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A "one-parent family" (oxymoronic PC claptrap) is not a family at all, but a slut with variously-fathered illegitimate (probably feral) offspring who will be a burden on the taxpayer


One-parent families on the rise
Britons are increasingly likely to live in single-parent families, 

stay at home for longer, marry later and struggle to afford a house, 
official figures show.

Two-parent households are becoming less common

Why are the men of Britain silent about what is happening to the next generation and their nation?

They are standing silently by while the feminists desecrate the institutions of marriage and family.

Even the BNP, who ought to know better and should have rudimentary grasp of the rules of racial health and hygiene, are silent about this, because they fear to offend most of their members who are themselves bastards or fathers of bastards who impregnated SSMs.
Nation of Disabled Sluts and Bastards, cursed by God - Deuteronomy 28:44

Is it because they have had their cocks cut o…

Helen Gurley Brown's Sex and the Single Girl


How odd that Sex and the Single Girl - a book encouraging single women to have extramarital sex - was in fact written by a married woman.

Didn't these feminists know that advice from such a woman would be suspect?  Feminists are very silly women and what they do and say should be drowned in a very large pile of salt.   Sadly, however, men these days doff their caps to them and pull their forelocks, obeying their orders and destroying their own civilisation, for the moral corruption of tolerating female promiscuity (and consequently widespread bastardy) will also destroy the masculinity and the honour of the men and with it the quality of the next generation who will consist mostly of sluts and bastards and women who do it Accidentally On Purpose like Mary F Pols.…

For "problem families" read "one-parent families" headed by Slut Single Mums

Sell them abroad as slaves if they don't shape up? Will anyone want to buy them though? I am reminded of the curse in Deuteronomy verse 43.

Or shoot the bastards (and they will mostly be bastards). 3 strikes and you're dead.  Quick and cheap.

Sex Offender Language AKA Date Rape Language

The language used in ‘lads magazines’ is often accused of being inflammatory. But now a new study claims it is even more extreme than the language used by sex offenders. The study mixed quotes from four of the most popular lads magazines with quotes taken from interviews with convicted rapists, and asked a sample of men which attitudes they most identified with. Most of the participants identified more with the rapists’ quotes than the lads’ magazines quotes. When magazines are widely recognised as being adolescents’ favoured source of sexual information, what is the message the young men in question are receiving? Psychologist Dr Miranda Horvath, who co-authored the study, joins Piers Hernu - men’s magazine writer and former Editor at Large of FHM – to discuss sexualised language in lads mags and beyond.
How sad that women these days need to be told that men are easily inflamed these days, especially with all that free porn they get on the Inte…

Woman's Hour has blocked me from following "her" tweets

That really is quite an achievement.   I must thank Jane Garvey and Dame Jenni for giving me this rare distinction.

Violence can only mean PHYSICAL violence but there is a matriarchal conspiracy to persuade stupid cunt Brits that ain't so

Men accused of ‘bullying or abusing’ their wives could face criminal charges under new domestic violence laws.

Read more:

It is of course a demented cuntish liberal feminist conspiracy to

make marriage more unpopularmake family break-up more likelydeprive parents of parental authoritydeprive men of masculine authorityfuck up the next generationfuck up your country even more than it is alreadyand then turn it over fuck it up the ARSEso we can all go to hell in our handcart FASTER.
Are you a degenerate stupid cunt British MALE MP who is going to take this lying down?
Of course you are, of course you are, you stupid fucking CUNT degenerate piece of effeminate SHIT with a dick attached to you.   

Why the matriarchy is mad and feminism fucks you up. She may not mean to but she does.

"Based on past history, it appears that a civilization that embraces feminist values will cease to exist in just a few centuries. This is why we have never seen a feminist civilization aside from very short spans at the end of the Roman empire and possibly a few other more ancient civilizations."

"1-2 century AD: The family unit is destroyed. Men refuse to marry and the government tries to revive marriage with a "bachelor tax", to no avail. Children are growing up without fathers, Roman women show little interest in raising their own children and frequently use nannies. The wealth and power of women grows very fast, while men become increasingly demotivated and engage in prostitution and vice. Prostitution and homosexuality become widespread."

