The economic and social reasons for the Domestic Partnership

The idea of the Domestic Partnership is not to negate the idea of romance but to save time and trouble.

As I have said, sex and fidelity is optional and can never be the ostensible reason to enter into or dissolve such a partnership.

One is therefore left with the practical social and economic reasons for forming such a partnership.

If romance flutters into such a relationship, it would be a delightful extra.

The conventional romantic view presupposes that romance should exist or even be manufactured and faked in order to justify such a relationship and be used to end it.

It is really speed-dating for grownups. Instead of courtship you have negotiations. This saves the woman from having sex with the man on spec and the man from spending his resources on hospitality and entertainment on women merely to test drive them, so to speak.

It would certainly be more economical, efficient and time-saving than conventional "romantic" methods.


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