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Operational Efficiency MUST submit to Feminism and Equal Opportunities: more shit for brains policies of the liberal establishment

This is a matter that continues to incense me, though I recognise that we should all have become accustomed to the shit for brains policies of the liberal establishment by now.

One single woman's hurt feelings should not be put above the careers of two men with dependents in the name of equal opportunities when it is operational efficiency and the morale of the men who risk and sacrifice their lives in the Armed Forces that should be paramount.

This is such a truism that it appalls me that I have to point it out again and again yet receive something that is close to blank incomprehension.

Yes, I am saying that it does not matter if they disliked her for non-PC reasons. They have a right to dislike a colleague as I hope we all have a right to dislike someone and show it, however offensive that may be, provided it does not involve injury to pers…

Moira Cameron, tower's first female yeoman warder, subject of alleged bullying

Who's damn stupid idea was it to have women in the Armed Forces? And why do we not have the courage to admit that it was a very stupid idea proposed by stupid people accepted by even stupider people? This goes back to my previous wall post on the subject of this country being ruled by men who are really only women with dicks - senile, scared, demented women with flaccid dicks and shit for brains.

If there are any real men Beefeaters left they should down tools and go on strike, and risk being court martialled rather than put up for a moment longer with the way the Armed Forces are being run.

But we know they won't because these soldiers are too scared of losing their jobs and being accused of sexism, misogyny and male chauvinist piggery.

All they are fit for is to become cannon fodder in the unwinnable war of the inhabitants of Muslim lands they have invaded.

Stupid is as stupid does.

A US Offic…

The economic and social reasons for the Domestic Partnership

The idea of the Domestic Partnership is not to negate the idea of romance but to save time and trouble.

As I have said, sex and fidelity is optional and can never be the ostensible reason to enter into or dissolve such a partnership.

One is therefore left with the practical social and economic reasons for forming such a partnership.

If romance flutters into such a relationship, it would be a delightful extra.

The conventional romantic view presupposes that romance should exist or even be manufactured and faked in order to justify such a relationship and be used to end it.

It is really speed-dating for grownups. Instead of courtship you have negotiations. This saves the woman from having sex with the man on spec and the man from spending his resources on hospitality and entertainment on women merely to test drive them, so to speak.

It would certainly be more economical, efficient and time-saving than conventional "romantic" methods.…

The 4 Categories of Unmarried Motherhood

Category 1
Never Married Single Mother AKA Slut Single Mum ("SSM")
She is clearly culpable for intentionally getting pregnant, recklessly getting pregnant, or negligently getting pregnant.

Into this category are two subcategories.

Category 1(a)  no longer has the father of her children living with her, if ever. (She is the lowest of the low.)

Category 1(b) has the father of her children still living with her.  (She is not quite the lowest of the low yet. All that would need to happen is for him to walk out the door and she will become the lowest of the low.)


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Let us call Category 1(b) Mother of Bastard Still Living With Father of Bastard ("MOBSLWFOB" or "MOBFOB" for short)

Category 2
Divorcee AKA Divorced Single Mum ("DSM")
She may not be entirely to blame for her divorce if she was married to…

Teenage boys to learn how to respect women in drive to tackle violence

If females are the equal of men and men hit each other, what is the problem with hitting women, reasons an adolescent boy?

Adolescent females who are hit feel stupid, that is why they don't tell others, which would reinforce their self-image of being stupid.

The familiarity of contempt is directly related to easy and frequent sexual access to someone's body. The woman you have screwed enough times becomes a slag and slapper, especially when she didn't need much persuading in the first place.

Christine Barter of Bristol University, Senior Research Fellow for the Centre for Family Policy and Child Welfare, who spoke on the Today Programme seems utterly clueless. She is probably some unmarried lesbian academic with no contact with adolescents except when she interviews them for her research.

The solution is of course to have single sex schools and to tell girls not to be slags and slappers. Parents can tell their daugh…

Wives and Mothers or Careerwomen and Single Mothers?

Can women have it all? Do they want it all? Or do they just want to be wives and mothers again, with husbands who work for them?

The problem in the West is that the men have become useless. Not only are men in the West now just women with dicks, they are poor and stupid, accustomed to getting easy and free sex because slags and slappers give it to them sex for next to nothing. (To be fair to these slags and slappers, they are told that sex with anyone is OK as long as they use contraceptives and the person asking for sex appears respectful and polite. This is what they are more or less told at their sex education classes in British state secondary schools.)

Because men are so useless, women therefore feel they have to find a career and this makes them less prepared to take any crap from men. This is what I would call Self-Reinforced Destruction. You have a problem and the action you take actually makes the overall problem worse.

I think it is sort of what happened when the Millennium…

Are all-women shortlists blatant sex discrimination?

Men are a bit slow to complain though, aren't they?

Still, there are other parties for disgruntled Tories to protest vote for. Let us hope that the "Turnip Taliban" as the Metropolitan Metrosexual Tories at CCHQ call them, avail themselves of their voting options.

Men could be persecuted for giving women funny looks if their hands are on their laps but under a satchel

Richmond & Kingston Informer
Friday 6 November 2009

Police hunt for train man suspected of an indecent act

Police want to speak to this man [photo in report], who is suspected of committing an indecent act on a Barnes to Richmond train last month.

