Jack Straw's "easy meat" comment, Muslims and the cancerous ideology of feminism that only Islam can cut out


The most the panelists on BROADCASTING HOUSE can do to discuss the subject of the "easy meatiness" of white girls is to talk about "absent fathers".

Obviously, they can't bring themselves to make the link between female promiscuity and feminism.

Clearly, they are afraid to call bad (usually single) mothers bad mothers and sluts and slappers sluts and slappers.

Again, the very presence of Muslims is very helpful in pulling forward the Sacred Cow (the British Deity of the Slut and Slapper Single Mum with Variously-Fathered Feral Children that the sex mad British with their dicks hanging out of their low-slung trousers and their fannies hanging out of their micro-minis worship) as a candidate to be slayed as soon as possible in the interests of the British Nation, because it is eating them out of house and home and crapping all over their carpet.  

Eventually, the penny will drop, even with this generation of dumbed-down limp-dicked tosspot sex-obsessed knicker-dropping bastard single parent Brits.

An Islam-based state religion is obviously required, since the Anglican Church has so very clearly failed to support family values with the institution of marriage.  This is because the Anglican Church is now infested by mediocrities who subscribe to feminism, PC extremism and socialism.  The now elderly traditionalists are all dying and retiring and there is no longer any life in that old banger of Christianity, which is the most unbelievable of all the Abrahamic faiths because of its doctrine of the Trinity.


Ernest Chatham said…
I enjoyed this piece very much Clare.

When Christians talk about "The False Prophet", they may have to do some serious re-thinking as to who it will be.

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