Feminism not inherently leftwing, Anna Bird of the Fawcett Society *lies*


"There's nothing inherently leftwing or rightwing about feminism as we would define it: it's about women having equal power and influence over the course of their lives," says Anna Bird, acting chief executive of the pressure group the Fawcett Society

If you believe that, then you will believe in anything.

Feminism turns your nation into a bunch of dumbed-down unemployable emasculated gullible degenerate sluts and bastards.  

Did you know that?

If you can't destroy a society by revolution or war you subvert it by lowering their resistance to shite toxic ideas by force-feeding them feminism AKA cheap sex by easy women to undermine their institutions of family and marriage.  And then they will be properly fucked after the collapse of parental and masculine authority to be replaced by a sex and shopping culture that will ravenously feed on the Seven Deadly Sins until insanity and extinction.

Feminism = The Matriarchy,

and the only good matriarchy is a dead matriarchy.     


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