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Why men are afraid of women

Claire, you are generally awesome.. and you post some interesting thoughts.. however I can't "like" them unfortunately cos I don't want people who know me in real life to know that I like your views. I envy you cos you can speak your mind so freely. Unfortunately a single man is the least free person on the planet because they are at very real and large risk of not having any children. A woman has no such concerns however. Just wanted to say that :)
Dispossessed and oppressed men will simply bide their time and wait for a breakdown in law and order before they assert and avenge themselves.

Feminists should be honest to transgender people and say feminism has nothing to offer anyone who is not a woman

Feminism bribes heterosexual men with cheap sex, which is bad for them.Feminism has nothing offers women the burden of being expected to work after she becomes a mother.Feminism gives women a greater probability of becoming a cougar or a jaguar.Feminism gives women a greater probability of dying childless.Feminism makes women bad mothers. has resulted in widespread illegitimacy.  Once the working mother becomes the norm, the divorced mother becomes the norm.  Once the divorced mother becomes the norm, the never married mother becomes the norm. has resulted in the justification of the neglect of the elderly. supports the right of women to…

Being honest about the purpose of social conservatism

The purpose of social #conservatism is to control women.Why don't we just admit that?#feminism
— Claire Khaw (@1party4all) April 15, 2013 In order for men to control women, they too will have to control themselves.This seems fair enough to me. #feminism
— Claire Khaw (@1party4all) April 15, 2013 Moral and rational women do not and should not mind accepting limits on their behaviour. #feminism
— Claire Khaw (@1party4all) April 15, 2013

Black man tells it like it is about never married single mothers

Would a white man these days make similar observations?

No, feminism has utterly destroyed, crushed and made mincemeat of his manhood.  He is so utterly reduced and degraded that a female and a foreigner has to point out the perniciousness of the feminism herself and point out some bald evolutionary facts:

1.  The male of  any species has to fight  to have access to females to perpetuate his genes.

2.   Because the Western female human is so sexually promiscuous and will give sex at the drop of a pair of trouser, Western men only have to humour her and agree with her to have sex with her.   (This means agreeing with her about feminism to the detriment of his own long term interests and certainly at the expense of the long term national interest.)

This theory explains the phenomenon of degeneracy ie why there are more and more people now in the West with physical and learning disabilities…

Porn actresses are paid more than porn actors. Will feminists be campaigning for equal pay for porn actors?

A prostitute talks about her attitude to work

Is it rape or just theft if you have sex with a prostitute without paying?

I would say it depends. If you made her think you would pay but ran off without paying after enjoying services, then that would be theft and obtaining services by deception.

If you had sex with her knowing that she did not want to have sex with you at any price then it would be rape.

The prostitute blogger wonders why her clients appear unfazed by her lack of enthusiasm.

I have never hired a prostitute but I imagine the attractions of doing so would be  the power one feels when think "She doesn't even have to fancy me but knows she will have to have sex with me or she won't get paid."

This logic of this power of obtaining consent or quiescence would extend to rape, whose purpose is to enforce submission without consent.  Rape would be how a man would assert power over a woman or even over another man or men,…

Porn workshop run by feminists sponsored by Deloittes


The YorkerNewsCampus Show and Tell- Women's Committee explore sexuality Helena Horton March 5th, 2013 Women's committee are spearheading an anonymous sexual awareness project, to be displayed next Monday. Students at the University have been called to submit anonymous writing about their sexual experiences to a project, spearheaded by Women's Committee, called 'Tell'. The aim is to break the taboo around sexuality, and to learn more about the sexuality of ourselves and others.
Women's committee are trying to remove the taboo around sex and sexuality. ©YUSU This event has been popular in previous years, with some beautiful stories and poems, and some harrowing tales of sexual abuse. This will be the fourth edition of the anthology. On Monday of week nine, members of the Committee, and other people who were interested, got together in Holgate Hall to create some artwork based on sex and sex…

Masculine and parental authority ended in March 2013

Did any of you men notice that your masculine and parental authority ended last month?

"the definition of domestic violence will now include ‘coercive control’. The previous definition defined domestic violence as a single act or incident. The new definition recognises that patterns of behaviour and separate instances of control can add up to abuse - including instances of intimidation, isolation, depriving victims of their financial independence or material possessions and regulating their everyday behaviour"
@1party4all @helenashead @itsjustahobby Persistent emotional manipulation (eg suggesting you can't help your behaviour), controlling what a
— Emma Tofi (@EmmaTofi) April 12, 2013 @1party4all @helenashead @itsjustahobby person wears, eats, who they see and when etc. making comments designed to make the victim feel less
— Emma Tofi (@EmmaTofi) April 12, 201…

Libertarianism: Why Does It Fail To Convince?


Let us see if who has already blocked me on Twitter, will engage with me on the subject of feminism being the mortal enemy of libertarianism and whther deigns to display my comment on her blog.

She describes herself as "UCL, Phil & Econ, Libertarian Society President. Classical feminist. Passionate vegetarian and animal rights nut".

It sounds like a crazy miscellany of ideas but perhaps we will be given the opportunity to examine her beliefs.

Claire Khaw (@1party4all)says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
April 12, 2013 at 3:35 pm
Libertarians do not realise that their mortal enemy is feminism and have not the stomach to fight it. Only I do.