Why sluts are stupid

Woman asks:

'If I sleep with 3 men, everyone calls me a slut.  But when a man sleeps with 8 girls, everyone calls him a real man.  How come?'
Wise man replies:

'It's very simple. When one lock can be opened by 3 different keys, it's a bad lock. But when one key can open 8 different locks, we call it a master key'.

People with nut allergies

I can't stand people with nut allergies.   Extermination's too good for them.

Feminism to blame for Political Correctness and Multiculturalism, yet dumb dumb BNP are still chasing the female vote and afraid of offending SSMs

"the degree of a nation or society's embrace of Multiculturalism and PC is related directly to the amount of equality and even social superiority between women, on the one hand, and men on the other. That the more most women are equal or slightly superior to most men, the more the society will broadly embrace PC and Multiculturalism. And that further, the more the ELITES are equal among genders, or women elites are slightly superior to most (but not all) male elites, the more the elites will whole-heartedly embrace Multiculturalism and PC."
‎"Women are hard-wired to crave dominance. Need it, want, do anything for it. Including import lots of dominant Muslim men, in the hope of transforming the nation into a place filled with dominant, sexy A-holes that women crave."
"Sweden is importing basically, Muslim bad boys, making excuses for rapes and assaults, embracing PC, and loath…

Why the white man is now too stupid to understand and too gutless to challenge his women explains how men have let the genie out of the bottle by condoning female promiscuity, and have in effect sealed their doom. Nothing short of a revolution can now overthrow the matriarchy, which these emasculated, effeminate and atheist white men no longer have the stomach to do.

Why the white working class is like the man in The Beach who got bitten by a shark


So the white working classes think the government is shutting them up by calling them racist every time they complain about immigration.

This is of course common knowledge in nationalist circles.   Remember how ex-Prime Minister Gordon Brown described Mrs Gillian Duffy, a life-long Labour supporter as "that bigoted woman" when she complained about immigration?

Those who complain about immigration are the party poopers of liberalism.  They are rather like the man who got bitten by the shark in The Beach.  The story is about a hippy community on a paradise island led by an Sal, an older woman, whose purpose is to keep the community undiscovered by the outside world.

When the unfortunate Christo got bitten, he did not recover but instead moaned and groaned so demoralisingly and piteously that this community that was supposed to be based on l…

Post hoc ergo propter hoc

I wonder how many are familiar with this Latin expression, which means getting the wrong end of the stick.

How terribly sad if the poor nations should look to the West and think,

"Oh, look: they have money and they are mostly sluts and bastards who screw around when they are under-aged, become syphilitic in their teens and have variously-fathered feral bastards who will become the next generations of criminals and looters.  When more bastards are born than legitimate babies, the politicians are too afraid to condemn the sluts of bastards, because there are so many of them.  Let us do like they do and become wealthy and powerful like them."


All who wish UKIP to admit me should write to

Steve Harris



The Old Grain Store

Church Lane


West Sussex

BN17 7 QJ

and say why, before the end of the year.

I used to be a member of UKIP.My Eurosceptic credentials are impeccable.I was one of Bill Cash MP’s volunteers during the passage of the Maastricht Bill through the House of Lords at Committee Stage.I may have said controversial things but never anything racist, for I believe any apparent differences between the races have their roots in environment and culture rather than race and genetics.The fact that I am non-white should attract non-white voters to UKIP.I am known to the Muslims and they are by no means hostile even though they are aware of past association with the BNP.    My association with the BNP would help to attract more members to the UKIP, which would be a good thing because i…

Why women who cannot take the heat of politics should stay in the kitchen

In politics, even the truths you think are self-evident are regarded  as lunatic nonsense by your enemies, who will mock, abuse and slander you.

Those who want to be chefs and then complain about the heat making their faces shine are not made of the right stuff.

Women will always have their chastity, appearance, sanity as well as their political views derided, so they need to be four times as tough as men and twice as clever before they even deserve to do well.

