How Husbands Should Treat Wives by J Paul Getty

Here are what are considered 7 key points every entrepreneur and man in business should keep in mind - and implement:

  1. Women, no matter how enlightened or liberated they think themselves, are still women. They respond to - indeed thrive on - warmth and affection, and there are very few who do not appreciate at least an occasional show of old-fashioned gallantry. Curtness, shouts and snarls may appeal to females who are mental masochists; in others, they engender on resentment.
  2. Women should never be allowed to feel she is only an ornament; merely another possession. It bears repeating that women need to be needed and to make positive contributions to a mutual effort. A man whose head is crammed with business facts, figures and problems may overlook all this, but if he does, he makes a mistake that may prove fatal to his marriage.
  3. Many businessmen frequently complain that there aren't enough hours in a day to take care of the work at hand. It's true enough. The active businessman seldom has all the time to do everything that should or could be done in his business. However, no matter how busy and successful he may be, he should make time to spend with his wife and family. This not only helps to insure the success of his marriage and enables him to understand and guide his children, it adds depth and dimension to his own nature and personality.
  4. Sex should be a mutually enjoyed and mutually gratifying experience. The physically and mentally tired businessman who comes home and then brusquely demands to "enjoy" sexual relations is a fool. Women require attention, affection, patience and imagination from their sexual partners - and are fully entitled to receive them.
  5. A man who heads a business enterprise is accustomed to having subordinates accept and accede to his varying moods. To expect the same docile reactions in his private life is to court disaster. A wife is not a subordinate, but she is her own grievance committee. When treated as an underling, she may well decide to engage in a little moonlighting - or walk out for good.
  6. Generally speaking, most women seem to prefer that the male be (at least superficially) the dominant partner in a relationship. Even so, not even the most dynamic male can long keep the love and respect of a woman he bullies, browbeats and tries to deprive of her own individuality. Being the dominant partner is one thing- to be domineering is another, and usually destructive to a relationship.
  7. Every man goes through a phase during which he views sex solely in quantitative terms, proudly counting his conquests, his chest swelling as the numbers increase. Eventually - it is to be hoped - the attitude is transformed by discernment and sensitivity. Then quality - in the sense of an appreciation of emotional and intellectual gratification and not merely a desire for physical pleasure - replaces quantity as a criterion.


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