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Terminate Guide to Girls, Harman tells Schwarnegger

Why should prostitution be criminalised?

Is not marriage but prostitution with more onerous duties and an exclusive contract?

Do men secretly envy the option women have of just sleeping their way to the top?

Should prostitutes have a higher status than the parasitical unmarried single mother who did "it" for free and is now a burden on the state?

Schoolgirl dies after cervical cancer vaccination

Is there a moral to be extracted from this story?

That girls who are looking forward to having lots of sex should beware?

That those who think they can avoid the consequences of promiscuity should beware?

I was dead against this unasked for a drug that nobody asked for which would only have encouraged promiscuity in women thinking that they would be protected after taking it.

The taxpayer would be paying for this and the manufacturers of this drug would get the money. Our daughters will be harmed by becoming sexually active at an ever-earlier age, more men would be accused of paedophilia, and relations poisoned between men and women, adult and child.

The harm of starting sex early is that a young girl

1) thinks it is acceptable to use sex as a way of attracting attention

2) would be more vulnerable to unwanted pregnancy

3) would be more vulnerable to exploitation

4) is on the road to casual sex as a lifestyle choice

5) is…

Why Erin Pizzey loathes feminism

This country is now on the brink of serious moral collapse. We must stop demonising men and start healing the rift that feminism has created between men and women.

Harriet Harman's insidious and manipulative philosophy that women are always victims and men always oppressors can only continue this unspeakable cycle of violence. And it's our children who will suffer.

Should women also loathe feminism?

After all, it hasn't made them happier, has it?

The evil that women do

"What we have left, thanks to this evil movement, is a vast number of lone women trying to keep what is left of family life going. They never asked to be foot soldiers in what has become a feminazi army. They were not blessed with skills and college degrees that gave them economic power to make decisions when they were abandoned by their men. They believed that the feminist movement was going to offer them choices. What they did not understand was that there were never any choices. Men, realizing that they had been cast in the role of sexual monsters, retaliated. Those that didn't pitch into the war of the sexes with relish, simply faded away. Women facing the new millennium have few choices. One of them must be to take back our homes and our families from the clutch of the feminist movement."
Women need to speak out against feminism, but are they too stupid and cowardly to do so?

Too busy at work? Too busy neglecting the…

Women v Men; Big Government v Small Government

Women like to fuss and this means big government. Men like to get on with the important things of life and prefer small government. The more work women take on, the more they whinge and fuss, the higher their status. The less men are bogged down by detail through good husbandry, the more likely they are to get on with important things, like reasoning and debating. Women like and want to be part of the nanny state. Real men prefer small government. Women have puritanical traits, men libertarian traits. Which is to be preferred?

Do feminists want to destroy Western civilisation and is their work now nearly complete?

Feminism is the Trojan horse that Marx built to destroy Western civilisation.

The Masculinity of the Matador

Perhaps introducing bullfighting may save the parlous state of British masculinity from total emasculation. It is just a thought.

Am I weird in finding the whole thing rather sexy? The strutting, the preening, the tight clothes, the suit of lights, the courage, the danger and the death ....

It is after all a celebration of masculinity. Much more controlled than football hooliganism or Far Right and Muslim fights outside mosques in the Midlands ....

No doubt the women and the girlymen will forbid it.

It is of course unBritish, but it could become British, if there is a will, and a masculine way at that! has a few pointers about the different kinds of bullfighting. I am a bit of a purist and favour the Spanish-style bullfight.

The feminine vices of our political classes

Women are mostly in the dishonourable position of wishing to wound but afraid to strike. This was how Michael Portillo described himself when he could have made a bid for the leadership of the Conservative Party, when his courage failed him.

Women judge but do not condemn and rarely have the courage of their own convictions. They also have a horror of making fools of themselves or sticking their head above the parapet.

Most of them like hanging on to their sense of virtue while getting men to do their dirty work, such as taking the rubbish out, dealing with intruders, bringing home the bacon, and squashing that bug.

Have our political classes taken on the worst vices of women unbeknownst to us?

Are they behaving like a neurotic and feeble-minded old nanny suffering from Alzheimers who has not yet quite got round to telling her charges, now all well over 21, that Santa Claus does not in fact exist?

