Prevention is better than cure

Barnardo's is of the opinion that removing potentially feral children from obviously unfit parents early would save a few lives and the general public from being upset by more scummy never-married mummies with scummy boyfriends who kill their children, or scummy parents who bring up scummy children who kill and torture other people's children for their amusement and entertainment.

Why does the government not take this idea to its logical conclusion and discourage the reproductive choices of sluts, slags and slappers?

The withdrawal of universal child benefit would be a start.

These women, though uneducated, are not completely stupid and will know on which side of their bread is buttered. They will soon stop indulging their low-life tastes if they know there is no financial reward in a lifetime of unmarried parenthood bringing up their variously-fathered feral children at taxpayer expense.

Educated middle class careerwomen are now doing the same. Mary F Pols, a writer and film critic, has now written a book about how she got pregnant "accidentally on purpose". A sitcom glamorising her story suggests that this societal cancer is most probably terminal. Once the illegitimate outnumber the legitimate, civilisational extinction becomes inevitable.

Think of a whole civilisation dying of gangrene and you will get the idea.

Making bastardy and divorce a disgrace again would be an obvious solution.

Unfortunately, this shows no signs of happening because single British men want cheap and easy access to their infamously promiscuous women.

Married men are too frightened of being divorced by their wives, ie having their property confiscated and being deprived of their children, simply for questioning the benefits of feminism.

Most women are too dim and insecure to give up their rights. They also lack the objectivity to see the effects of female promiscuity on society as a whole.

Members of the British political classes are too cowardly, promiscuous, proud and stubborn to make this link. They are also too "compassionate", apparently.

Perhaps the best way of putting it is that they are all too pussy-whipped and enjoy that experience a little too much than is strictly good for them.

The patriarchy has been all but destroyed. Why do we never hear of matriarchies? Because they were all invariably primitive and had no written means with which to record their tragic folly.

The ever-lowering standards of British "education" is entirely due to the female-dominated educational establishment progressively dumbing-down to accommodate the unsocialised little bastards who form a significant intake of state schools.

Soon, the innumerate, illiterate and illegitimate British will be living like animals, copulating with anything and in all the combinations we fancy, just like the Bonobo, producing illegitimate feral children and no doubt eating them or killing them as the mood takes us, and behaving and living just like the animals that we are so sentimental about.


Anonymous said…
This comment is not about your post, but your blog in general.

I came across one of your entries on a google search for "feminine values."

You refer to this term repeatedly, and often note that feminism will destroy society, etc. but in reference to the values themselves, you say only things like: "social cowardice, excessive emotionalism, an inability to reason and worst of all, masochism and victimhood."

But those are not feminine values; they are merely unfortunate behaviors to which many women resort precisely because they have lost touch with authentic feminine values.

Indeed, lost in a culture that infantilizes women as (to use your words) the "weaker and more unreasonable sex," women either believe this about themselves and enact the atrocious scenarios you gleefully report in your blog; or they muster their genuine power of analytic thought and reason -- as you appear to be doing -- and proceed to skewer their, perhaps, less intellectually adept sisters (as the quintessential father's daughter, Athena, did to Medusa).

So what, then, are authentic feminine values?

Unfortunately, our culture is so steeped in masculine values, that it is only able to envision the feminine as the opposite of the masculine which it prizes so much:

A la Bill Mahr in this segment it might be:

- sensitivity vs. truth
- feelings vs. facts
- commitment/relationship vs. individuality
- safety vs. fun

How typical of masculine values, and our cultural blindness to them, to necessarily see the above as opposing pairs?

To my understanding, the strongest feminine values are inclusion and relatedness:

- The feminine can see how the "cold, hard truth" might be known and comprehended with sensitivity -- and sensibility.

- It can grasp that a discerning awareness of feeling can lead to a more accurate perception of fact.

- It knows that a true relationship can only occur between individuals.

- It can enjoy danger while taking responsibility for the consequences of risk.

In its mature, differentiated form, the feminine does not need to define itself through competition with others.

It does not need to parasitically attach to men, because it regards the masculine as equal and values its different (note I do not say "opposing") perspective.

In the end, I daresay cultivating feminine values may save our culture.
Andromeda said…
The Chinese believe that a balance of Yin and Yang to be the ideal. This means a balance of the masculine and feminine virtues.

I believe the best way of looking at it is the very interesting word "husbandry".

This implies a partnership where the man delegates the responsibility of running his property and the care of his children and cattle to his wife while he is out bringing home the bacon. The man possesses the material advantages but relies on the woman to give him the physical and emotional comforts.

This may suggest to some that the woman is in a junior and inferior position but she is just as important.

There are many servants who have control of their masters because they know they have become indispensable.

The saying that discretion is the better part of valour is, I suggest, a significant tribute to a very important feminine virtue.

Man adventures, woman nurtures.

Masculine virtues assist in adventuring successfully, feminine virtues assist in nurturing successfully, apparently, but the trick is in discerning, in any given situation, one's gender role and the range of forces against us.

If it is overwhelming we must submit to survive.

If we have a chance of fighting and winning, we must stand our ground and fight, not just conform to our gender type.
Jenina Bas said…
I find myself agree with both earlier posts from Anonymous and Andromeda!
Andromeda said…
Your agreement with both Anonymous and I would suggest indicate that you are as an entity reassuringly "gender balanced".

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