Why BASTARD is a term of abuse

Because this is what happens to your politics and your nation and your race http://thevoiceofreason-ann.blogspot.com/2011/10/why-white-race-is-declining-in-numbers.html if you are stupid enough to tolerate widespread bastardy after embracing the toxic ideology of feminism, for, in time you will become a matriarchy.

What is a patriarchy?

A society that condones male promiscuity.

What is a matriarchy?

A society that not only condones female promiscuity, but positively rewards it.

By this, I mean you will have a government that actually pays Slut Single Mums to have their Bastards at taxpayers' expense and whose government and its opposition are too afraid to criticise these women, because it wants their votes, even as their parasitical existence eats the nation out of house and home.

Not only are men in a matriarchy afraid to criticise the Slut Single Mum - the worst sort of woman and the worst sort of employee, they are also afraid to marry, because wives can divorce men for no good reason and get half their property.

Why is the Slut Single Mum the worst sort of woman?  She is a promiscuous woman who has illegitimate offspring will go on to become the criminals and under-achievers of the future, and the future is already here.  She will also  infect those around her with apathy, hypocrisy and cowardice and a tolerance of widespread illegitimacy which utterly emasculates the men, who will start thinking and behaving like women.

When this happens, the country will fill up with immigrants who will do better than the natives, just because they are not mostly illegitimate.

Sadly, very sadly, the men of the BNP - a political party that is supposed to care about the racial health of white people - are undeniably infected by tolerance of widespread illegitimacy.  The leader of this party is so  afraid of offending these women that he would expel a member for saying anything that might offend women, and women are so easily offended, especially these days, are they not?

Not only that, the man who opposes the leader of the BNP - Eddy Butler, a former high-ranking official of of the BNP, is also afraid of offending these never married mothers.  

There is really no one in the country that will stand up against these sirens who are leading the ship of state into the rocks.  Even the Muslims, who are exhorted by the Koran to forbid what is evil and to enjoin what is good, are also afraid of Slut Single Mums.

If you are told you live in a matriarchy, it is like being told that you society has cancer, which is probably  terminal.

Astonishingly and disgracefully, the white race now finds itself in the position of having a non-white foreign woman reminding them of the importance of supporting the institutions of Marriage and Family, while they behave like primitive tribesman to whom the concept of marriage is novel, radical and rather unpleasant.

Is there the possibility of remission from such an advanced stage of civilisational dementia?  Only if there is a revolution.


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