Progressive Degeneration (pun intended) and the Miscegenation of the Unmarried

This is how sexual reproduction amongst mammals works.

The male of the species is always always up for it.

The female of the species is not, because she needs to be careful to choose the strongest male with  access to the best resources to provide and protect for her and the offspring she has with him.  

The most efficient way of doing this is for the male to have a harem.   This is probably where the "Women and Children First" rule came into being.  If, say, the passengers of a sinking passenger ship were the only people left in the world, then it would make sense if only reproductively vigorous and high-ranking males were allowed to join the women and children in the only lifeboat, leaving the males that are too old, too physically weak or weak in character to assert themselves, to go down with the sinking ship.   

In no time at all would the race replenish itself under such a system were these passengers to find a suitably hospitable tropical island.   

Lions also have a simple system.  The lion king has his harem with exclusive breeding rights.  These rights will be covered by would-be usurpers who would challenge the incumbent for access to his harem from time to time.  The lionesses make no attempt to assist their lord and master even as they know that his death or defeat would mean their cubs would be killed by the usurping lion, who will then impregnate each and every member of the harem.   

The lionesses never run away because if they did they would die without offspring.

Having your cubs killed may be upsetting and disconcerting but they will soon have new cubs, with better genes than the defeated lion, their former lord and master.   

Female whales too have a tried and trusted system of choosing mates.  If looking for a mate she would simply attract the attention of a number of male whales gathered together, and then swim off as fast as she can.  The fittest male who can capture her gets to mate with her.   

But what is the mating behaviour of the Slut Single Mum?

Such a woman does not realise that she is supposed to be married before she has babies, so she is stupid and ignorant.

It is very easy for a woman to have sex with men because most men are incapable of saying no to no-strings sex and think it would be rude to refuse.   

It is not so easy to get a man to marry you.

If you have a baby without getting married, you will be impoverishing both yourself and your child socially, economically, culturally and intellectually, because it will not have the benefit of half the cultural, economic, social  and intellectual input of its other parent.

That illegitimate child will grow into an adult who thinks that there is nothing wrong in illegitimacy and will in turn have illegitimate offspring who will then go on to have illegitimate offspring etc, starting a chain of bastardy that will degrade and impoverish the entire race.  

Of course the more illegitimacy is tolerated the more of it there will be.

The more of it there is, the harder it will become to criticise the illegitimate and their sluttish mother, until more than half the babies born in Britain are illegitimate, which is now already the case.

What is wrong with illegitimacy?  It just means your society will suffer from ever lowering moral and educational standards.  For example, British employers do not want to hire British workers and actually prefer foreign labour because they are not mostly illegitimate, are motivated and trained,  and therefore get the job done more cheaply and better.

It just means that the white working classes will be neglected and marginalised because they are not fit for purpose.  You would have thought someone would care enough about them to discourage them from having illegitimate children who are a burden on the sate, but not a bit of it.  Liberals want to be everyone's friend and friends do not give each other unwanted advice or be a party pooper.   Indeed, liberal parents make their children call them by their first names so they can be their "friend" because it makes them feel old to be called "mum" or "dad".  Just like liberal parents, successive liberal governments have abdicated their responsibilities to the detriment of the people who would have appreciated the moral guidance.  

The Conservative Party in 2002 had Theresa May saying they are no longer the nasty party and would no longer criticise never married mothers AKA Slut Single Mums

The Conservative Party turned liberal and abandoned all its principles in a bid for popularity under Cameron, because it did not want to be seen as a party of party poopers.   That is why the Tories are now stuffed with fornicators, adulterers and homosexuals saying it is OK to be Slut Single Mums.  

Even the recent riots did not shock them into saying anything about Slut Single Mums, as politicians begged "parents" to at least call up their children to find out where they were at the height of the riots of the summer of 2011.  Even then the criticisms were directed at "absent fathers" and this abstraction called "bad parenting" when really they meant the Slut Single Mum and their feral bastards.   

So now we have this alarming situation of the all political parties in the UK being afraid to criticise the Slut Single Mum because there are now too many of them with the vote.   

But if we do not criticise them, they will carry on breeding their bastards at taxpayers' expense, to their heart's content and their bastards will behave in a way that will bring disgrace and ignominy on all the white race, but no, even the BNP, who are supposed to care about the future and the quality of the British national gene pool, refuse to speak against the tolerance of widespread illegitimacy.   This is probably because so many of their members are illegitimate and singly parenting, probably more so than any other party in the UK, for the BNP are really genuinely the party of the white working class, while the Labour Party is full of the chattering classes, champagne socialists and people who like to think of themselves as the intelligentsia. 

So there we have it, the typical Slut Single Mum who is breeding her bastards at the expense of the British taxpayer, does not even have the sense to behave like a rational lioness or a rational female whale, but instead thinks it very clever to have stranger sex with men in toilets and use men as inadvertent sperm donors.   The men are of course very silly and weak to allow themselves to be used in this way by their treacherous women who use their sperm to acquire a status.  The more welfare you claim, the higher up you become in the pecking order of welfare scroungers, and of course having as many children as you can on child benefit is an excellent way of acquiring status amongst the feral underclasses.

How deeply disappointing then that the BNP refuses to speak out against these women.  So many times have I heard that the BNP are a party of family values who cares deeply about the welfare and future of the white race, who are now sadly and slowly turning into white trash, for such behaviour is now seeping upwards to the middle classes who are contaminated by feminism, whose women either do not have children because they are too busy working or have too few of them because they have to climb the career ladder first before breeding and then going back to work again.  Working middle classes mothers also disadvantage their children socially and morally but women these days are now beyond criticism.  

The BNP are certainly not going to challenge feminism, for they are very anxious to attract women into their ranks, because having women in their party suggests that the men are civilised and desirable.  

And so the BNP continue to the practice of Omerta to the detriment of the very people whose interests they claim to be serving.  

Indeed, even Eddy Butler, formerly of the BNP, and who now loathes the incumbent leader, cannot bring himself to break this vow of silence, for he too is afraid of the Slut Single Mum.   

How ironic then that it is that someone who is NOT of the white race should find herself have to tell white people about the basics of keeping your race healthy and well by promoting the institutions of marriage and family.  Indeed, it is worrying that only a foreigner and a female will say these things in Britain now.

If the British do not attempt to reconsecrete the desecrated institutions of Marriage and Family, then, soon, nobody will want to have anything to do with them, or give them jobs or marry them or even have sex with them for free.   

It is however disconcerting to be confronted by blank incomprehension, howls of rage, threats of violence and murder and then by suspension and expulsion from a party that I had fondly imagined would be promoting family values supported by marriage.   

At least I care enough about the white race to brave their wrath by pointing out the error of their ways, unlike their own people who do not care enough even to tell them they should find someone to marry before having babies, and patiently explain, again and again and again, why things would be better for them if they were to do so.   


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