Humpback whales cleverer than promiscuous human females living in a welfare state

The female whale basically gets the males to pursue her. The ones who keep up with her get to mate with her, because he would be swiftest and strongest and most likely to have healthy offspring than the slower ones who couldn't keep up with her. At the very least a male should be able to keep up with a female in property, intellect or strength, or there is just no point.

This is obviously not rocket science, but tragically beyond the comprehension of the average unmarried single mum, who never heard of evolutionary psychology before getting herself knocked up.

Something lacking, then, in their sex education classes where they hand out contraceptives like sweets to eager children.

All the more reason to abolish the welfare state, because it is even now lowering the quality of the next generation's genetic inheritance.

In case you didn't know, the average Briton is infamous for his/her stupidity, self-pity, promiscuity, paedophilia, victimhood and illegitimacy. These traits have now been elevated into a British National Characteristic for which we are internationally known.

Proud of ourselves, are we?


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