Prostitutes smarter and more societally beneficial than unmarried single mothers

Prostitutes at least have the virtue of making men know that if they cannot get sex from a girlfriend or a wife they must pay for it, and that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

The truth is that these men cannot get it for "free" from a woman because they are basically low-status men who are obviously not good husband and father material. Or if they are already married, they are unfortunate in not finding what they have sexually adequate or are insatiably depraved.

Paying for a prostitute reinforces the lower status of these men and sends a message to other men that they must up their game if they want their own woman in their own home.

I would also like to make unmarried mothers acknowledged to be of a lower status than prostitutes, because they are too stupid to even ask for payment. Allowing a man who cares nothing for you to impregnate you and then leave you holding the baby suggests just a bit of culpable stupidity, does it not?

A prostitute at least has the sense to ask for payment and is therefore both more useful to society (because her services have commercial value) and less culpably stupid.


Rookh Kshatriya said…
Actually, I have read that males who use prostitutes have higher IQs and incomes than normal males. More likely, they don't want to get lumbered with the inferior pleb females that are the only women available in Britain. Women hate intelligence, anyway.

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