The contemptibility of alpha males in Britain (such as Cameron) who fear the wrath of promiscuous women

Why do so many cultures have an instinctive visceral disgust for promiscuous women and the illegitimate?

This is because they are the cancer that is ultimately responsible for the decline and fall of their civilisation.

We wouldn't know because we have literally had that moral instinct bred out of us by generations of single mothers, so much so that about 50% of babies born in Britain these days are born out of wedlock and about 50% of the female friends of the average Briton of child-bearing age is a single mother. 

Instead, our alpha males such as Cameron, Clegg, Miliband make a virtue of being afraid of telling off the sluts and slapper mothers of this land, who produce substandard children with substandard morals who will receive a substandard education to damn the future of this country to oblivion.   Indeed, Ed Miliband is a father of bastards and remains too contemptuous of the opinion of right-minded members of this society to make an honest woman of the mother of his children.  

Sodom and Gomorrah?  You better believe it.  

Britain is now a land of bastards and sluts and the so-called Great and Good who are in charge of the ship of state fear to speak against them. 


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