Teenage boys to learn how to respect women in drive to tackle violence


If females are the equal of men and men hit each other, what is the problem with hitting women, reasons an adolescent boy?

Adolescent females who are hit feel stupid, that is why they don't tell others, which would reinforce their self-image of being stupid.

The familiarity of contempt is directly related to easy and frequent sexual access to someone's body. The woman you have screwed enough times becomes a slag and slapper, especially when she didn't need much persuading in the first place.

Christine Barter of Bristol University, Senior Research Fellow for the Centre for Family Policy and Child Welfare, who spoke on the Today Programme seems utterly clueless. She is probably some unmarried lesbian academic with no contact with adolescents except when she interviews them for her research.

The solution is of course to have single sex schools and to tell girls not to be slags and slappers. Parents can tell their daughters that if they get knocked up by someone not their husband, they can expect to be taken into care where they will be paedophiliacally or hebephiliacally abused, which means they will probably go on to become an under-achieving drug addict/ prostitute/ porn actress / single mother with variously-fathered children who will become a parasite and cancer of society.

You will also disown or disinherit them, and you will do it too, though it really would hurt you more than it hurts them, which is quite a lot already.

Tell them nice and early before they even start thinking about boyfriends.

My solution is simple, effective and without cost, which means it will certainly be scorned and not adopted. The government prefers complicated, ineffectual and expensive solutions, as we well know.

To this end schoolchildren from 2012 will be told not to hit each other either at school, outside school or those with whom they are having sexual relationship.

It appears that the British government prefers to tell the world that adolescent British boys are promiscuous and savage and adolescent British girls are promiscuous and stupid, reinforcing the British self-image that we are all stupid, promiscuous and savage, instead of adopting the very simple measures that I have recommended above. Individual parents can of course do what they see fit, but perhaps British parents - especially the liberal ones - are just as promiscuous, stupid and savage and won't have regular access to my words of wisdom. If they did, they would ignore it because what I say satisfies their criteria of being judgmental, intolerant and uncompassionate.


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