A prostitute talks about her attitude to work


Is it rape or just theft if you have sex with a prostitute without paying?

I would say it depends. If you made her think you would pay but ran off without paying after enjoying services, then that would be theft and obtaining services by deception.

If you had sex with her knowing that she did not want to have sex with you at any price then it would be rape.

The prostitute blogger wonders why her clients appear unfazed by her lack of enthusiasm.

I have never hired a prostitute but I imagine the attractions of doing so would be  the power one feels when think "She doesn't even have to fancy me but knows she will have to have sex with me or she won't get paid."

This logic of this power of obtaining consent or quiescence would extend to rape, whose purpose is to enforce submission without consent.  Rape would be how a man would assert power over a woman or even over another man or men, if he forces him or them to watch.

Some clients might want a "girlfriend" experience, or they might wish for something called a "rape" experience. The punter is the piper, and he calls the tune.

What is saddening is that a woman as highly educated as this woman should be reduced to prostitution and blogging about it.

Let us women be honest, even chaste wives: sex can be a bit like work sometimes, something to tick off on one's list of things to do.

If we women are to be in the business of providing sexual services and bringing up the next generation, then let us do it well while making it as easy on ourselves as possible.  Surely, it would be easier on ourselves to have only one partner who wants our sexual services exclusively in the long term who will provide for us and our children, than have to put up with a stream of sub-alpha punters with dirty fingernails?  

Is this what happens to female graduates then, when , instead of studying for a useless degree, they could have married  a decent man and be bringing up children who would be a credit to them and their choice of partner , and by extension their reproductive  choice?

Feminism has a lot to answer for, has it not?   Because of Feminism, there are no decent men left.  Dirt cheap slut sex has utterly corrupted the morals of the men of the West, who now think and talk and behave like women, and do hypocrisy and cowardice just as well as the worst of their women.

Feminism tricked this woman into doing a degree that turned out to be financially unproductive.

Feminism forced this woman into prostitution.

Yet this woman is used by feminists like Helena Horton https://twitter.com/helenashead, Deputy Editor of The Yorker (sponsored by Deloittes) to promote feminism http://theyorker.co.uk/features/13651-i-would-be-a-feminist- and pornography http://theyorker.co.uk/news/campus/13525-show-and-tell-women-s-committee

So now we have the evil, stupidity, perversity and masochism of feminism and its adherents displayed for all to see: legs wide open in all her obscene glory.  


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