Claire Khaw (@1party4all)says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
April 12, 2013 at 5:47 pm Only a theocracy would return us to smaller more rational government now. Paradoxical and counter-intuitive, but true. Reply

A new genre of porn called "feminist porn" has come into being according to The Guardian

 ... just seating a woman at the top is no guarantee of shared power with the women working down below. "When I hear feminist porn," performer and producer Bella Vendetta told me:
"I imagine porn made by feminists, which makes me believe that I'm going to be treated very well, and be informed about what it is I am expected to do. I expect it will be marketed in a way that doesn't insult me, and I expect I'll be paid a fair wage.
"Unfortunately, I have found that if the term feminist porn is being used, I can almost guarantee that it means I will be offered an incredibly low rate. To me, it is not empowering to accept half my rate to have sex on film."
Apparently, it does not pay as well as non-feminist porn.   Feminist porn stars are therefore stupid, because  feminism is stupid.

while certain strands of feminism have become consumed with celebrating women…

An example of reasoned debate and correct English from a feminist

— False Consciousness (@pastachips) April 12, 2013

What would happen if lions became feminist?

We know what happens to lions with harems when they have to defend themselves against other males who want access to their females.

The lionesses are not supposed to interfere and do not assist the father of their cubs against the encroaching male.

They do not assist him because they know that if he is a loses it means he is physically less fit and if he is physically less fit, they don't want his babies.

They would suffer their own already born cubs to be killed by this new male in order to have the superior genes of the triumphant male.

Lionesses are therefore more ruthlessly eugenic than human feminist females, who only think about themselves and in the short term.

However, if this pride of lions were to go feminist, then the lionesses would tell the lion that it is OK to trust strange male lions and assure him that nothing bad will happen to them, and he will be obliged to listen politely. Eventually, the feminised lion will one day behave as if he were a lioness and come to …

Gay marriage came to Britain because the Conservative Party had no principles, but no one cared

I am enraged, infuriated and aghast at the number of people who

do not know what a principle isdo not know what principles are forare in the Labour Party and cannot even summon up the moral energy to make a fuss that the Conservative Party has no principles and that the leader of the Conservative Party is not in fact a Conservative.   
Clearly, they do not think as I do that the blame for the ills of the nation can be laid at the door of this omission - this omission to insert an official statement of principles in the constitution of the Conservative Party.   
I can see that this omission was perhaps deliberate, for not having principles gives the leader and his cronies the ability to trim their sails to the prevailing wind and adopt the cause of expediency in order to stay in office or come to office.   
What is the harm of this, you ask?
It will lead to the legalisation of gay marriage at the hands of a Conservative Prime Minister.
If you are not shocked and appalled, then you clea…

Legalising gay marriage is the ultimate act of desecrating marriage

That the West has prospered since feminism is an illusion since it was fueled by consumerism and reckless borrowing and lending by individuals and governments. People only appear to be prosperous if they practise conspicuous consumption and spend extravagantly and ostentatiously.

In fact, what the Liberal West did was to dissipate and consume the wealth that was acquired by the by its ancestor, the Imperial West, without replacing it, whom it now affects to despise for being sexist, racist, homophobic, nationalistic, militaristic and imperialistic.

They are like the idle rich children of wealthy parents, who have no idea how  their ancestors acquired their wealth and who could not care less, as long as they had money to spend.  Indeed, most of them even affect to despise their parents and their ancestry.

It goes without saying that they do not respect the institution of marriage.  Indeed, they do not even now know its original purpose nor what they have to do to respect it.  These da…

A series of dishonest exchanges with feminist Susanne Moore who appears unable to defend feminism

@1party4all I am going to block you Claire. This amount of tweets is just harassment. I don't know why you think I am a feminist and enemy.
— Susanne Moore (@susannemoore) April 4, 2013

I wonder why feminists and those taught by them always say "amount of times" when they should know better.   Perhaps feminists no longer see the point of being grammatically correct.  Her final sentence does not make any sense.

@1party4all @theposieparker @beau_tox @guardian yes like your message. Very confused and twitter is not helping you.
— Susanne Moore (@susannemoore) April 4, 2013

I made a simple statement in simple words, yet she claims I am confused.

Susanne Moore ‏@susannemoore 18h
Gender diversity is not about flexibility it is about equal opportunity for men and women its benefits.   Lets not lose the message.
11:55 PM - 3 Apr 
 Claire Khaw ‏@1party4all 16h
@susannemoore Is gender diversity in the workplace conducive to …

Feminist Jane Clare Jones cannot defend feminism against Breivik

Following much of the media's initial "fact-free conjecture" about the origins of the atrocity in Norway, we have since had to reckon with Anders Behring Breivik's own account of his motivations put forward in his 1518-page manifesto entitled 2083: A European Declaration of Independence. Overlooked, however, in the focus on Islamism and Islamophobia's culpability for Breivik's pathology is the way his gargantuan manifesto presents multiculturalism as just one form of the "ideology" which "now looms over western European society like a colossus". This ideology, most often known as political correctness, has, Breivik tells us, several other names. One of them is cultural Marxism, and the other is feminism.
Cultural Marxism is feminism.

Feminism is just another word for Cultural Marxism.

Feminism is the Sacred Cow of the West that is eating it out of …