Once they have shown that they deserve to do well, they will be loved and hated with greater intensity than a mere male politician.

Confucius: SHIT happens when you don't call things by their proper names

If names be not correct, language is not in accordance with the truth of things.
If language be not in accordance with the truth of things, affairs cannot be carried on to success.
When affairs cannot be carried on to success, proprieties and music do not flourish.
When proprieties and music do not flourish, punishments will not be properly awarded.
When punishments are not properly awarded, the people do not know how to move hand or foot.
Therefore a superior man considers it necessary that the names he uses may be spoken appropriately, and also that what he speaks may be carried out appropriately. What the superior man requires is just that in his words there may be nothing incorrect."
(Analects XIII, 3, tr. Legge)

To be a racist is the worst thing to be, but what is a racist and what constitutes racism?

Is complaining about immigration racism and bigotry?

Is BASTARDY a good thing?

Slut Single Mums are mothers of bastard…

Feminism is failing the elderly and stripping them of their human rights

And their excuse is that they are too busy working until they are 67 to look after their elderly relations.

It is these feminists who thought it would be a good idea to give nurses degrees so they now think they are too good to wash bottoms and change bedpans and minister to the - yuck! - sick and dying.

It is the feminists who think mothers should work thus making British mothers crap and British children crap.

It is the feminists who refuse to criticise female promiscuity and who condone and encourage the existence of Slut Single Mums.

It is the feminists in the teaching profession who keep dumbing down standards to accommodate the unteachable bastards whose mothers' sluttery they dare not criticise.

Feminism is shitting and pissing on the heads of men, decent women, the elderly and the next generation of poor stupid bastards who will be fit for nothing but SLAVERY while the men of Britain dither like women,…

How do you know if you live in a MATRIARCHY?

A matriarchy is a society that condones female promiscuity. Slut Single Mums are beyond criticism.  (We know who is in power by whom we cannot criticise.)Feminism, which promotes female promiscuity, is beyond criticism.It has become advantageous for men to behave like women.Male politicians are without exception unashamed of exhibiting the female characteristics of hypocrisy, prevarication and cowardice, believing them acceptable and even necessary for their survival, even as they prate on about democracy, free speech and liberty.Use their family (by this they really mean their female partner) as an excuse for not doing the necessary thing.Men privately agree with you about the evils of Slut Single Mummery and admit they are afraid.Men who are supposed to be promoting the interests of the white race dare not criticise SSMs.  Free Love AKA Sexual Liberation has become a political orthodoxy AKA a Sacred Cow.There are more bastards being born than legitimate babies, which means that most…

COWARDICE: why it is OK for women to be cowards but not men

It doesn't matter that women are cowards because they will still be useful as bearers of children (for the enemy race who will spare their lives).

Indeed, it is in the interests of the race that women do not act recklessly in case they provoke violence which may lead to death.

For men, though, it is necessary for the survival of their race that they are not cowards.  What the invader tends to do is kill the men and enslave the women and children.   So it is in their own interests that they do not behave like women.  Cowardice would suggest weakness leading to exploitation by their women or by an unscrupulous, corrupt and weak leader leading ultimately to exploitation by an external enemy.

These are the simple principles of group survival, but which will sound like rocket science even to the current and practising members of the BNP.

How SHAMEFUL that they need a female and foreigner to point this out.

How SHAMEFUL that even now they are still looking the other way and saying I…

What the matriarchy does to unwanted and illegitimate children whose unmarried mothers they refuse to discourage from breeding


Pump them full of drugs.  

But the men of Britain are too stupid to notice or too scared to say anything, having had their brains and balls and guts sucked out through the blow-jobs they keep getting from the sluts they love so much and dare not criticise.

Anyway, these gutless men (or shall we call them drones?) have female friends who are Slut Single Mums they are hoping to get a blow-job from, or whose mums are Slut Single Mums, whose female relations are Slut Single Mums and who probably knocked up a Slut Single Mum or two themselves.  Why, they may even have grandchildren whose mothers are Slut Single Mums.

