Suicide Bombing, Sex and Single Mummery

I wonder what the BNP will say about single mummery in their manifesto. Perhaps they will not even address the question in their manifesto for fear of alienating their own potential supporters, knowing of the tendency of the white proletariat to be illegitimate and their women to be single mums.

The white urban proletariat do not value education because the welfare state always provides and so don't mind sending their children to crap schools, which teach them nothing that would make them employable.

MPs and the liberal establishment, who do not have to send their children to crap comps, do not care about these people and will do nothing to address their education and training because it is more trouble than their job's worth.

Not only do the white urban proletariat suffer the problems of promiscuity, intoxication, single mummery, illegitimacy, pornography, divorce, paedophilia, low-achievement and whingeing victimhood, they find themselves on the receiving end of the contempt expressed for them by Muslims who despise this aspect of the host culture and don't want to be part of it.

If the government of such a depraved and degraded people invades Muslim lands for clearly spurious reasons, I imagine young Muslim hotheads might want to blow themselves up to express disapproval and to distance themselves from the British government under whom they live. Blowing yourself up to kill voters who keep voting unthinkingly for the same old crap parties with the same old crap policies is the strongest possible message a terrorist can possibly send, you would have thought. That, I imagine, would be the rationale behind suicide bombing by Muslims in this country.

But even they underestimate the stupidity of the British public.

Even now they rail about the numbers and powers of Muslims which their government has allowed in while doing nothing to address why they cannot stop immigration. This is because rich white people hate poor white people so much they would rather hire foreigners than poor white people.

Why are poor white people hated by rich white people? Because they are mostly illegitimate, illiterate, innumerate, intoxicated, criminal and unemployable.

The two parties who could combine to become the Third Political Party of Britain, ie BNP and UKIP, dislike and distrust each other.

The fools in Labour and the Tory Party who want an EU referendum (and thereby control immigration) but dare not vote UKIP or BNP because they fear to be associated with extremism, prefer to believe the lies and false promises their leaders tell them to keep them quiescent.

There is just a suggestion that the National Interest and Islam could form an alliance in order to more effectively destroy the arguments of totalitarian liberalism. They should first unite, and then fight each other later - after they have defeated the forces of liberalism, if they still want to fight each other.

The BNP and Muslims have more in common with each other than they would care to admit: both are feared and hated, both speak what they sincerely believe to be the truth, both are derided as extremists, both want the death penalty and corporal punishment and both are right about the folly of invading Muslim lands.

And both support family values.

Perhaps the groups we hate and fear are even now proving themselves to be extremely consistent and correct about the important things that concern us, and it would appear that the liberal establishment have been proving themselves to be extremely mistaken about many many many things for a very very long time.

Nationalists who admire Hitler should note that he found Islam a more attractive faith than Christianity.

He once remarked:

"Christianity is a rebellion against natural law, a protest against nature. Taken to its logical extreme, Christianity would mean the systematic cultivation of human failure.”

Is not the refusal of the flabby liberal establishment to actively discourage the numbers of a burgeoning underclass, of bastards and the obese, paedophiles and single mums, of the illiterate, ignorant and innumerate, their refusal to tackle the problem of education and training, indeed a systematic cultivation of human failure?

It should be noted that the Church of England overwhelmingly voted to ban BNP clergy, so we all know where the ideological loyalties of these Anglicans lie: with a failing government and a failed ideology of indiscriminate compassion, whose greatest God is Moral Relativism and whose greatest goddess is Sexual Liberation.

Do we really want any more of this crap?


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