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Two anthropologists in Arizona appear to share my extinction hypothesis for Neanderthal man

The reason why Neanderthal man died out was because Homo Sapiens discovered marriage before they did.   There, I have said it, and you have read it here FIRST.

I believe that for PC reasons that the division of labour hypothesis was ignored because it would inevitably lead to awkward questions being asked about feminism, which it would be HERESY to question.

Why Neanderthal Man died out is explained at

Neanderthal man lived in a matriarchy (a society that condones female promiscuity eg feminism) while Homo Sapiens lived in a patriarchy (a society that condones male promiscuity and supports the institution of Marriage).

The feminist doctrine of gender equality inevitably makes it promote the idea that women have the right to be as promiscuous as men, ignoring the fact that it…

Woman's Hour on Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen
The French presidential elections are in April and early polls indicate it may not be a straight contest between incumbent President Nicolas Sarkozy and socialist Francois Hollande. Marine Le Pen, the current leader of the National Front – is in a strong third position. In 2002 France was shocked when her father Jean-Marie Le Pen, then leader of the same party, reached the final round for the Presidential elections. So, is Marine Le Pen a serious contender for the presidency and has she steered her party away from its neo-Nazi roots to a new kind of respectability?
Sophie Pedder, Chief French Correspondent for The Economist, joins Jane to explain the rise and rise of Marine Le Pen.
"Woman's Hour really should have run a more sympathetic piece on Marine Le Pen. Isn't she a woman too? There was no-one from the right to counterbalance Sophie Peder's hostile comments," said a male BNP Facebook friend.

Why is feminis…

Alison Saunders, *Head of the CPS*, wants more men to be convicted of rape on the accusation of drunken slags who were up for a shag anyway

Prosecution of Rape Cases
The head of the Crown Prosecution Service in London says that the demonization of young women in the media, especially those who’ve been out drinking, is contributing to the low conviction rate in rape cases. Alison Saunders believes victims are deterred from coming forward because they fear being vilified. And jurors come to court with preconceptions about women that affect how they see the evidence. With only around half of all cases that currently make it to court resulting in a conviction; Alison Saunders joins Jane to talk about what needs to be done to tackle myths about rape.

Jurors don't like convicting men of rape on the accusation of drunken slags who were up for a shag when they go clubbing, because it sits uneasily on their conscience.

Fair enough, I would have thought, but not as far as Alison Saunders is concerned.  She wants more men prosecuted and convicted of rape on the accusation of drunken SLAGS…

Scott's Last Expedition at the Natural History Museum


An ultimately dishonest exhibition with nothing mentioned about the long catalogue of bungling by Scott as compared to Amundsen's common sense and efficiency.


was sentimental about eating the dogs in his typical English way when it was quite obvious that they were the best way of having self-transporting fresh meat,allowed the engineer (who was the only one who could have have fixed those fragile-looking polar exploration vehicles) to be prevented from joining that polar expedition by one of his team for reasons of rank, set his base camp in just the wrong place to reach the South Pole because that was the best place for the scientific expedition (Mixed objectives meant a loss of focus on the main objective, which was that of getting there first and coming back alive.)lugged around 30lb of rock specimens etc etc etc
Why are the English celebrating the life of a bungler? Have they run out…

Current legislation makes it safer for parents of dark-skinned children to smack their children than parents of fair-skinned children

Current legislation, enforced under The Children Act of 2004, says parents are allowed to smack their offspring without causing the "reddening of the skin".
Previously they could use "reasonable chastisement" with a judge deciding if they had over-stepped the mark. However, since the 2004 amendments the decision has been left to social workers.
Mr Lammy said a lot of parents in his constituency have been left confused by the changes and were reluctant to physically discipline their children in case they were contacted by social workers.
He added: "The law used to allow 'reasonable chastisement', but current legislation stops actions that lead to a reddening of the skin - which for a lot of my non-white residents isn't really an issue."
Non-white parents could get away with smacking their children more than parents of fair-skinned children, but they still do not.  I think these p…

What to say to your child when it threatens to ring ChildLine

The first courageous thing David Lammy Labour MP has ever said, I was going to say, and then I thought, why is stating the obvious in early 21st century Britain considered "courageous"?

Because we are ruled by a totalitarian and demented matriarchy, is the answer.

