Feminist Inefficiency v Patriarchal Rationalism

I am thinking about my female friends and their sheer inability to enjoy robust debate without descending into rancour and bitchy grudge-bearing pettiness. I really think that women's brains are actually different from men's. I guess they have to be to make them fit for child-rearing, but if that is true - and it obviously is - then this must mean they are not equal to men, just complementary.

It's all a division of labour thing.

Feminism is the equivalent of treating a university professor and a gardener the same and expecting them to do the same thing.

Compelling men and women to do each other's work just means the work of neither will be done well, to the long-term detriment of the nation.  

Feminists boast of the feminine ability to multi-task, but a Jacqueline of All Trades is Mistress of None.   


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