She fears that they will be first disappointed to learn of his non-existence and then be…

One small step for over-regulation, one giant step towards Big Brother

David Alexander Hough a Labour-supporting teacher in Essex opined on Facebook that if teachers had to have CRB checks, then school visitors such as writers should be subjected to the same indignity, in order to pursue his twisted idea of equal opportunities government persecution.  David Alexander Hough is a very Politically Correct Man indeed.

The most important thing for him was that something must be seen to be done, even if it will do no one any good, for the sake of the kiddywinks ...

If this isn't feminine dementia contracted by men, then I don't know what is.

The Irrationality, Hypocrisy and Cowardice of Women

Women judge, but do they convict?

The answer, it seems, is that they judge but do not convict.

What are we to make of this?

Typical woman: in the dishonourable position of wishing to wound, but afraid to strike. Vacillating, irrational, hypocritical frightened women, who rarely have the courage of their convictions, in case they offend against their own sex by seeming harsh, judgemental and uncompassionate.

After all, they prefer to let someone else - men - pick up the pieces and do their dirty work, eg squashing that bug, pulling the trigger etc, after they have wasted everyone's time and allowed more time for things to get worse while they fuss with their hair, fix their nails, look in the mirror, dither about and examine the contents of their handbag ....

Prevention is better than cure

Barnardo's is of the opinion that removing potentially feral children from obviously unfit parents early would save a few lives and the general public from being upset by more scummy never-married mummies with scummy boyfriends who kill their children, or scummy parents who bring up scummy children who kill and torture other people's children for their amusement and entertainment.

Why does the government not take this idea to its logical conclusion and discourage the reproductive choices of sluts, slags and slappers?

The withdrawal of universal child benefit would be a start.

These women, though uneducated, are not completely stupid and will know on which side of their bread is buttered. They will soon stop indulging their low-life tastes if they know there is no financial reward in a lifetime of unmarried parenthood bringing up their variously-fathered feral children at taxpayer expense.

Educated …

Women in the Queen's Navy

I do believe Britain will now be entirely at the mercy of its enemies.

I was at Chatham Docks yesterday and saw a group of about ten naval cadets and noticed that at least three were female.

Rage, disgust, horror and an inevitable sense of helplessness engulfed me. They already have a well-established reputation for getting knocked up and then complaining about sex discrimination and harassment.

Is there no escaping this contagion of feminism even in the Queen's Navy?

They are also weaker, dimmer and tend to rely on the natural gallantry of men to help them lift heavy objects and do mental arithmetic.

Or else they rely on the confined spaces and close living quarters to stir red-blooded men into a understandable frenzy of sexual frustration so they can feel more attractive and powerful than they might otherwise be on dry land, when men have the luxury of choice.

Either way, the effect of it is to distract the…

Another scummy mummy with dangerous deviant children

If we tolerate this for much longer, we deserve all that is coming to us, don't we?

Perhaps we need more stories like this before we will unequivocably condemn single mummery.

If so, then let us wait for the next one. It will not be too long in coming.

And the next one and the next one, before those who presume to govern us will do something about the growing number of little bastards who torture and kill other people's children for fun.

Female historians turn history into soap opera, says David Starkey

They probably do, though I haven't read any books by any female historians lately. Western society is now morbidly over-feminised, with the worst aspects of the feminine character now manifesting itself: social cowardice, excessive emotionalism, an inability to reason and worst of all, masochism and victimhood.

We now have our Foreign Secretary emoting about how angry, upset and distressed he is by the behaviour of another country and must now be the laughing stock of the world, who will be picturing the British gathering up their skirts in indignation, flouncing off the world stage and slamming the door.

Let us have no more of this stupid girly stuff!

Perhaps we need homosexual men like David Starkey and Peter Mandelson (who are not vulnerable to the crushing toxicity of feminism or in danger of his wife threatening to divorce him and take half his stuff at the drop of a hat) to tell it like it is.

Of course,…

Yet another single mother with scummy boyfriend who kills her child

No doubt the rest of the world thinks that the average Briton is some promiscuous single mother who will be entrusting her child to some scummy drug-addicted paedophile boyfriend who will kill it after sexually assaulting it.

Fiona McKeown was the first in this series of typical British mums now internationally infamous.

Then there was Baby P's mother.

Then the Dundee case.

Now the lorrydriver boyfriend with a history of domestic violence who hanged himself. (His girlfriend's 9 year old daughter was found strangled in his cab.)

While it is no skin off my nose that these people use their children as a means of acquiring more benefits from the state, hire …