Or they are elderly men no longer up to much.

You can insult these witless, shiftless, gutless drones all you like.  Nothing will happen because these fuckers actually feel no SHAME.

That is why it is hopeless. If only there were a collective gun to blow out the what might pass for the collective brains…

It doesn't matter how much it costs the NHS at the expense of other patients, these women must have what they want!

If these women want a C-section then they should be made to pay for it, or get their husbands pay for it, if they have one.

Or else you will soon have Slut Single Mums demanding C-sections to breed the next generation of sluts and bastards at the expense of the British taxpayer, who is usually male.

Too bad then that the typical British male is too stupid and scared to say anything now.   Too busy at work or jerking himself off to Internet porn or screwing some slut in council accommodation who will become a Slut Single Mum demanding a C-section at the expense of other patients of the NHS, especially if they are male and elderly.

But soon, life in Britain won't be worth living anyway.

Louise Mensch using her gender and her children to intimidate her detractors?

So Frank Zimmerman is going to be charged next month, and we have no idea what he said.

Bet he didn't say anything particularly scary.

Bet a man would not have gone to the police, but because she is a WOMAN ....

And this is why most women shouldn't be in politics. They just degrade the level of debate and silence their opponents by claiming they have been offended or frightened or upset by their detractors who must therefore be evil for upsetting them.

We should know now what Frank Zimmerman described as "an unemployed recluse" - said that made her shop him to the coppers.  If it turns out that it is not in fact a credible threat, or a threat that any red blooded male in British politics (well, a hypothetical one anyway) would have dismissed and not lost sleep over.

But no, we have to w…

Nominate Claire Khaw for the iPM New Year's Honours


Do you think I have done something extraordinary or just deserve attention over and above what I have already so skilfully managed to generate on own?

A white woman's instinctive response after watching this video of an old man floored by a thug

She said:

"It seems a perfect example to me of 'black on black crime'. They are obviously drunk or on drugs. At least they didn't attack the women."

Why? The women are more likely to be slut single mums. The old man, even if his mother was as slut, was not responsible for his bastardy.

Did this woman think the mothers of the young man and his gang members who punched the old man for no reason were married when they were born?

Are there any white liberal women who want to cuddle these young black men who have had bad slutty mothers and slap them on the wrist after a compassionate heart to heart about the errors of their ways?

If these women get gang-raped by these young black men, should we feel sorry for them?

Maybe it would be less distressing to witne…

The moral case for legalising brothel-keeping

It would be a job creation scheme for slut single mums who will need a source of income after the welfare state is dismantled.  It would stop men from thinking there is such a thing as no-strings sex. It would allow us to digest the idea that it is possible to be lower than a whore if you are a slut single mum.  By this I mean a prostitute tells the punter the price in advance, while a slut pretends its free and then contacts the CSA when the illegitimate baby is born, and then the man will find himself paying for the child he never intended to have with a woman he would never dream of marrying.  It would discourage sluts from exploiting vulnerable men who cannot say NO to a woman who offers them what they think is no-strings sex.It would attract tourists and help our balance of payments.It would discourage more sluts and bastards from coming into being.The Koran in fact tolerates prostitution and therefore brothel-keeping.…

Feminism BAD for women. 1 in 4 women in the US a CRAZY LADY!

Is it because most of these women are sluts or bastards (because their mothers are sluts)?

I bet there is a direct correlation to mental illness with sluttery and bastardy that is endemic in the West.   It is so endemic that most people now think it is NORMAL to either be a slut or a bastard, and you can get expelled from a white nationalist party just for pointing out that sluttery and bastardy is not good for the white race.

But, hey, you can only try, eh?

White is the New Black.

" ... the social conditions faced by black Americans--poverty, racism, unemployment, female-headed households, illegitimacy, and the increasing divorce rate [fuelled by FEMINISM]--place blacks at high risk for 'mental disorder, crime and family and community breakdown.'

