A Culture of Contempt for the Elderly created by Feminism


Following yesterday's coverage of the Care Quality Commission's report on NHS elderly care, a number of listeners contacted the programme to tell their own story. Adam Rodin, whose 93-year-old father died in hospital last week, describes the bad experience he had.

Following on from the Care Quality Commission's damning report on NHS elderly care, many listeners contacted the Today programme to share their own experiences. Dame Joan Bakewell, former government champion for the elderly, and Dr Raymond Tallis, philosopher and former professor of geriatric medicine, analyse the issues behind the story.

It is very interesting that Adam Rodin, who is himself a hospital consultant, refused to name the hospital that his father was so badly treated in.   He said, very disturbingly, that this could happen in any hospital.  It is the culture, he said.

A matriarchy: a society that condones and rewards female promiscuity, despises the elderly, is sentimental about children, obsessed by celebrity culture and the shallow values of youth and beauty.

A patriarchy: a society that condones male promiscuity, and looks after the old because it values wisdom.

Feminists: you too will be old and at the mercy of the uncaring carers you have trained under feminist ideology.

Men who try to discipline the bastard feral offspring of sluts are accused of being paedophiles, are they not?

Women who are not longer sexually attractive are useless ugly old hags, aren't they, in our Brave New World?

Joan Bakewell said  nurses should role play and put themselves in the role of the elderly! More demented matriarchal SHITE.

Nurses ignore the elderly and the incontinent because they are disgusting and remind them of despair, desperation and death.  Most would rather look after the young than the old because youth is full of hope, and the elderly only remind us we are all going to ail and die.

Remember that scene in THE BEACH http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Beach_(film) when one of the beach community was bitten by a shark?  He kept moaning and groaning and wouldn't get better.  His presence was spoiling their fun and eventually he was moved out of sight and out of hearing to die, without disturbing the life of the community.  The leader of that community was female (Tilda Swinton) who blackmailed Leonardo de Caprio into having sex with her.

SOYLENT GREEN http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soylent_green was rather kinder to the ailing and elderly, was it not?

Kindness and generosity in short supply said Joan Bakewell. We used to learn all those things in church, she said. Where do we learn these things from now, she asked. Certainly not in the home who are run by working mothers or parasitical sluts with no morals and no education. We no longer do kindness, generosity, respect for the elderly and consideration for others because decades of liberal feminist atheist SHITE has bred it out of us.

The feminists of today will be the elderly doubly incontinent bedblockers of tomorrow. Even having children won't help you now, because they will just send you to a hospital or to an uncaring care home. Your daughters will be too busy working till they are 67 to look after you. Your sons will be impoverished losers after their wives have divorced them and kicked them out of their matrimonial homes, if they get married at all. You will have grandchildren, some of them even legitimate, but if you have a son, you will not see any of your grandchildren by him because his spiteful ex-wife will see to it that you and your son don't.

And so Britain continues its descent into cultural and moral degradation stuffing its stupid fat disgusting face with foul liberal atheist feminist SHITE like there's no tomorrow, which there isn't, let's face it, you stupid liberal feminist LOSERS.

A society that does not value WISDOM because those who have it are no longer strong and attractive will revert to BARBARISM very very very soon indeed.

FEMINISM hurts everyone: the young, the male and the elderly and brings women into utter contempt because it encourages them to behave worse than a prostitute and a promiscuous homosexual.

At least prostitutes give you an up-front price for sex (so you are not chased by the CSA to maintain a child you never wanted to have by a cheap slut you would never dream of marrying) and at least promiscuous homosexuals don't have BASTARDS to spread crime and disorder and paedophilia in your society.

What is the BNP doing, that party who is supposed to care about such things like the moral and cultural degradation of the white race? SWEET. FUCK. ALL.

It too is queuing up to lick the stilettos of the feminists and slut single mums.

Question and challenge feminism? Why, that would be OFFENSIVE. Oo er!


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