Thursday, 29 August 2013

Simon Sheppard's Sex and Power

“The male inclination is to encourage the strong, while the female inclination is to nurture the weak. Males value the old for their wisdom and experience, while females value the young for their appeal and future promise. 

The Nazi euthanasia programme, whereby mental defectives and the severely handicapped were killed, was a masculine expression. Nonetheless, that programme was rapidly aborted due to public disquiet. A feminine equivalent can be seen in the recent Dutch practice of killing aged and dying patients, occasionally simply to free up hospital beds. This is accepted in Holland and apparently continues to this day. 

The male policy is to innovate; the female policy is to imitate.”

—Simon Sheppard, ‘Sex and Power: A Manual on Male-Female Relations’

Photo of 'Sex and Power' front cover   
Sex & Power



Photographs of a few pages of the book. Throughout, yellow boxes denote material from other sources, and blue ones are original material such as anecdotes of notable events and behaviour.







Friday, 19 July 2013

Not only do British men not have an alpha male to lead them, most of them are omega males afraid of omega females

Now that I have explained to the beta male of Britain how and why they are oppressed by feminism, which marginalises the beta male, it is up to them to ask their leaders why he won't say anything about it.

You would have thought that their leader would be an alpha male, but in fact Britain does not have an alpha male anywhere at all, not even in the highest echelons of government.

How can you be an alpha male if you are afraid of offending omega females?

Below are some points to note on the Khavian Theory of Race and Gender:
  1. An alpha female is the mate of an alpha male. 
  2. A beta female is the mate of the beta male.  
  3. An omega female is an SSM. An omega female is undeniably the least desirable female partner for a man seeking a wife to be the mother of his biological and legitimate children.
  4. Any male afraid of criticising the morals of the omega female is an omega male.
  5. The omega male (who can only aspire to be a MCSF -"Morally-Compromised Slut-Fucker" ) is lower than the omega female (an SSM
  6. Even an alpha male can be deprived of his status if he offends omega females, so he is not really an alpha at all.  
  7. All British males (even if apparently alpha or beta) who are afraid of offending the omega female are omega males.
  8. Even the official alpha male of Britain - Prime Minister David Cameron - is in fact an omega male because he fears to offend the omega female, a promiscuous female who has made bad reproductive choices and is a bad mother is considered to be least desirable by any male of any society that is considered healthy, moral and civilised.

How can you call yourself an alpha male if you do whatever your female partner says? The British now have their social and foreign policy influenced by some unelected woman and they say NOTHING.

The rest of British men must be omega males if they are too stupid or too scared to challenge Cameron.

That is why Asian sex predators abuse adolescent white British girls because they are easy meat and the omega males of Britain haven't got it in them to criticise the omega female SSMs who brought their victims into existence.

How low can these men sink?

Any society needs alphas and betas, but not omegas.  This country is stinking with omega males afraid of omega females.

While any society must have more betas than alphas, the British have more omegas than betas. This is what happens when men allow themselves to be ruled by the morally rotten ideology of feminism because they have been bribed by sluts offering cheap sex and are now addicted to it.  

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Why the alpha male no longer exists in Western society

The brutal truth about the laws of the matriarchy is that an alpha male can be deprived of his status, property and children by his wife who may even be an omega female.

I say again: an alpha male can be deprived of his status by his wife who may turn out to be an omega female, ie a slut, or an SSM or an adulteress.

Those who realise this after seeing this happening to other men he knows, will predictably decide not to marry or have children.

If he does have children they will be inferior and degenerate because they are likely to be illegitimate, he is unlikely to be living with their mother, he is unlikely to have authority over them or care much about them because his female partner will have got pregnant accidentally on purpose.

The birth rate will continue to decline and each successive generation be more degenerate than the other.

The patriarchy gives men authority over women and it is this perceived superiority of their status that makes them do what they are supposed to do, ie marry, provide, be good fathers, work hard, take risks etc.

The matriarchy gives women authority over men by encouraging promiscuity in women, in the way that a drug-dealer might give free samples of drugs to potential customers until they are hooked.  When they are hooked the dealer will be calling the shots over his customer.  When the customer runs out of money, he would become the slave of the drug-dealer and then forced to prostitute himself or herself or even commit crimes.  The consequence of living in a matriarchy for a man is to be demoralised and degenerate.  Men will not risk much if their immediate needs eg food and sex are met and they no longer feel shame in being provided for by their women.  If they are being provided for by their women, they will not wish to offend them.

The entire nation will become risk averse, effeminate, and vulnerable to exploitation and invasion by other races and nations who will hold them in hatred, ridicule and contempt because they know that these pussywhipped men have no alpha male to lead them and men of this society are afraid of the worst of their women, who are SSMs.  In short, they are are already cursed by degeneracy, illegitimacy, dishonour, dementia, cowardice and hypocrisy.

There are no alpha males in the West now.  The Prime Minister of Britain is not an alpha male.  He allows his British social and economic policy to be dictated by his wife and the rest of the betas are too stupid to question or criticise this.

