The Partnership Contract that should be Marriage?

It is proposed that single females/males contract with each other to perform services such as those listed below, as considered appropriate by the contracting couple.

(1) friend

(2) house-mate

(3) sex partner

(4) spouse

(5) civil partner

(6) business partner

(7) housekeeper

(8) butler

(9) companion

(10) nanny

(11) cook

(12) provider

(13) protector

(14) DIY expert

(15) co-parent

Its terms will be treated as terms of a contract. Breach of these terms will result in damages being payable. Damages incurred may be set off against the divorce settlement, unless waived.

An Impartial Friend to The Couple will be appointed by mutual consent.

Both parties are advised to consult this Impartial Friend should the need arise.

The Impartial Friend to the Couple becomes The Impartial Friend to the Family once there is offspring.

The role of this Impartial Friend of the Family is to

(a) support the integrity of family life

(b) adjudicate on marital disputes

(c) take into account the best interests of any child of the marriage in the context of living with both its parents unless it can be proven, beyond reasonable doubt, that more psychological and physical harm would come to the child through living with both its parents than if the couple parted

(d) provide a history of the marriage as a character witness should they be called upon to do so in the event of a divorce

The idea is that marriage will no longer be entered into unadvisedly or lightly; but reverently, discreetly, advisedly and soberly! If this makes partnerships to bring up children more likely to endure, then family life will be reinforced, lowering the crime rate and raising civic virtue.

It IS intended to take the distraction of romance out of the very serious business of bringing up children together - the TRUE purpose of marriage.

Childless unions are able to end without societal consequences, but those with offspring ought to be compelled to consider the best interests of their child and their impaired ability to parent once no longer living together as husband and wife.

Spouses who accuse the other of child abuse, child sexual abuse, domestic violence and similar crimes will be required to prove their allegations beyond reasonable doubt.

Marriage was never intended as a way of saying "I love you (until I no longer love you)." We ignore this fact at our peril.


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