If your children threaten to report you to ChildLine tell the little fuckers to go right ahead.  When Social Services come to take them away, they can look forward to a life in care where they will be sexually abused by their carers in their care homes, under-achieve, become drug addicts and be groomed for sex by sex predators of all races, after which they will lead a life of a drug-addicted prostitute, rent boy and porn actor with a goodly admixture of crime.

Tell them to GO RIGHT AHEAD and make your day.   Little fuckers.

Something tells me that non-white British citizens are getting very fed up indeed…

The Fisherman and His Wife

The ills of Western civilisation can be chiefly attributed to feminists refusing to give up their legal privileges while demanding yet more in ever shriller tones, and the subjugated male politicians who submit to their demands.

Why the liberals hate me (and it is not because of my views on race)

More mothers should be housewives married to their husbands and politicians should not be afraid of saying so, is basically my message. This is of course HERESY to the prime orthodoxy of our times - FEMINISM. It is really for this reason when I am reviled and called a Nazi by the liberals.

I have nowhere and never expressed a belief that any race is inherently better or worse than any other, and have always believed that CULTURE, formed by state ideology - RELIGION in other words - is responsible for the perceived success or failure of any race.

The religion that has failed the British is the cancerous ideology of Liberalism that promotes Feminism. Nothing will change for the British if Feminism is not confronted HEAD-ON. Only when this is done will its poisonous myths be finally exposed and debunked. This the reason the liberal media conspire to ignore me, in order to avoid being drawn on this.

Evidence falsified by feminists to promote feminist agenda?

Libertarians disdain to discourage teen mums from breeding bastards

So Sean Gabb the Director of the Libertarian Alliance thinks schoolgirls should be allowed to get on with becoming teen mums?

Perhaps these despicable libertarians think teen mums to be should be should be expressly encouraged to have sex with libertarians, particularly if they are under-aged?

Oh wait, these teen sluts are already known for sucking off anyone who asks them nicely and dropping their knickers for any passing fucker.  That is why white girls are considered "easy meat" by Pakistani-origin British men, as Jack Straw was saying.

So what is the problem? I think these libertarian FUCKERS just don't want to miss out on all this free fucking going on and they don't want Nadine Dorries to tell stupid teen sluts not to fuck libertarians who might knock them up in her Sex Education …

£6m lab to study inherited diseases. If you have a genetic disorder you have a moral duty NOT to have genetically disordered offspring who will be a burden on the state.

What if after spending all that money there are still genetically disordered people?  Then more public money will be required to look after these genetically disordered people when it is just so much easier to tell genetically disordered adults not to have offspring.  

Is the government STOOPID or something??

"Making a rod for your own back" is a saying that comes to mind.

It is like making a hole of the hole of the hole in your pocket.

Feminism is anti-eugenic.  Time to tell them to shut up, fuck off and stop wasting time and resources making the world a worst place and Britain a stupider, poorer and more disabled and promiscuous nation.

Time for feminism to fuck off.

Autism caused by CRAP mothers?

How much do these fucking robot toys for autistic children cost?

Why should we subsidise crap mothering because British mothers are too useless to bring up their children properly?

I bet their autistic kids will start ripping the robots into fucking little pieces the moment their crappy mothers' backs are turned and they get bored of hugging their new toy.


Is the reason why there are so many children with behavioural problems is because their mothers are so crap and their children are bastards?  Are these autistic children the illegitimate offspring of Slut Single Mums who don't know how to bring up their children properly?

Maybe they just need a good smack from time to time and a good ticking off.

Or maybe they will just grow out of it without wasting any more taxpayers' money.

What is autism anyway?  If it is just the inability to control one's own emotions and see a…

Poor self-image cannot explain maths gender gap

But lack of evidence is not the only problem, according to Stoet and Geary. Strategies aimed at tackling stereotype threat are actually doing more harm than good because vital resources are being dedicated to a problem that does not exist, they conclude.

Questions to ask ourselves:

Why do we care that there are not enough girls doing maths if there are enough boys doing maths?Why do we care about making more girls do maths if they don't want to do maths?Isn't the reason why girls don't want to do maths even though some of them are good at it is because they don't want to be the odd one out and be teased and laughed at by the kind of girls who would sneer at someone who is good at maths, which is most girls who are not good at maths?Isn't this a problem of the kind of …

