The Money, Power and Love Quiz

Please choose the answer (or place your answers in an order of preference) that most corresponds to your immediate emotional response.

1. Do you regard yourself as an Alpha Male/Female?

· Yes
· No
· In my dreams
· Never heard that term before.

2. Do you fear rejection?

· Used to it
· Doesn’t everyone?
· I deal with this by making a point of avoiding rejection.

3. Do others regard you as an Alpha Male/Female?

· More the beta kind
· Of course
· A bit of a loser at times really

4. What do you associate most with being an Alpha Male?

· Getting what I want.
· Getting the woman/man I want.
· What other people think I am not.

5. Do women think you are an Alpha Male?

· Only if they see me with my car and possessions
· My wife/girlfriend does
· Probably not

6. Do you feel life is unfair?

· Life’s a bitch and then you die! Didn’t you know that??
· You make your own luck.
· Unfairness has a way of targeting life’s losers.
· You make life fairer by being fair to as many people as you can.

7. What sort of woman would most suit you?

· One who knows her own mind
· Sweet tempered and mild
· One who loves and needs me
· One who would look good on my arm
· A fertile one

8. Do you mind people disagreeing with you?

· Doesn’t everyone?
· Not if they’re right
· Do I mind ignorant, arrogant, nitpicking fault-finders??

9. Do you mind women disagreeing with you?

· Especially women
· The gender is irrelevant
· There are women whose opinions I value

10. What do you think got you where you are?

· A mis-spent youth
· There is a lot to be said for taking the easy way out.
· Hard work
· Knowing what I want
· My native cunning
· A lucky star
· A large inheritance
· Being firm of purpose

11. What do you think is wrong with this country?

· What’s the point of bothering about things you can’t change?
· The political system
· The education system
· The legal system
· The social system
· The people who vote
· The people who don’t vote
· The irrationality of most people
· Too many foreigners
· Corrupt politicians

12. What do you think should be changed?

· People’s minds
· Human nature
· The party system
· The legal system
· The political system
· The social system
· The education system
· The welfare state
· Nothing. The poor are always with us.

13. What do you believe you are least likely to change?

· My views
· Others’ views

14. What is Conservatism?

. whatever the Conservative Party says it is

. family values, limited government, ie low taxes, light regulation

. not rocking the boat too much, ie keeping with the status quo, whatever it is

15. What is Liberalism?

. do-gooding hand-wringing interventionism

. being Politically Correct

. undermining traditional family values and the patriarchy

. pressing the self-destruct button and activing our death wish

. free trade and letting people be what they want to be provided they do not harm others

16. What is socialism?

. a modified form of Communism

. squeezing the rich till the pips squeak

. the poor man's revenge against the class and capitalist system

. a welfare state

. rule by the proletariat on behalf of the proletariat

. a discredited and unworkable ideology that is in the process of being further discredited as it edges close to collapse in the West

17. What is British Nationalism?

. A patriotic desire to act in the National Interest

. Whatever the BNP says it is

. racism, fascism, Islamophobia, xenophobia

18. What happens to us after we die?

. We go to Heaven or Hell.

. We are remembered briefly and then forgotten.

. We will be remembered if we are loved.

. We are remembered for our deeds.

. We live forever.

. We live on most fully in the minds of those whose lives we have touched and whose minds we have changed.

. Nothing.

19. Death is:

· The price of being alive
· A welcome break
· Especially dreaded by those who have wasted their lives
· A necessary evil
· Something we will know soon enough
· Nothingness
· Something that concentrates the mind
· A subject that I find depressing and pointless, like politics

20. Love is

· Having sex with the object of your desire
· Better than money
· Being happy
· Receiving affection and attention
· Over-rated
· Not as transferable as money
· A transformative experience
· Turbo-charges us into either a brick wall or a very good place
· Being genuinely happy to give

21. Wisdom is

· Something people have when they have lost their youth, if they are lucky
· The object of philosophy
· The application of knowledge, compassion and reason
· As rare as gold-dust


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