

Theresa May - the ineffectual Home Secretary who will fail to prevent the violence of the next riots

Is it because she is stupid or because she is evil?  Or is it because she is a woman?  Women Home Secretaries tend not to be much good, if we examine the record of Jacqui Smith, who was not a good wife either to her husband who had to rely on porn because his wife did have conjugal relations with him as much as he would have liked.

Rape is sex without consent. A woman can withdraw her consent after having previously granted it.

If she's not happy with your performance or she thought you were rich but it turns out you are poor, she can get you done for rape.  Coming to a woman near you soon?

You better believe it, boy!

So get this: either you marry her before you have sex with her or you make sure you pay the prostitute for it.  Getting it for free is really too much trouble and expense these days.

This ties in nicely with our totalitarian laws that women are SIMULTANEOUSLY

1. superior to men
2. inferior to men, ie the weaker sex in need of their financial support and indulgence when they mess up their lives by becoming single mothers
3. equal to men
and that men are wrong even when they're right

and women are right even when they're wrong.

That is why our alpha males (I am thinking of David Cameron as he is our PM after all, even though he is in fact a cunt of convictionless Conservatism) are afraid to alie…

Father not allowed to take photos of own daughter's nativity play by cunting headmistress Jenny Pickering

They just lifted this ban today, but fucking hell, do we want to carry on being an international laughing stock?

Only if you have shit for brains do you think we live in a free society. 

Down with the cunting matriarchy!

Would anyone like to nominate me for the New Year's Honours List?

Possible reasons for you to nominate me:

best Facebook entertainer aroundthought-provokingspeaking the truth without fear or favourstanding up for people who are badly treated, eg taxpayers, BNP, UKIP, Muslims, even extremely unpopular people such as MPs in the name of free speechmy creative, practical and effective solutions to national as well as international problemsmy knowledge of theology, philosophy, politicsmy ambition to create a new state religion for the British that will have something for everyone even the pagans and atheist my slogan "Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Eine Partei"my coining of the phrase that Cameron is a "cunt of convictionless Conservatism" my idea of legalising brothel-keeping and having superbrothels such as Paschamy potential to be winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and bring about world peacemy wonderful ideas to bring about global environmental sustainabilitymy ability to get…

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Frank Field MP suggests GCSE in parenting to help "disadvantaged children" AKA singly mothered little bastards
Frank Field is still not addressing the problem of poverty. We actually want to stop parasites who are the spawn of slut and slapper single mums from breeding while encouraging those who are productive to breed. To do this, we abolish child benefit for all, which is really very simple. We also cut taxes and go cold turkey to kick our national addiction to welfare. Somehow liberals either cannot or refuse to get it.

Children should be taught parenting and life skills throughout their school years? What about not getting knocked up before you have been married? That would be easier to understand, wouldn't it?

One of the drivers in a child's future is its scummy benefit-scrounging unmarried single mother who got knocked up before she even left school.

Why are male politicians afraid of criticising these parasites? Is it be…


Looks like Muslim women also want to have virtual sex online and create a persona of themselves through the power of their imagination, just like non-Muslim women. 

The warning is the same.  It is addictive.  If you actually meet after having had virtual sex with him online over a period of time, he might think he has a right to have sex with you even if you no longer fancy him after meeting the man behind your computer screen ...

If you say no, he might think you are and have been a prick-tease, and he wouldn't be wrong, would he?

The warning is the same: do not have virtual sex with anyone online before you meet them and then expect the real thing to be better.