Gender politics is the politics of race

Consider the answer to the questions below:

  1. "All women would rather fuck an alpha of another race than fuck a beta of her own race."  (Please note I said "fuck", not "marry".)
  2. "Are you aware that all females *without exception* want an alpha male? If you are beta, your female partner had to settle for you because she realised she couldn't do any better. You were her last bus."
  3. "Women probably despise beta males more than the most rabid racist hates people he thinks are of an inferior race."
  4. "If you had a daughter and wanted the best for her, would you rather she married a beta male of her own race, or an alpha of another?"
  5. If you are male, imagine you are female and had to marry. Which would you rather do?  (a)  Marry a beta male of your own race  (b) Marry an alpha male of another race
  6. What would be more rational?  For a woman to marry a beta male of her own race or for her to marry an alpha male of another race? is where you could go to discuss this.

Points to note.

  1. Males compete with other males for sexual access to female.
  2. There are more beta males than alpha males.
  3. If you hurt the betas of your society, then you will hurt  most of the men of your society.  
  4. If you hurt most of them men of your society, your civilisation will wither away and die, because they will no longer work, no longer marry and no longer fight.  This is what is happening in the West now.
  5. It used to be the case that if  a male is beta he has the hope of rising above his status vicariously through producing legitimate offspring.  Now, sadly, his offspring will neither be a credit to him nor legitimate.  More likely than not, his wife will divorce him when she gets bored of him, kick him out of his matrimonial home and deprive him of his children.  Because he is aware of this as a possibility, he will more likely not have any children at all, legitimate or illegitimate.  He may just go gay because he is now told that it is OK to go gay now that gay people can now legally marry.  Sex without responsibility is a very attractive proposition.  
  6. The wealthy will know not to marry any woman to avoid giving up their wealth to some dirty little gold-digger, so while some of them produce children, they will not be particularly wanted or legitimate, so even the offspring of the wealthy will deteriorate in quality.  
  7. Feminism threatens both the beta and the alpha male, in other words, so virulent and insidious is this evil ideology.  
  8. Who will look after the elderly?  Not these working women will be too busy.  The elderly will be euthanased.   
  9. Who will look after children?  Paedos working in nurseries, probably, while their mothers go to work.
  10. IVF - an unnecessary indulgence of the infertile female or a fertile female with a infertile man - is also dysgenic.
  11. The beta female is now considered higher in status than the beta male, and this has alienated and demoralised him.
  12. Women's needs, no matter how frivolous, are considered to over-ride the needs of men.  Even if women don't need jobs to obtain status, the government will continue to give women men's jobs even though they do not need them as much.
  13. The white beta male is disadvantaged in employment and disadvantaged in his ability to find a mate with whom to have legitimate offspring because he can no longer even express his disapproval or resentment of immigration without damaging himself socially or economically. 
  14. Feminism is evil because it unnecessarily elevates the position of the female at the expense of the beta male.   
  15. Feminism makes it acceptable for the female to neglect her work and allow her to compete unfairly against men to their disadvantage.  
  16. Feminism is dysgenic.  


Stephen Heatley said…
I agree with all of the was refreshing when I met some real women in Indonesia who were educated but feminine...wanting to give love as well as receive love, and take on the issues of life with a spirit of hope.
Claire Khaw said… is a story that suggests that feminism is a worldwide scourge that should be dealt with as as soon as possible, before it does even more damage.
Pds3.14 said…
Humans don't really follow this model. There are people who are better and worse at getting dates, but that's not really how it works.
Claire Khaw said…
How does what work?

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