Legalising gay marriage is the ultimate act of desecrating marriage

That the West has prospered since feminism is an illusion since it was fueled by consumerism and reckless borrowing and lending by individuals and governments. People only appear to be prosperous if they practise conspicuous consumption and spend extravagantly and ostentatiously.

In fact, what the Liberal West did was to dissipate and consume the wealth that was acquired by the by its ancestor, the Imperial West, without replacing it, whom it now affects to despise for being sexist, racist, homophobic, nationalistic, militaristic and imperialistic.

They are like the idle rich children of wealthy parents, who have no idea how  their ancestors acquired their wealth and who could not care less, as long as they had money to spend.  Indeed, most of them even affect to despise their parents and their ancestry.

It goes without saying that they do not respect the institution of marriage.  Indeed, they do not even now know its original purpose nor what they have to do to respect it.  These days, it is practically compulsory to be a fornicatress if you are a woman in the West.   Most Western men insist on “trying before buying” and a woman who insists on being a virgin bride is looked upon with pity and contempt, for the West is now the land of compulsory fornication, and Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland describes it perfectly.

Such is its corruption that even senior Catholic priests cannot bring themselves to say that a fornicatress is a slut, and that even one act of fornication makes a woman a fornicatress and therefore a slut.

Just one act fornication makes you a slut?  That is so harsh, non-judgmental liberals will cry, quite forgetting all that they have learnt in human reproduction, for a woman who has sex just once could be impregnated, and therefore ruined if she is not already married.  

Why would any rational man want the responsibility of providing for another man's child, especially if he is an ill-bred brat whose mother is a stupid slut?  

But most women in the West are sluts and most women have the baggage of another man's offspring so Western man must take their women as they are, or find foreign women whom they believe are not as promiscuous as their own.  

The best they can do now is to grade their women according to degrees of sluttery.

Soon, most of the West will have legalised gay marriage.  If you wanted to desecrate marriage and make a mockery of it, there is no better way of doing that than by legalising gay marriage.

When the man who proposes this is in fact the leader of the Conservative Party, then you must accept that social conservatism is now considered odd, if not actually “extremist”, for anything that deviates from the extremist liberal norm must by definition be labelled extremist.

It is actually not much fun being a social conservative saying no to everything that might give people pleasure, which is why Man created God to keep himself on the straight and narrow.  Without a general belief in God, a society would have to rely on dictators like Hitler, Franco and Mussolini to keep most people on the straight and narrow, for the exercise of moral restraint is necessary to prolong the life of your race, nation and ultimately your civilisation and perhaps the human race.

Liberal atheists in practice worship like a deity the idea of tolerating sex between consenting adults.  This means that they tolerate extramarital sex, under the impression that sexual morality has no bearing on general moral standards.  When it is pointed out to them that there is a clear link between illegitimacy and crime, they get very angry.  Their tactic is to deny that there is a link or deny that it affects them or anyone that they know, until they themselves become a victim of crime.  

Extramarital sex of course includes premarital sex ie sex with anyone you are not married to, which includes homo sex.   To get round this problem, liberals are now proposing same-sex marriage in rather the same way a murderer who wishes to escape the penalty for murder would legalise murder, quite ignoring the fact that if murder were legalised then murderers would in turn be murdered by the supporters of anyone they murder and bring about the breakdown of their society in an orgy of homicidal licence.

It has been said that the Conservative Prime Minister who proposes to legalise gay marriage is doing so at the behest of his wife and his gay Downing Street advisers.  So entirely without moral conviction is he that he cannot see anything wrong about this, even though he is supposed to come from the best family as well as going to the best school and university in the land.  Such alarmingly low moral and educational standards should be cause for alarm by all who live in this country and are subject to its laws, but most are complacent or indifferent to the fact that they are being led by a man without convictions who is either a fool, a knave, or both, and is not ashamed of being told what to do by his wife.

“Out of the corruption of women proceeds the corruption of races; out of the corruption of races, the loss of memory; out of the loss of memory, the loss of understanding, and out of this all evil.”

The Bhagavad Gita explains the long-term degenerative consequences of gay marriage.


Adolfo said…
Every political party should protect and nurture marriage for the well-being of society.
Conservatives should protect it as the basic unit of society which provides the continuum for the status quo.
Liberals should understand that there is no rationality in cheapening marriage by granting them to people who, by definition, have no a need for it (gay people). No matter how honorable or productive a gay person is.
Communists should understand that, aside from the economic responsibilities of the State to provide a minimum of welfare to every citizen, the well-being of every individual begins in an environment of table emotional and economic stability which only comes after a couple has married.
And the whole society should be more considerate with those heterosexual adults who have made the boring, tough, ingrate decision to rise the next generation at their own, placing themselves (but also men) in a very dangerous legal and economic position; after all, society is already very considerate with single moms and drug addicts, ain’t it?
Adolfo said…
Off topic:
About six months ago, I cancelled my cable subscription. Tons and tons of electronic garbage I just couldn’t see because whether I didn’t have the time, nor the stomach to watch it. Browsing the web I found this pearl I missed by cancelling my account:
Are they sure this is Oona King? The same Oona King who trashed George Galloway for being in the Big Brother cast, after he kicked her out of the House of Commons. The same Oona King who ran for Major of London against Ken Livingstone? Oona King the Jewish Baroness of some shithole somewhere in London?
When you fall, you fall!
Claire Khaw said…
Baroness King of Bow seems to skate OK though.

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