£6m lab to study inherited diseases. If you have a genetic disorder you have a moral duty NOT to have genetically disordered offspring who will be a burden on the state.


What if after spending all that money there are still genetically disordered people?  Then more public money will be required to look after these genetically disordered people when it is just so much easier to tell genetically disordered adults not to have offspring.  

Is the government STOOPID or something??

"Making a rod for your own back" is a saying that comes to mind.

It is like making a hole of the hole of the hole in your pocket.

Feminism is anti-eugenic.  Time to tell them to shut up, fuck off and stop wasting time and resources making the world a worst place and Britain a stupider, poorer and more disabled and promiscuous nation.

Time for feminism to fuck off.   


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