Moira Cameron, tower's first female yeoman warder, subject of alleged bullying

Who's damn stupid idea was it to have women in the Armed Forces? And why do we not have the courage to admit that it was a very stupid idea proposed by stupid people accepted by even stupider people? This goes back to my previous wall post on the subject of this country being ruled by men who are really only women with dicks - senile, scared, demented women with flaccid dicks and shit for brains.

If there are any real men Beefeaters left they should down tools and go on strike, and risk being court martialled rather than put up for a moment longer with the way the Armed Forces are being run.

But we know they won't because these soldiers are too scared of losing their jobs and being accused of sexism, misogyny and male chauvinist piggery.

All they are fit for is to become cannon fodder in the unwinnable war of the inhabitants of Muslim lands they have invaded.

Stupid is as stupid does.

A US Official has at least chosen to resign over the conduct of the war, rather than wait for his pension like that idiot technophobe Sir Mike Jackson who is so dim he didn't even know how to switch his own mobile phone off when being interviewed by Stephanie Flanders.

It would not surprise me to learn that he even now remains ignorant of which button to press to either silence it or switch it off.

There are already enough weak stupid men in the Armed Forces. Do we want weak stupid women as well?

This is the kind of shit you get when you let women in to to do men's jobs. They fall to pieces, start to cry and blame everyone else for not looking after them properly.


Tower spokeswoman Ruth Howlett said Cameron's entry in the online encyclopedia known as Wikipedia had been defaced as part of the campaign against her.

Did this Ruth Howlett perchance also hire Moira Cameron and conduct the investigation?

She was the one who conducted the investigation, apparently. Was she also the one who hired her? If so, should we doubt her judgment, integrity and impartiality?

There is a suggestion that Moira Cameron is a lesbian. Is Ruth Howlett a lesbian too? If they both are, are they having an affair? If they are having an affair is there not a suggestion of bias, if they have colluded to effect the removal of two heterosexual Yeomen Warders?

News has reached me that her uniform was not in fact damaged, and the defacement of her Wikipedia entry was to the effect that she is a lesbian.

If, as PC reasoning dictates, there is no disgrace in being a lesbian, then what is she complaining about?

So she lost her hair. Would a man complain about his colleagues if he was losing his hair?

Why should a woman be allowed to complain about her colleagues if she loses hers?

Is it one rule for women and another for men?

How does one go about inciting the 73 Yeoman of the Guard to go on strike in protest at the policy of allowing people like Moira Cameron in to grass up her colleagues and get them sacked because they didn't like her?

Visit for more on the subject. for the thread on the Army Rumour Service - THE British Army's unofficial community.


Jeff Marshall said…
If men are women with dicks perhaps by extention - ha ha - today's women are just men without dicks.

Oddly, that is how I actually remembered your irritating phrase until I read it again here.

To be honest, I can't really make much sense of the former image.

But the latter now seems profoundly true.
Andromeda said…
It is just a shorthand for saying that members of the sex that are supposed to be courageous and strong are not fulfilling their purpose.

Weak women at least have the excuse of their gender.

Weak men could blame their upbringing, national culture and parentage, I suppose.

It is a bit sad to live in a society where being weak, whingeing and cowardly does not attract the opprobrium one expects it would.

Still, I have made my bed and must lie in it, I suppose.
Jeff Marshall said…
Since Yeoman warders are most unlikely to have to guard the Tower but instead show merely show tourists around it there seems to be no obvious reason why a woman could not do the job.

Pulling off her hairpiece and leaving nasty notes in her locker does not seem a very gentlemanly thing to do.

Nevertheless those without dicks should not be entitled to any special protection when they are supposed to employed on exactly the same basis as those who have.
Andromeda said…
It seems it was she herself who pulled off her wig and said to her male colleagues: "Look what you have done to me!"
Anonymous said…
What a fucking knob head
Claire Khaw said…
I suppose you could call her that.

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