Women in the Queen's Navy


I do believe Britain will now be entirely at the mercy of its enemies.

I was at Chatham Docks yesterday and saw a group of about ten naval cadets and noticed that at least three were female.

Rage, disgust, horror and an inevitable sense of helplessness engulfed me. They already have a well-established reputation for getting knocked up and then complaining about sex discrimination and harassment.

Is there no escaping this contagion of feminism even in the Queen's Navy?

They are also weaker, dimmer and tend to rely on the natural gallantry of men to help them lift heavy objects and do mental arithmetic.

Or else they rely on the confined spaces and close living quarters to stir red-blooded men into a understandable frenzy of sexual frustration so they can feel more attractive and powerful than they might otherwise be on dry land, when men have the luxury of choice.

Either way, the effect of it is to distract the men from their duties and to demoralise them so that the British are even more vulnerable to their enemies.

Doom! Doom!


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