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Simon Sheppard's Sex and Power

“The male inclination is to encourage the strong, while the female inclination is to nurture the weak. Males value the old for their wisdom and experience, while females value the young for their appeal and future promise. 
The Nazi euthanasia programme, whereby mental defectives and the severely handicapped were killed, was a masculine expression. Nonetheless, that programme was rapidly aborted due to public disquiet. A feminine equivalent can be seen in the recent Dutch practice of killing aged and dying patients, occasionally simply to free up hospital beds. This is accepted in Holland and apparently continues to this day. 
The male policy is to innovate; the female policy is to imitate.”
—Simon Sheppard, ‘Sex and Power: A Manual on Male-Female Relations’

Sex & Power



Photographs of a few pages of the book. Throughout, yellow boxes denote material from other sources, and blue ones are original ma…

Battlefield of Love now continues at Voice of Reason

It just makes more sense because gender politics is politics pure and simple.