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Good and Evil, Strong and Weak, Men and Women, Freedom and Oppression, Patriarchy and Matriarchy, Yin and Yang

It is absolutely necessary that the good are strong or they are nothing at all. The weak cannot be good, only cowardly, hypocritical and ultimately evil. We will be great when we are good, but when we cease being good we also cease to be great. The British are no longer good, for the men now think and behave like women. Who will protect the men when they become women? Not the women.

A white middle class male speaks up for the sex that no longer dares to hold itself erect but cowers and cringes ....

‎Lucas Jervasi on Facebook on

"Far too many people are treating these sorts of episodes as a free speech issues without examining the nature of the censorship and substantive content of what is being suppressed. But episodes like this will continue to happen unless the men of society say: "We reject feminism and anti-discimination on principle. We have a right to *be* ourselves and to express normal attitudes. And by the way, we don’t want lineswomen because it changes the feel and character of the match in a way that doesn’t suit us.
That would be what self-respecting menfolk would say which is why Englishmen won’t say it. Claire is right that the modern white Western male is a limp-dicked disgrace who over the past 5 decades has abdicated his leadership role in society. Only a thoroughly degenerate menfolk would tolerate anti-sexist speech policing and anti-male employment quotas." Lucas Jervasi:

"The problem is mainly with white men Claire. It’s that …


Theresa May tells Dominic Raab to shut the fuck up.

British men's penises now collectively ripped off and stuffed into their mouths to prevent them from saying anything sexist at work. 

Principle now established that women must not be offended at work by men who will lose their jobs if they infringe this rule.

We now live in a totalitarian state where women, who are responsible for half the social problems in this country, cannot now be criticised or offended.

Proud of ourselves, are we?  

Big Sister is MUCH SCARIER than Big Brother

Isn't she?

"Illegitimi non carborundum"

Don't let the bastards and their single and/or unmarried mothers get you down.

The Enemy of Free Speech THY NAME IS WOMAN

I wonder how many people get it that the problem with Western civilisation is not so much immigration or even Islam, but women, who now have too much power and who now think up fresh thoughtcrimes and who "man" The Thought Police.

It is now a crime for men to say anything that might offend women, even in private.  

The sad sad thing is that so many Left Liberal men are acquiescing with this view and see no wrong in this.

Can Britain be rescued from its matriarchal doom when even its men behave and think like women?

Watch this space.

Having a lineswoman is stupid. Even the word "lineswoman" is stupid. Fuck Feminists and Feminism.

It is probably a ploy to provoke men into saying something sexist and then forcing them to eat shit after being caught doing so.

I just don't like seeing fucking female linesmen on the pitch.  It just looks stupid and PC.  And it causes trouble to men, as we have seen, and is completely unnecessary as well as looking fucking unattractive.  So fuck them to fucking hell.

DECLARE AN OFFICIAL MARRIAGE AND SEX STRIKE for your race and your nation!

Women must only give sex to men who are prepared to support them.

Men are already on marriage strike anyway, but they need to make it official.

Therefore women need to declare a sex strike, and make it official.  

To begin to do this, join this Facebook Group to declare an OFFICIAL Marriage and Sex Strike.

Since the result of such a strike would result in the end of the British as a people - apart from the Muslims of course - that ought to concentrate minds. 

It is what I call MAD - mutually assured destruction.

There will be scabs and blackleg labour, of course, but men will just fuck and forget them. 

The striking women and men would need to organise themselves locally.

Men who won't marry because they don't want to be taken to the cleaners and think they don't want to buy the cow when they can get milk in pints at their corner shop would form a group.

Women who won't have sex with a man unless they are husba…

The Ideal Man for a Woman In A Hurry?

Ad in latest Private Eye No 1280:
"MAN SEEKS WOMAN WITH TICKING BODY CLOCK before time runs out for the both of us, your photo gets mine."

Check him out, ladies and let me know what you think!

Is she worthy, and are you?

"If she's amazing, she won't be easy. If she's easy, she won't be amazing. If she's worth it, you won't give up. If you give up, you're not worthy." (anon)

How Pakistani-British men should deal with the view that they view white girls as "easy meat"

Watch MPACUK's Raza Nadim tonight on Islam Channel (Sky 813) at 7:15pm to discuss Jack Straw's allegations about how white girls are seen as 'easy meat' by the British Pakistani community.

Gad, why even deny it? Is anyone denying that white girls ARE easy meat? Even white men or white women? Not on my Facebook page, and I have lots of BNP Facebook friends ...

If I were doing PR for Muslims, I would be issuing a press release declaring reassuringly:

"Asian British men regard white women with JUST AS MUCH respect as white British men. We are happy to discuss why white girls ARE easy meat and whatcan be done about it THE MOMENT white men are given permission by white women to do so."

BBC TV = Crone TV: Women virtually unsackable in Britain's Demented Matriarchy


Live by the sword, die by the sword.

Get your job because of your looks, lose the job because you have lost them.

Looks like BBC TV is going to be full of old crones reading the news and forecasting the weather in the years to come.  When that happens no one will want to watch Crone TV and the BBC will lose influence and be held in hatred, ridicule and contempt as will Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland.

Why politicians dare not criticise easy meat white girls and their single mums

So what if sex predators from a Muslim background target easy meat white girls?

Aren't you being a bit racist if you say you would rather your daughter be sexually exploited and violated by the Friendly Neighbourhood Sex Predator rather than the Alien Immigrant Sex Predator?

If men know there are sex predators of whatever race prowling around, shouldn't you be taking more care of your women?

