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Sex and Relationship Education is where the official version can be found.

Can anyone not trained in education create a sex and RE syllabus and sell it to the government?

Here is one I have just devised.


1. what the Abrahamic religions say about extra-marital and recreational sex (integrated with the study of Deuteronomy, Leviticus, Romans, the Koran where it mentions the punishment of adultery and homosexuality)

2. why they say what they say about extra-marital and recreational sex

3. why adultery could be considered qualitatively similar to homosexuality (being recreational and extra-marital sex) because of the way it is treated and punished in the Old Testament - both incur the penalty of death by stoning.

4. why adultery (caused by the deadly sin of lust) was considered injurious to society (It breaks up families and impoverishes the next generation as can be seen in the decline of Britain as a nation. British employers prefer foreign l…

Why are intelligent women such fools in love?
Why are intelligent women such fools in love?
Last updated at 08:09 08 August 2007

Last month, I turned 40. I didn't have a big celebration because, being single, I couldn't face dancing with my friends' well-meaning husbands all night.

I never envisaged that at my 40th, not only would I not have a partner, but I wouldn't even have a date. When I waltzed out of Oxford University nearly 20 years ago, throbbing with a sense of my potential, this wasn't what I had in mind at all.

But now, taking stock, I can see that while my career as a writer has flourished, I have floundered massively in the relationship stakes. My romantic CV makes shockingly depressing reading - I was married at 32, divorced by 34, became pregnant by a new partner at 36 and was left by him as a single mother at 38.

Hardly surprisingly, I've been too scared for the past two years to risk more tha…

The Marriage Contract

Some men might find this contract amusing and attractive. Women will no doubt find it rather one-sided ....

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