Feminist admits "The decline of marriage is a natural consequence of gender equality"


But she thinks it is a good thing.

Are feminists evil, or just stupid?

" ... while the first feminist victory was arguably the freedom to marry for love, one of the most recent has been the freedom not to get married at all. Also, we're all really, really skint."

Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett burbles on.  

Does she ever wonder if feminism and legislation protecting the matriarchy is responsible for the fact that "we're all really really skint" now?

Clearly not.  I would put her in the latter category of stupid then.  She is yet another over-promoted and over-indulged mediocrity that liberals so love to indulge.  

Men cannot really blame women for messing things up.  It would be like two parents leaving their sexually-liberated adolescent daughter in charge of the home for three months without any guidance or rules and complaining that she is pregnant, unsure of the identity of the father, and that the house is in a bit of a mess upon their return.


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