So far none of the fucking stupid pathetic beta and omega male Tories seem to be getting their 46 signatures together for the Chairman of the 1922 Committee to make him pay dearly for imposing gay marriage on the British.  Perhaps their wives or slut girlfriends are telling them not to?

Betas do not question why, they only do or die, and boy do they deserve to die.  

The brutal truths of being single and looking when you are middle-aged

  1. All matchmakers or dating websites can only work with what they have got. All single people by definition have something wrong with them.
  2. Beta females do not fancy beta males.
  3. Beta males do not fancy women an alpha male would not fancy.
  4. Alpha females do not fancy beta males. 
  5. Most middle-aged single males are beta.
  6. Most middle-aged single females are beta.
  7. In most cases, you really should put up with the devil you know.  
  8. The fact that you are divorced means you have failed.  
  9. That you are contemplating divorce means you are contemplating acknowledging that you have failed. 
  10. Divorcing your spouse means condemning your offspring to inferior status, but you are a selfish stupid bitch anyway so you wouldn't give a shit about what happens to your offspring, would you?  If anything bad happens to them or you, you would just claim the victimhood status that you are entitled as a woman to do.  Anyway, most of your friends are single mothers just like you, so why would you give a fuck anyway?     

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Gender politics is the politics of race

Consider the answer to the questions below:

  1. "All women would rather fuck an alpha of another race than fuck a beta of her own race."  (Please note I said "fuck", not "marry".)
  2. "Are you aware that all females *without exception* want an alpha male? If you are beta, your female partner had to settle for you because she realised she couldn't do any better. You were her last bus."
  3. "Women probably despise beta males more than the most rabid racist hates people he thinks are of an inferior race."
  4. "If you had a daughter and wanted the best for her, would you rather she married a beta male of her own race, or an alpha of another?"
  5. If you are male, imagine you are female and had to marry. Which would you rather do?  (a)  Marry a beta male of your own race  (b) Marry an alpha male of another race
  6. What would be more rational?  For a woman to marry a beta male of her own race or for her to marry an alpha male of another race? is where you could go to discuss this.

Points to note.

  1. Males compete with other males for sexual access to female.
  2. There are more beta males than alpha males.
  3. If you hurt the betas of your society, then you will hurt  most of the men of your society.  
  4. If you hurt most of them men of your society, your civilisation will wither away and die, because they will no longer work, no longer marry and no longer fight.  This is what is happening in the West now.
  5. It used to be the case that if  a male is beta he has the hope of rising above his status vicariously through producing legitimate offspring.  Now, sadly, his offspring will neither be a credit to him nor legitimate.  More likely than not, his wife will divorce him when she gets bored of him, kick him out of his matrimonial home and deprive him of his children.  Because he is aware of this as a possibility, he will more likely not have any children at all, legitimate or illegitimate.  He may just go gay because he is now told that it is OK to go gay now that gay people can now legally marry.  Sex without responsibility is a very attractive proposition.  
  6. The wealthy will know not to marry any woman to avoid giving up their wealth to some dirty little gold-digger, so while some of them produce children, they will not be particularly wanted or legitimate, so even the offspring of the wealthy will deteriorate in quality.  
  7. Feminism threatens both the beta and the alpha male, in other words, so virulent and insidious is this evil ideology.  
  8. Who will look after the elderly?  Not these working women will be too busy.  The elderly will be euthanased.   
  9. Who will look after children?  Paedos working in nurseries, probably, while their mothers go to work.
  10. IVF - an unnecessary indulgence of the infertile female or a fertile female with a infertile man - is also dysgenic.
  11. The beta female is now considered higher in status than the beta male, and this has alienated and demoralised him.
  12. Women's needs, no matter how frivolous, are considered to over-ride the needs of men.  Even if women don't need jobs to obtain status, the government will continue to give women men's jobs even though they do not need them as much.
  13. The white beta male is disadvantaged in employment and disadvantaged in his ability to find a mate with whom to have legitimate offspring because he can no longer even express his disapproval or resentment of immigration without damaging himself socially or economically. 
  14. Feminism is evil because it unnecessarily elevates the position of the female at the expense of the beta male.   
  15. Feminism makes it acceptable for the female to neglect her work and allow her to compete unfairly against men to their disadvantage.  
  16. Feminism is dysgenic.  

Friday, 12 July 2013

The Omega Male must eventually make way for the Islamic Male when British women eventually wise up

There is something deeply repulsive about the kind of blatant antisemitism expressed by the more primitive species of ethno-nationalist, and we have an example of this in the link above.

For daring to visit a synagogue on London Open Day two years ago and inviting me along so I took photos, Jeffrey Marshall is now suspected of being a Jew because he had to cover his head to enter a synagogue. He was given a skull cap to wear. He wore it, and now every retard in nationalism thinks he is a Jew and therefore the enemy.

It is a bit like my flag and gun photo.  In the same way that some imbecilic liberals believe that I am a Nazi, just by being photographed near a swastika, it is generally believed by retard nationalists that Jeffrey Marshall is a Jew because he was photographed in a synagogue wearing a skull cap.

I have met Jeffrey's mother and she is not a Jewess.  He is also the son of a publican.