A 21 year old woman from Barnes boarded the train at4.35pm on October 2 and noticed the man sitting opposite was staring at her throughout the journey.

Investigating officer Marie Jeffrey said: "As he was nearly reached her destination, she realised the man had started indecently touching himself beneath his satchel while continuing to stare at her."

The woman got off the train at Richmond, while the man is thought to have travelled to Whitton.

PC Jeffrey added: "This was a very distressing incident for the victim and I am appealing for anyone who knows the man in the the picture to contact us."

Anyone with information can contact the British Transport Police on 0800 40 50 40 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Oh de…

Suicide Bombing, Sex and Single Mummery

I wonder what the BNP will say about single mummery in their manifesto. Perhaps they will not even address the question in their manifesto for fear of alienating their own potential supporters, knowing of the tendency of the white proletariat to be illegitimate and their women to be single mums.

The white urban proletariat do not value education because the welfare state always provides and so don't mind sending their children to crap schools, which teach them nothing that would make them employable.

MPs and the liberal establishment, who do not have to send their children to crap comps, do not care about these people and will do nothing to address their education and training because it is more trouble than their job's worth.

Not only do the white urban proletariat suffer the problems of promiscuity, intoxication, single mummery, illegitimacy, pornography, divorce, paedophilia, low-achievement and whingeing victimhood, they find themselves on the receiving end of the contempt e…

Peace the problem and war the answer? Or a revolution at least. that the Japanese are declining too, even though they have a vastly different culture, are quite authoritarian and have virtually no immigrants. Becoming a single mum there would turn you into a social pariah - and quite right too - so instead of having a problem of illegitimacy as we do in the West, they have a problem of not having enough children.

Well, the Chinese, when the current lot ages, will be having the same problem too, but in spades and shovelfuls. Perhaps the Japanese need a spot of immigration to refresh their society. Or perhaps war will make men men and women women again, who seek partnerships with each other for sex, protection and provision and invest in their future by having biddable high-achieving children.

Perhaps a bit of adversity is what is required and more than a bit of adversity is on its way, not just for the Japanese, but for all of us.

What does not kill us makes us stronger.

Humpback whales cleverer than promiscuous human females living in a welfare state

The female whale basically gets the males to pursue her. The ones who keep up with her get to mate with her, because he would be swiftest and strongest and most likely to have healthy offspring than the slower ones who couldn't keep up with her. At the very least a male should be able to keep up with a female in property, intellect or strength, or there is just no point.

This is obviously not rocket science, but tragically beyond the comprehension of the average unmarried single mum, who never heard of evolutionary psychology before getting herself knocked up.

Something lacking, then, in their sex education classes where they hand out contraceptives like sweets to eager children.

All the more reason to abolish the welfare state, because it is even now lowering the quality of the next generation's genetic inheritance.

In case you didn't know, the average Briton is infamous for his/her stupidity, self-pit…

Marital Rape

I am now addressing my mind to the question of marital rape now that I have discovered this is a question that is exercising Singaporeans.

While it is only humane to formally proclaim that a wife is not her husband's to treat as his sex slave, surely she must also be obliged to give him reasonable access?

It is therefore arguably unnecessary to have such a law, because if he rapes her regularly she would divorce him or run away, and if she gives him no sexual access whatseover he will seek sex elsewhere, thus jeopardising if not actually terminating the marriage.

In practice it is hardly ever invoked and was always meant as a sop to the feminists.

What drives the feminist revolution: stupid promiscuous men and stupid promiscuous women

"The feminist revolution has been powered by male greed - for sex, money, and irresponsibility", says an anti-feminist.
I would add that the feminist revolution has also been driven by the stupidity of and promiscuity of women. Stupid because they have been persuaded that being promiscuous would be good for them. Some of them probably behave promiscuously, not because they even want to, but because they must to fit in and be one of the girls.

Typically, those who are now single mums can only whinge on about how hard it is to find another man and make ends meet.

Instead of bailing these women out with yet more benefits, why don't we let them sink under their own weight of stupidity and promiscuity. It would be cheaper and far more effective.

It is the only language they understand, or they will carry on getting knocked up by their low-life men and then whinge when they have to lie in their own badly-made beds.

Marry in haste repent at leisure.

Become an unmarried single …

Prostitutes smarter and more societally beneficial than unmarried single mothers

Prostitutes at least have the virtue of making men know that if they cannot get sex from a girlfriend or a wife they must pay for it, and that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

The truth is that these men cannot get it for "free" from a woman because they are basically low-status men who are obviously not good husband and father material. Or if they are already married, they are unfortunate in not finding what they have sexually adequate or are insatiably depraved.

Paying for a prostitute reinforces the lower status of these men and sends a message to other men that they must up their game if they want their own woman in their own home.

I would also like to make unmarried mothers acknowledged to be of a lower status than prostitutes, because they are too stupid to even ask for payment. Allowing a man who cares nothing for you to impregnate you and then leave you holding the baby suggests just a bit of culpable stupidity, does it not?

A prostitute at least has the sense t…