"Special" Britain: almost one in four primary school boys 'have special educational needs'


Government figures obtained by this programme show that thousands of eleven-year-old boys start secondary school only able to read at the standard expected of seven-year-olds or lower. Mike Welsh, of the National Association of Headteachers, examines the literacy problem.
Government figures show thousands of boys start secondary school only able to reach the reading standard of seven-year-olds or below. Reporter Sanchia Berg explains the findings. Education Secretary Michael Gove discusses the literacy skills of secondary school boys.

This means that the land of bastards and sluts is producing substandard children the result of substandard parenting who go on to suffer substandard teaching by the female-dominated teaching profession who refuse to condemn female promiscuity.

And British men are too frightened to say anything about this.  Indeed, even the alpha male of Britain - Prime Minister David Cameron no less - is now too stupid and scared to say or do anything about the  phenomenon of the nation's subjection to the Single Mother Slut who cannot find a Decent Man (because most British men are now mostly jobless and illiterate welfare-claiming drunkards and paedos who sit around at home jerking themselves off to porn). They are now going forth and multiplying at the expense of the taxpayer. 

Soon, we will be actually looking forward to the coming Islamic Revolution.


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