It is only to be expected that these Nationalist Neanderthals cannot imagine themselves ever wanting to visit a synagogue.  After all culture, history and architecture are not in the included list of interests of the lumpenproletariat.

Nationalists are overwhelmingly beta males.  Being beta means that they feel the inconveniences of being poorer, lowlier, less educated and less desirable than men who are more affluent, have higher status, and are educated and considered attractive and eligible.

Still, many of these ethno-nationalists are so pig ignorant they regard antisemitism as synonymous with patriotism. Many of the associates of Dave Jones, my former political associate, feel this hatred deep in their guts and what passes for their souls. But then Dave Jones is a rancorous peasant who never completed his education, and his associates are in a similar position and also dysfunctional in some way. It is easier for them to blame Jews and Muslims for their troubles than the way the beta male craves the approval of SSM fornicatresses.  Because the beta male cannot easily persuade women to have no-strings sex with him, afford to take a wife or the services of a prostitute, he is left only with the hope for sexual access to women who are prepared to give it to him for free - in short, the Recreational Fornicatress.

Such women will have low standards of morality and intelligence. However, because of this natural craving to have sex and the wish to gain reproductive rights, the beta male feels he has no choice but to refrain from offending these fornicatresses or even to be seen to be defending them whenever I criticise their morals.

Dave Jones and those of his ilk cannot bring themselves to acknowledge the truth about SSMs.  While they would never want to have sex with Jews or Muslims or Blacks, the English slut is at least useful to them, they reason, because she can at least be persuaded to give them a shag without too much difficulty, unlike the sexually inaccessible Jewess or Muslim female.

However, the attachment and protectiveness that English ethno-nationalists feel towards the English slut is only the protectiveness a drunk feels towards a bottle of glass containing cheap strong drink that he is anxious to consume and protect from breakage.

It is only because Jews and Muslims respect the institution of the family that makes them easily outgun the gentile lumpenproletariat who cannot compete with foreigners even in the field of unskilled manual labour. It is they who have had their characters ruined by the welfare state, and the welfare state is kept going because it must be kept going to keep the sluts fed and watered, breeding and parasitical.

While the white working classes remain unfit for purpose, there will always be a demand for immigrant labour.  Sadly however, my theory that sluts cause immigration is not accepted in the same way that an alcoholic cannot bring himself to admit that his drinking has in any way caused him any problems with his job or his relationships, because he does not want to give up drink.

Pity these omega men for they have no family, no culture, no god, no education and no personal qualities that might dispose a sane British employer to hire them willingly, for this is now the lot of the white working classes of Britain destined to be replaced by wave after wave of immigrants facilitated by government after government.

Only I dare to tell them what is happening to them.  Only I say this to them because there is no one else to do so, for even their leaders exploit them, abuse them and expect little from them.  Nick Griffin certainly does not consider them worthy or capable of being told the truth of their unenviable position.   It is far far easier to blame Jews and Muslims and Blacks and Chinks than the sluts they cannot bring themselves to criticise.

The coarsening of British culture is directly related to the fact that most British men get their sex from sluts these days. In the days when marriage was respected, most men would get their sex from their wives and a minority from prostitutes.

In the Land of Compulsory Fornication that Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland now is, where most women are sluts and most men are morally-compromised slut-fuckers (MCSFs) decline and fall into bastardy and barbarism is inevitable and perhaps already  irreversible.

You would have thought that nationalists whom you would expect to care about the long-term future of their nation would be in some way be exercised by this alarming prospect of degeneracy and decline, but not a bit of it.

These men are not true nationalists in the real sense.  A true nationalist would care about the long-term future of their nation instead of equating hatred of Jews, Muslims and other races with love for his country or for his people.

Those of them who do agree with me dare not be seen to agree with me in public, for fear of the offence this would cause their fellow nationalists, who are mostly illegitimate and who are mostly parents of illegitimate offspring.  In fact, these men who are portrayed by the media as dangerous extremists are really hypocrites and cowards afraid of criticising the morals of the worst of their women, in order to avoid acknowledging the reality of their own degradation.

What of the future?  I predict that eventually enough white working class British females will vote with their feet and convert to Islam in the hope of marrying a husband who is prepared to take his marriage vows seriously.  This is in fact already happening at East London Mosque.  Even Eastern European Catholic women in London see that the future is Islam now.

Eventually, enough men will vote with their feet and convert to Islam in the hope of taking a wife who will take her marriage vows seriously and be a good mother and wife.

Britain won't be Islamified by brown Muslims but by the reproductive choices of rational British women who will eventually realise that the only rational choice they have left, if they care about the quality of their offspring, is to reject their pernicious culture of sexual liberation and reject any man who does not look like he will prove to be a good provider, a good husband or a good father.

So, now you know what Muslims are for, and Jews for that matter.  They are the living demonstration of the importance of marriage in any society that desires longevity and wishes to remain an advanced society, and that this mysterious mechanism of regulating sexual relations between humans called marriage can only be supported in perpetuity by a continuing and general belief in society of the existence of a moral and omnipotent God, or by laws that punish sluts.