It is not a matter of being black or white, it is a…

If I ran the BNP David Starkey would already be a member. Ditto Jeremy Clarkson

The miscegenation of the unmarried should be a hot topic amongst nationalists, but I see no sign of this.

We all know why black people are mostly criminal. It is because black people are mostly illegitimate. Now that white people are mostly illegitimate, they have become like black people, as David Starkey says.

Rude though he is, he is not rude enough to criticise Slut Single Mums which really would be lese majeste.

We know who is in power by those we cannot criticise - the matriarchy who protects and encourages the Slut Single Mum, the woman who makes poor reproductive choices eg Riven Vincent and the Bad Mother eg Fiona McKeown who brought the disgraceful quality of British motherhood to international notice.  (Why do the footmen of the matriarchy - men of the Left like Paul Lewis of The Guardian - refuse to see this and admit this?  Probably because they have taken on the feminine characteristic…

Orwell Prize: Writing the Riots. My encounter with Paul Lewis, Yasmin Alhibai Brown and Mary Riddell


While I hoped (but did not expect) that David Starkey would  be on the WRITING THE RIOTS panel,  I was disappointed that no reference at all was made about his comment that whites have become black, despite much talk about the racial disadvantage being suffered by blacks, especially by Nicolas Kent.

Aware that Paul Lewis is doing research into the causes of the riots, I wondered what he thought about the possibility of illegitimacy being the common factor.   To this the arrogant young pup responded haughtily that the remark was so stupid it did not deserve an answer.   (I might have taken it personally had I not heard him say exactly the same thing to a pretty young lady who was playing at being journalist with her mother, when she asked him a very good question: Should social media be closed down during riots…

How to discourage female promiscuity by regulating the supply of the pill

A slut is a woman with the sexual morality of a man.  
This lifestyle became possible with the invention of the contraceptive pill, but women still have unwanted pregnancies and illegitimate children all over the place.  This shows that women are not really that clever even with something apparently as fool-proof as the pill.  
The pill entices them into extramarital sex with the promise of protection yet, through negligence, recklessness and incompetence, they continue getting knocked up, suffer from unwanted pregnancy something chronic and have their variously-fathered feral bastards all over the place the behaviour of whom bring the white race into disrepute.
I therefore propose withdrawing the pill from any woman who does not declare herself to be a prostitute.  While regular tax assessments will be sent to her by HMRC, no further action will be taken even if she declare…

Cougars and Cubs

Men (or should I say "Cubs"), if you are young and charming and patient enough, with coachman-like good looks and don't mind being treated as a servant, you can always shack up with a cougar AKA sugarmummy who will have fertility issues or who doesn't want children. After all, if you are low enough to do this, you don't deserve to breed or don't want to anyway.

This is about young men who are low enough to sleep with older women for their money, but who give up the chance of being a father of legitimate children and having a normal family life. These men are no better than male prostitutes, because we all know men really prefer to shag younger women but can shag older women if they are given the right financial incentive.

If all younger men became cubs, then the human race would die out, but I guess this would suit younger men with no self-respect who want to sleep their way into money rather than…

A Culture of Contempt for the Elderly created by Feminism


Following yesterday's coverage of the Care Quality Commission's report on NHS elderly care, a number of listeners contacted the programme to tell their own story. Adam Rodin, whose 93-year-old father died in hospital last week, describes the bad experience he had.

Following on from the Care Quality Commission's damning report on NHS elderly care, many listeners contacted the Today programme to share their own experiences. Dame Joan Bakewell, former government champion for the elderly, and Dr Raymond Tallis, philosopher and former professor of geriatric medicine, analyse the issues behind the story.

It is very interesting that Adam Rodin, who is himself a hospital consultant, refused to name the hospital that his father was so badly treated in.   He said, very disturbingly, that this could happen in any hospital.  It is the culture, he sai…

The girly and incoherent concept of HUMAN RIGHTS

‎"Human Rights", eh? Is there any other kind of right on this earth??  Animal rights?  Vegetable rights?  Mineral rights?

I would have thought that the most FUNDAMENTAL human right would be to have freedom of expression.