Oh, but they can't because the slut and slapper single mums of these white girls don't care about their daughters, and never bothered to marry their fathers in the first place.

Sex predators know that if the stupid slag has no dad, they can pretty much do anything with her.

Probably, if these easy meat white girls stayed home they would be sexually exploited by mum's latest paedo boyfriend.

Is the government discussing this? Is it hell! Easier to blame Asian men for thinking what everybody thinks anyway - including white men - that white girls ARE easy meat.


O Rose thou art sick

O Rose thou art sick.
The invisible worm*,
That flies in the night
In the howling storm:

Has found out thy bed
Of crimson joy:
And his dark secret love
Does thy life destroy.

*  female promiscuity

Too many of us treat young white women as trash

Well, they are, aren't they, if they copulate with anyone, anytime, anywhere, as they have been taught in their sex ed classes and allowed to by their mostly single parents in Paedo Bastard Slutland Britan?

Jack Straw's "easy meat" comment, Muslims and the cancerous ideology of feminism that only Islam can cut out

The most the panelists on BROADCASTING HOUSE can do to discuss the subject of the "easy meatiness" of white girls is to talk about "absent fathers".

Obviously, they can't bring themselves to make the link between female promiscuity and feminism.

Clearly, they are afraid to call bad (usually single) mothers bad mothers and sluts and slappers sluts and slappers.

Again, the very presence of Muslims is very helpful in pulling forward the Sacred Cow (the British Deity of the Slut and Slapper Single Mum with Variously-Fathered Feral Children that the sex mad British with their dicks hanging out of their low-slung trousers and their fannies hanging out of their micro-minis worship) as a candidate to be slayed as soon as possible in the interests of the British Nation, because it is eating them out of house and home and crapping all over their carpet.  

Eventually, the penny will drop, even with this generation of dumbed-down l…

Racists can and do marry each other!

Racism = thinking someone has particular good qualities because of their race (eg white man rich, oriental women submissive, black men have larger penises and know how to use it better etc) and not bothering to make further proper enquiries.

How Pakistani-British men should deal with the view that they view white girls as "easy meat"

Pakistani men anxious to distance themselves from their rogue sex predator "brothers" should issue a press statement declaring that they have just as much respect for white women as white men do.

White girls regarded as "easy meat" by Pakistani men: official and unofficial BNP response


Mark Collet's response to my Facebook status update: "Will the BNP have an honest discussion about the morals of their own women or continue to blame Muslims for all the ills of society?"

"You raise an interesting point Claire, and one I have myself raised elsewhere today. Muslim men don't just target white girls, they were doing the same to girls of African ancestry and mixed race parentage in Birmingham. The reason they don't do it to Asian or Muslim girls is because those girls actually have respect for their parents are at home in the evening like 12 year old girls should be. The problem here lies as much with bad parenting as it does with sexual predators. Parents today who let their 12-14 year old daughters out to roam the streets until past 10pm every night of the week have lost cont…

Why love is needed to sanctify marriage

The usual exchange of services between man and woman is that of punter and prostitute. That is why love is needed to sanctify such a bargain, which would be an insufferable imposition if not undertaken willingly or undertaken reluctantly.

Medea the Fillicidal Mother

I find Medea a fascinating character. I doubt if she would have gone down in history quite as vividly if she hadn't killed her children to have her revenge on her husband. This is what many husbands do to their wife and children, by the way, when they realise their wives are about to leave them for another man, and taking the children with them.

Did anyone see Diana Rigg in that chilling Euripides play? She didn't do it on impulse but spent the whole play agonising about it. "Shall I or shan't I? Should I or shouldn't I have my revenge ?"

Logically, if her purpose was to have her revenge then there was no better way of doing so.

For her, in her unique position, killing her children would add to her immortality rather than diminish it.

For us ordinary folk, killing our healthy children would mean we have frustrated our own project of passing on our genes.

Women want to shut me up more than men because robust debate is anathema to them

It seems the same old female voices keep popping up to complain every time I make general points to assist us in discovering the cause of our national malaise.  (I say it is female promiscuity, and the widespread tolerance of single mummery and illegitimacy.)

Generalisations are generally true, ladies.  Can you get your pink and fluffy heads round this concept?  Do try anyway.  

It is usually the women who squeal, "You nasty person!  You're hurting my feelings!"  about the offence I have caused when I discuss single motherhood and illegitimacy, which is spreading through British society like gangrene or cancer, who cannot take robust debate and want to shut people up.

That is why they should leave politics and return to the kitchen to nurse their injured  feelings.  When they eventually get over the trauma of having their feelings hurt and their behaviour and morality questioned, perhaps they can start bringing up their children properly, even if they have abandoned, divo…

Feminist Inefficiency v Patriarchal Rationalism

I am thinking about my female friends and their sheer inability to enjoy robust debate without descending into rancour and bitchy grudge-bearing pettiness. I really think that women's brains are actually different from men's. I guess they haveto be to make them fit for child-rearing, but if that is true - and it obviously is - then this must mean they are not equal to men, just complementary.

It's all a division of labour thing.

Feminism is the equivalent of treating a university professor and a gardener the same and expecting them to do the same thing.

Compelling men and women to do each other's work just means the work of neither will be done well, to the long-term detriment of the nation.  

Feminists boast of the feminine ability to multi-task, but a Jacqueline of All Trades is Mistress of None.

The Infantilisation of Men by Women

Most men wouldn't say no to most women if offered sex on a plate.

It is like bribing a child with sweets.