Why do Jews not exhort the goyim about family values and warn them against FEMINISM? Because they are under no religious duty to do so, unlike Muslims


Points arising in this video:

  1. The desecration of the Institution of Marriage is a Bad Thing, for any race.
  2. Feminism has caused the Institution of Marriage to be desecrated.
  3. The Jews do not discourage this.
  4. Why do they not discourage this?
  5. The kindest interpretation of their failure to discourage this is because they think it is more than their job's worth to warn and remind the goyim who will will resent being criticised, and may well turn nasty, like they did in the Inquisition.
  6. Muslims are under a religious duty to enjoin good and forbid evil, even if they do not always obey it.

Having viewed this video, I am sure no Jew, Christian or Muslim would find anything Pierce says objectionable unless they are liberal feminist HYPOCRITES.

What Pierce says applies just as much to the Chinese, Indians and especially the blacks (if they knew what is good for them) he was always complaining about. This is nothing more than an affirmation of family values and the clear explication of the sacrifices both men and women need to make to make family values THE NORM again.

But the Jews who regularly denounce me will sneer at this.

And when they do sneer at the late William Pierce, they will know that they are in fact the ones who should have been speaking out against feminism and free love which their religion in fact forbids but which they felt it was more than their job's worth to warn the goyim against, for they are under no religious duty to help others.

Only the Muslims have a duty to enjoin what is good and forbid what is evil.

But if they do that in the West now, the Jews will sneer and denounce them.

The Koran is a superior rule book than what the Jews have, for it contains the PRIMARY SOURCE of the Word of God (allegedly) which has unity of origin and supremacy of authority, unlike the Jewish holy books which are a scattered mish-mash. Anyone who is legally-trained would know the advantages of having everything in one relatively short, clear and memorable source.  Anyone who is legally trained surely cannot help but agree that the Koran is analogous to a contract between God and Man. But still the chauvinistic Jews sneer, because nothing could be better than what they have always been brought up to think is the ORIGINAL AND THE BEST monotheist religion

Indeed, the Jews I have been discussing this with readily admit that many parts of their holy books are now clearly rather DATED as well as much harsher than the Koran.

The reason why the world is in such a mess is that the Jews, instead of enjoining good and forbidding evil, did not do so where the goyim were concerned because their religion put them under no religious duty to do so, so it was always more than their job's worth.

Also, Jews are horrified when I point out that the state that is the proper homeland for the Jews would have to be a THEOCRACY.  A SECULAR state of Israel is clearly a fraud and can only take on the characteristics of their former Christian oppressors who are even more astray than they are.  (Ask my Facebook friend Ruth Dudley Edwards
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruth_Dudley_Edwards about gay-friendly Tel Aviv if you don't believe me.)

Indeed, a secular state of Israel is just a COLONY of the West, and this explains why the current state of Israel is now such an affront to Arab nationalism and Muslim sensitivities.

If Israel became a THEOCRACY however, it would end up an Islamic theocracy because a Koranic theocracy would not be as harsh as an Old Testament theocracy (for it is from the Jews that the Muslims who now stone adulterers to death got their idea of stoning adulterers to death - the Koran does not mention stoning AT ALL), but this would only happen when the Jews cast off their deadly sin of Pride, which is what sustains their Jewish chauvinism and their ideas of racial superiority.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stoning#In_Judaism demonstrates that crimes incurring the penalty of being stoned to death are much more numerous and harsher if you are a Jew, compared to the model of humanity and reasonableness that is the Koran, which only prescribes death, where just.

A THEOCRACY in Israel would of course be the MODEL for all future Koranic theocracies in the world.

Here endeth my proposal for Peace in the Middle East leading Peace in the World.

Oh, and I do not claim to be the Jewish Messiah, merely a Messiah for the Jews.  I do hope they are not going to be racist and sexist about it.   Once they sort themselves out, especially about Israel, everything and everyone else will follow.


The Secular Israelis will want nothing to do with a THEOCRACY and so there will be an EXODUS of Jews from Israel, after which there will be enough land to share with the Palestinian Arabs without even going anywhere near a two-state solution.

The logic of this is inescapable.

I am of course suggesting that living under a Koranic THEOCRACY would make Jews better Jews and Christians better Christians.   This is because the Koran is a better warning and reminder than the Bible because all the exhortations and prohibitions are expressed so much more clearly and simply.

Read it if you don't believe me.   

Because the Koran already acknowledges its debt to the two previous monotheist religions, Jews and Christians who practice family values should have nothing to fear from Muslims.  Liberals, socialists, feminists, adulterers, fornicators as well as cottaging and cruising gay people would though, unless they keep it strictly indoors on private property where no more more than 3 witnesses will see what they get up to with each other.

While I am aware of the reputation of William Pierce, I really have no problem at all in defending what he says in the video I have linked.

The party I used to be a member of praised him very highly, but they have now been corrupted and are now too degenerate and afraid of the feminists to support family values ever again.  That is why the white race is doomed, getting stupider and more degenerate with every  passing bastard and singly-parented generation.  They are also too afraid to discuss eugenics because their brains, balls and guts have now been scooped up by the feminists, which was why they expelled me for saying that I would not wish to bring up a severely disabled baby nor pass the cost and care of it to the British taxpayer.

In short, the expulsion of Claire Khaw by BNP is conclusive evidence of degeneracy of the White Race which is such that even a party claiming to promote the interests of the white race is now afraid to uncompromisingly state that widespread illegitimacy is bad for any race.   Indeed, it refuses to discuss this and expels anyone who criticises women like Riven Vincent who make bad reproductive choices and then expect the taxpayer to pick up the tab.


Adolfo said…
Judaism in its current form (at once it used to be polytheist) is an ethno-nationalist-messianic cult (or religion or whatever you want to call it).

Christianism and Islamism are Jewish-Flavian manufactured cults for the entertaiment of the Goyim.

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