What men's rights activists want

Chandrapal S Bhasker:

"abandon all systems of gynocentricity that enslave men, including marriage
take no responsibility for women or their behaviour. men are responsible for themselves and for the the welfare of other boys and men."

This is what men's rights activists want.

This is the future. We will have gangs of marauding men raping lone women or women with men who cannot protect them. Remember how that woman in India died after some men attacked her when she was with her male companion on a bus?


"During the rape, the victim was attacked by six men on a bus. A metal rod was inserted in her body, which resulted in the removal of almost all of her intestines."

The more the institution of marriage is desecrated the more likely your children and descendants will become the marauding men, or the victims of these marauding men.

What is the betting that the rapists had fathers who were not married to their mothers?


You have been warned.


Real men would say maternity leave should be abolished altogether, but men's rights activists campaign to have paternity leave.

Men's rights activists are feminised men.  Real men would say they are anti-feminist and not be afraid of saying the F word.   


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