Why the liberals hate me (and it is not because of my views on race)

More mothers should be housewives married to their husbands and politicians should not be afraid of saying so, is basically my message. This is of course HERESY to the prime orthodoxy of our times - FEMINISM. It is really for this reason when I am reviled and called a Nazi by the liberals.

I have nowhere and never expressed a belief that any race is inherently better or worse than any other, and have always believed that CULTURE, formed by state ideology - RELIGION in other words - is responsible for the perceived success or failure of any race.

The religion that has failed the British is the cancerous ideology of Liberalism that promotes Feminism. Nothing will change for the British if Feminism is not confronted HEAD-ON. Only when this is done will its poisonous myths be finally exposed and debunked. This the reason the liberal media conspire to ignore me, in order to avoid being drawn on this.


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