The brutal truths of being single and looking when you are middle-aged

  1. All matchmakers or dating websites can only work with what they have got. All single people by definition have something wrong with them.
  2. Beta females do not fancy beta males.
  3. Beta males do not fancy women an alpha male would not fancy.
  4. Alpha females do not fancy beta males. 
  5. Most middle-aged single males are beta.
  6. Most middle-aged single females are beta.
  7. In most cases, you really should put up with the devil you know.  
  8. The fact that you are divorced means you have failed.  
  9. That you are contemplating divorce means you are contemplating acknowledging that you have failed. 
  10. Divorcing your spouse means condemning your offspring to inferior status, but you are a selfish stupid bitch anyway so you wouldn't give a shit about what happens to your offspring, would you?  If anything bad happens to them or you, you would just claim the victimhood status that you are entitled as a woman to do.  Anyway, most of your friends are single mothers just like you, so why would you give a fuck anyway?     


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