But liberals no longer believe in this FUNDAMENTAL LIBERAL PRINCIPLE.

What are fundamental liberal principles?

Bet you don't know, because you are all fucking stupid. So here they are then:

1. The right to property

2. Freedom of expression

3. Freedom of association

4. Freedom of contract

5. Freedom of belief

Because you are all stupid, I bet you haven't noticed that:

Holocaust Denial is THOUGHTCRIME.

Incitement to racial hatred is THOUGHTCRIME.

Incitement to religious hatred is THOUGHTCRIME.

Not hiring someone because you think she is the wrong sex is THOUGHTCRIME.

Not hiring someone because you don't like homosexuals is THOUGHTCRIME.

Not hiring someone disabled because you would rather not is THOUGHTCRIME…

Guardian writer, Tehmina Kazi, a "Muslim", disliked my comments so much she blocked me on Facebook


I have met this lady and our exchanges previously had been friendly. However, because she is a woman she has conformed to type and is simply doing what most women do, which is to silence and demonise those who disagree with them in their totalitarian way.

Tehmina praised the fact that Ottoman Emperior decriminalised homosexuality.

To this I said:

Tehmina would support the legalisation of homosexuality and ignoring the Koranic injunction against homosexuality.
What makes her [as a Muslim] think that liberalism is a superior to Koranic principles? What right has she to unilaterally decide that homosexuality should be legalised when it says plainly in the Koran that it is forbidden?
YUSUFALI: If any of your women are guilty of lewdness, Take the evidence of four (Reliable) witnesses from amongst you against them; and if they testify, confine them to houses until death do cl…

The Development and Death of Human Civilisations

Peace and Prosperity feminises a people, making them profligate, reckless, frivolous, hedonistic and foolish.  This disposes them to try new silly and mad ideas such as feminism and the welfare state, and paying Slut Single Mums to have bastards at the expense of the taxpayer, making the national gene pool deteriorate and causing a vicious race to the bottom of ever-lowering educational, intellectual and moral standards.

When men are emasculated and behave like women, and women acquire the rights of men but still behave like women, you have a matriarchy.

A patriarchy is a society that condones male promiscuity.

A matriarchy is a society that condones  and rewards female promiscuity.

When confronted with two evils, we should always choose the lesser one.

The policies of the matriarchy makes the working classes unfit for purpose necessitating the import of cheap foreign labour, upsetting the balance of that society.

When that society is upset, distressed and unbalanced enough, a si…

Why BASTARD is a term of abuse

Because this is what happens to your politics and your nation and your race if you are stupid enough to tolerate widespread bastardy after embracing the toxic ideology of feminism, for, in time you will become a matriarchy.

What is a patriarchy?

A society that condones male promiscuity.

What is a matriarchy?

A society that not only condones female promiscuity, but positively rewards it.

By this, I mean you will have a government that actually pays Slut Single Mums to have their Bastards at taxpayers' expense and whose government and its opposition are too afraid to criticise these women, because it wants their votes, even as their parasitical existence eats the nation out of house and home.

Not only are men in a matriarchy afraid to criticise the Slut Single Mum - the worst sort of woman and the worst sort of employee, they are also afraid to marry, because wives can divorce men for no…

Progressive Degeneration (pun intended) and the Miscegenation of the Unmarried

This is how sexual reproduction amongst mammals works.

The male of the species is always always up for it.
The female of the species is not, because she needs to be careful to choose the strongest male with  access to the best resources to provide and protect for her and the offspring she has with him.  
The most efficient way of doing this is for the male to have a harem.   This is probably where the "Women and Children First" rule came into being.  If, say, the passengers of a sinking passenger ship were the only people left in the world, then it would make sense if only reproductively vigorous and high-ranking males were allowed to join the women and children in the only lifeboat, leaving the males that are too old, too physically weak or weak in character to assert themselves, to go down with the sinking ship.   
In no time at all would the race replenish itself under such a system were these passengers to find a suitably hospitable tropical island.   
Lions also have a…