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"Princess Bubble" - a fairy story for those too old to be still single and looking

The end of Western civilisation really cannot be that far off!

Instead of addressing the problem of family breakdown in society and the abdication of parental responsibility and moral authority in every sphere of public life, one of my occasional readers and commentators has recommended Princess Bubble, written by two unmarried and retired trolley-dollies. It is a story for women who have ended up single and need a happy ending as they contemplate growing old alone.

The blurb:

With wisdom gleaned from their careers as single, globe-trotting flight attendants, first-time authors Susan Johnston and Kimberly Webb have crafted a modern-day book that celebrates singleness. A contemporary fairy tale for all ages, Princess Bubble was written to reduce the overwhelming sense of failure, self-doubt, and despair that some single women face. Knowing how low self-esteem and depression plague many single females, we wanted to spread the message that happily ever after can occur even before Prince Cha…

The role of parental advice in the avoidance of spinsterhood and illegitimate grandchildren

I know too many single women who never intended to be single but have found themselves, for one reason or another, without a man and unable to become a wife and mother.

A cartoon of a career woman saying: "Eeek! I forgot to have children!" is telling, funny and sad.

Yet, when one tries to address this issue, one is accused of giving ignorant "mumsy" advice, ie the advice that all women should make a point of finding a decent man who might be induced to marry them by the time they are 25.

No doubt if I had given this advice to these now single women in their late 30s when they were in their 20s they would all have told me to mind my own business!

I doubt if the mothers of these women would have given any such advice anyway. Most mothers have, to my knowledge, not been giving their daughters advice of any sort for several decades.

Why is that, I wonder?

Is it because they think all the rules have changed and that their advice would be considered old-fashioned, irrelevant a…

More babies being born with Down's syndrome

This curious phenomenon suggests the following of British society:-

1. Increasing numbers of couples view the having children as similar to having pets. (We expect nothing of our pets except their ability to be obedient, grateful, forever dependent and never leave us. Pets, you see, have no use except to gratify the ego of the pet-owner and to stave off feelings of loneliness and uselessness that we all might have from time to time.)

2. These parents expect very little from their children, because they appear to have the luxury of being able to treat their children as pets.

3. The waste and purposelessness of such an unrewarding venture - that of bringing up a child who will never achieve full independence and who will always be a source of worry, particularly if they do not predecease their parents - is not being questioned enough by parents, because of the cushion of a …

The Money, Power and Love Quiz

Please choose the answer (or place your answers in an order of preference) that most corresponds to your immediate emotional response.

1. Do you regard yourself as an Alpha Male/Female?

· Yes
· No
· In my dreams
· Never heard that term before.

2. Do you fear rejection?

· Used to it
· Doesn’t everyone?
· I deal with this by making a point of avoiding rejection.

3. Do others regard you as an Alpha Male/Female?

· More the beta kind
· Of course
· A bit of a loser at times really

4. What do you associate most with being an Alpha Male?

· Getting what I want.
· Getting the woman/man I want.
· What other people think I am not.

5. Do women think you are an Alpha Male?

· Only if they see me with my car and possessions
· My wife/girlfriend does
· Probably not

6. Do you feel life is unfair?

· Life’s a bitch and then you die! Didn’t you know that??
· You make your own luck.
· Unfairness has a way of targeting life’s losers.
· You make life fairer by being fair to as many people as you can.

7. What sort of woman would most s…

Advice to Men Paying for Sex to Exercise Due Diligence

The following are ostensibly the questions we are asked to consider.

Should it be a crime to pay for sex? The British government wants to make it illegal to pay for sex with prostitutes who are controlled by pimps or have been trafficked to the UK. Will this move protect vulnerable women? Men who pay for sex could be publicly identified and even charged with rape, if they knowingly have sex with a woman forced into prostitution. Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said it would 'be a good thing' if the measures deterred men from visiting prostitutes. Sex workers have criticised the proposal, saying they could be at greater risk if they have to work alone or in remote neighbourhoods.

Should the sex-trade be subject to tougher laws? Or would decriminalisation be a better move? How should governments prevent trafficking?

"Should an officious woman who indulges in gesture politics be allowed to …

Gloria Steinham

"Now, we have become the men we would like to marry."

Explain and discuss.


Dear Reader

What do you think might be the problem(s) with you/men/women that might prevent you from being in a long-term relationship?

I can't trust them.They don't trust me.I don't understand them.They don't understand me.I don't know what I want.They don't know what they want.I am easily bored.They are easily bored.I have no money.They have no money.I am not conventionally attractive.I lack the ability or will to be pleasant, reliable and appreciated as a partner. I have a drink/drug/gambling addiction problem.They have a drink/drug/gambling addiction problem.I am a poor judge of characterI can't seem to get them to do what I want or be what I want them to be.They are OK at the beginning and then start to go wrong.I lack self-esteem and tend to take whatever I can find, ie a low-quality partner. In other words, I am a victim of my own low standards.It is impossible getting them to love me and my pet(s) as I am neither fabulously wealthy nor unusually gener…