My submission for the 2012 Orwell Prize for blogging

The 9 Principles of Libertarian Eugenics

Women who do not find a husband before getting married will be treated as lower in status compared to women who are married when they have children.No parent may be prosecuted for infanticide if the victim is their offspring.   Home births will be the rule rather than the exception.   Feminism (because it condones the poor reproductive choices of women and makes them beyond criticism) is anti-eugenic, immoral and must be destroyed.Eugenics, if practised by individuals only and not by the state, is moral and must be practised.No person may be married without a legally enforceable Marriage Contract.  No person may be divorced without fault being attributed and quantified and damages paid to the wronged party.Same-sex couples may not "marry" or "civilly partner" each other.All drugs will be legalised so that the weak-willed, depraved and stupid who succumb to addiction will perish sooner rather than later.
Eugenics is the practice…

Why do Jews not exhort the goyim about family values and warn them against FEMINISM? Because they are under no religious duty to do so, unlike Muslims

Points arising in this video:

The desecration of the Institution of Marriage is a Bad Thing, for any race.Feminism has caused the Institution of Marriage to be desecrated.The Jews do not discourage this.Why do they not discourage this?The kindest interpretation of their failure to discourage this is because they think it is more than their job's worth to warn and remind the goyim who will will resent being criticised, and may well turn nasty, like they did in the Inquisition.Muslims are under a religious duty to enjoin good and forbid evil, even if they do not always obey it.

Having viewed this video, I am sure no Jew, Christian or Muslim would find anything Pierce says objectionable unless they are liberal feminist HYPOCRITES.

What Pierce says applies just as much to the Chinese, Indians and especially the blacks (if they knew what is good for them) he was always complaining about. This is nothing more than an affirmation of family values…

Why is an undistinguished lesbian leader of the Scottish Conservatives instead of a white middle aged man with gravitas, experience and good looks?

The former leader of the Scottish Conservative Party - Annabel Goldie - is female.

The current leader of the Scottish Conservative Party is female.

It would appear at first glance that the Scottish Conservative Party has now turned into some corrupt matriarchal dynasty to be passed down from woman to woman, which does not portend well for the Scottish Tories, and by extension Scotland.

Annabel Goldie resigned because she was so crap, and it seems that because of crap women leadership, the Scotties now need to be saved from Shrek by the English, as if they did not already have enough problems of their own to be getting on with!

The person who should be leader because he is so handsome and courageous and well-qualified and clever is of course Murdo Fraser who is absolutely right in saying that the Scottish Conservative Party is not a name that is going to att…

How to DESTROY feminism in 7 easy steps

abolish child benefitrepeal the Sex Discrimination Actrepeal the Equal Pay Actintroduce compulsory marriage contractsreintroduce fault into divorcewithdraw from the EUabolish the welfare state

Feminism not inherently leftwing, Anna Bird of the Fawcett Society *lies*

"There's nothing inherently leftwing or rightwing about feminism as we would define it: it's about women having equal power and influence over the course of their lives," says Anna Bird, acting chief executive of the pressure group the Fawcett Society
If you believe that, then you will believe in anything.

Feminism turns your nation into a bunch of dumbed-down unemployable emasculated gullible degenerate sluts and bastards.  

Did you know that?

If you can't destroy a society by revolution or war you subvert it by lowering their resistance to shite toxic ideas by force-feeding them feminism AKA cheap sex by easy women to undermine their institutions of family and marriage.  And then they will be properly fucked after the collapse of parental and masculine authority to be replaced by a sex and shopping culture that will ravenously feed on the Seven Deadly Sins until insanity and extinction.


Sir Paul Coleridge's anti-divorce drive


This is too little too late and he must know it.

All Sir Paul has to do is criticise Slut Single Mums and talk about reintroducing fault into divorce and talk about them being a cancer of society, but the old fraud and coward is too frit to say that in case the feminists chop off his cock and stick it into mouth to shut him up.  Pathetic and contemptible.

The murderous consequences of liberal parenting


Alfred Alexandros Mill Saunders, 20, was arrested in Costa Rica after allegedly being found emerging from a tent where a Czech woman had been subjected to a knife attack. He is understood to be the son of a leading London psychoanalyst.
Local police said Mr Saunders, thought to be from west London, had blood stains on his face and clothes when he was detained by the manager of the isolated eco-farm, who heard screams coming from the victim’s tent late on Wednesday night. Alexandra Drbohlavova, 20, from the Czech Republic, died after receiving up to 15 stab wounds to her face, chest and neck, police said.
Police chief Johnny Fernandez Morales said detectives believed the attack may have been sexually motivated. “Mr Mill told us he can’t remember anything about what happened,” said Mr Morales.…