Beta males in anti-feminist movement refuse to accept necessity of having an alpha male to lead them


Anonymous said…
Because majority of alpha males insult beta males. Nobody taught beta males(not even their own parents!) to know true nature of females/humans overall, thats why when alphas say "females are always natural children" this sounds very radical/strange for beta males, their mothers behaved more properly than current females so thats why betas dont understand very well. When you alphas tell stuff like that for beta males. You should always avoid insulting them, instead you need to provide lots of citations/evidence (example quotes from books/studies etc.. without forgetting to mention the full name and maker of the book) to prove your words to be true. With insulting beta males you only trigger their defensive mode of their minds, nothing else.

Goodluck on trying to talk with betas..
Claire Khaw said…
How quaint - beta demanding respect. If what I say is true, then they should act on it. They are either too stupid or too scared to do so, I suppose.
Claire Khaw said…
Betas are unbiddable children, you could say. To get them to do anything you probably have to frighten them or pay them, and they would end up bungling the job anyway.

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