The evil that women do

"What we have left, thanks to this evil movement, is a vast number of lone women trying to keep what is left of family life going. They never asked to be foot soldiers in what has become a feminazi army. They were not blessed with skills and college degrees that gave them economic power to make decisions when they were abandoned by their men. They believed that the feminist movement was going to offer them choices. What they did not understand was that there were never any choices. Men, realizing that they had been cast in the role of sexual monsters, retaliated. Those that didn't pitch into the war of the sexes with relish, simply faded away. Women facing the new millennium have few choices. One of them must be to take back our homes and our families from the clutch of the feminist movement."

Women need to speak out against feminism, but are they too stupid and cowardly to do so?

Too busy at work? Too busy neglecting their children and divorcing their husbands?

To busy with their sex and shopping, their aromatherapy, sunbeds, breast implants, liposuction, botox, Brazillians, bathing with candlelight in their bathrooms, and drinking more white wine than is strictly good for them to deal with the stress they get from work, while they are worrying about where the next meal is coming from?

Fill me in, ladies, fill me in on your day and tell me why you are too busy to enter the debate or do anything about anything.


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