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The Partnership Contract that should be Marriage?

It is proposed that single females/males contract with each other to perform services such as those listed below, as considered appropriate by the contracting couple. (1) friend (2) house-mate (3) sex partner(4) spouse(5) civil partner (6) business partner(7) housekeeper (8) butler (9) companion(10) nanny(11) cook(12) provider(13) protector(14) DIY expert(15) co-parentIts terms will be treated as terms of a contract. Breach of these terms will result in damages being payable. Damages incurred may be set off against the divorce settlement, unless waived. An Impartial Friend to The Couple will be appointed by mutual consent.

Both parties are advised to consult this Impartial Friend should the need arise.

The Impartial Friend to the Couple becomes The Impartial Friend to the Family once there is offspring.
The role of this Impartial Friend of the Family is to(a) support the integrity of family life (b) adjudicate on marital disputes(c) take into account the best interests of any child of t…

Marriage Preparation Anyone?

The marriage preparation referred to here takes the form of a psychometric tests to be answered by the engaged couple and is designed to highlight potential relationship difficulties. FOCCUS (Facilitating Open Couple Communication Understanding and Study) is a research-based self-report or diagnostic inventory. It is designed for couples considering committing themselves to a long-term relationship such as the responsibilities of children and marriage.

The emphasis is very much upon developing a couple’s interest in a desire to face the realities of their particular relationship, rather than considering issues to do with relating as a generality.

Vote: Should marriage preparation be made compulsory by government to prevent avoidable marriage breakdown and single-parenthood?

Beauty and depreciating assets

That Craigslist Ad (The One Posted By The Enterprising Young Woman)

Posted by Bess Levin, Oct 03, 2007, 5:25pm

Most of you have seen this (and forwarded to us) already but, for the record, this was the question:
What am I doing wrong?

Okay, I'm tired of beating around the bush. I'm a beautiful (spectacularly beautiful) 25 year old girl. I'm articulate and classy. I'm not from New York . I'm looking to get married to a guy who makes at least half a million a year. I know how that sounds, but keep in mind that a million a year is middle class in New York City, so I don't think I'm overreaching at all.

Are there any guys who make 500K or more on this board? Any wives? Could you send me some tips? I dated a business man who makes average around 200 - 250. But that's where I seem to hit a roadblock. 250,000 won't get me to central park west. I know a woman in my yoga class who was married to an …

Who says money can't buy you love - or something like it?

by Quintus Slide, page 53, Money Week, 8 February 2008

"I'm not ashamed to admit I'm searching for a man wealthy enough to look after me. It's not that I'm afraid to work., it's just that I know I could have more out of life.""I'm used to being treated nicely and living in luxury. I wear the most expensive clothes, like Valentino, Versace and Chloe, and Dom Perignon is my favourite champagne. I'd find it tough to settle for someone without money."The quotes above come from two satisfied customers of, a dating site for wealthy men and the women who want to go out with them.The second woman quoted is a 29 year old Russian model called Angelina Monteiro. According to the News of the World, she recently "auditioned" a prospective new sugar daddy to keep her in the high life. The audition went well and after four dates the new sugar daddy was "so smitten with her" that he set her up in a luxury f…

Forget Stocks, invest in a spouse

by Merryn Somerset Webb, page 30, Money Week, 18 January 2008

A great many Money Week readers are likely to be pretty liquid at the moment. But if you are holding a lot of cash, what's the best way to make it produce value for you? If you are single, the answer is a simple one: use it to help you find a partner. This is not as absurd as it sounds. Marriage provides a basic insurance against many of the nasty things in life: get it right and every burden is a burden shared. Indeed, if you add up all the emotional benefits of marriage, says US economists David Blanchflower and Andrew Oswald, you will find that they are worth the equivalent of US$100,000 a year in income to the average couple.

A study from the University of Zurich out a few years ago backed this up; it showed that the unmarried are pretty much always more miserable than their married friends. Only when they hit their 60s do happiness levels reach the same highs. And as an extra bonus, a variety of studies have shown th…

How to Find and Keep Love

Let's face it, human relationships are disposable, be you gay, lesbian or straight. Perhaps it was always ever thus because no one is in fact indispensable and unconditional love is the Holy Grail that tantalises us.

But look at it this way. If God existed, could even He have the unconditional love of his worshippers?

I rather think not. Were his worshippers to discover that He could not help grant them their wish even if He wanted to, then that would be the moment they ceased to worship him and "love" him.

Are there any atheists who, while disbelieving in God's existence, are nevertheless full of admiration for those who created the concept of an omnipotent, omniscient and eternal God, and developed Godly principles?

I suppose in this regard one could say that Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad had "developed" God and the ways He can be used to serve our mysterious purposes.

If even an omnipotent God cannot command unconditional love, why should we mere mortals…

How Wives Should Treat Husbands by J Paul Getty

Women should not be misled by the successful man's outward show of self-sufficiency. It's another - but all too true - axiom that a closer a man gets to the top, the lonelier he becomes. Business associates and aides cannot supply the deeply penetrating human warmth he requires. This can come only from a woman upon whom he focuses attention and love - provided she returns both with the added ingredient of understanding. Patience is indispensable when living with a successful man. There will be times when he forgets that he is at home and issues (or snaps) orders which he is accustomed to having obeyed without question at the office. He usually feels very badly about it afterwards, but may fail to make the called-for apologies or amends because he is preoccupied or because he can't easily drop the manner and mien that are musts for him ten or more hours a day. A woman should not think she has no constructive role merely because she does not attend board meetings. Love, affe…

How Husbands Should Treat Wives by J Paul Getty

Here are what are considered 7 key points every entrepreneur and man in business should keep in mind - and implement:

Women, no matter how enlightened or liberated they think themselves, are still women. They respond to - indeed thrive on - warmth and affection, and there are very few who do not appreciate at least an occasional show of old-fashioned gallantry. Curtness, shouts and snarls may appeal to females who are mental masochists; in others, they engender on resentment.Women should never be allowed to feel she is only an ornament; merely another possession. It bears repeating that women need to be needed and to make positive contributions to a mutual effort. A man whose head is crammed with business facts, figures and problems may overlook all this, but if he does, he makes a mistake that may prove fatal to his marriage.Many businessmen frequently complain that there aren't enough hours in a day to take care of the work at hand. It's true enough. The active businessman se…