A white middle class male speaks up for the sex that no longer dares to hold itself erect but cowers and cringes ....

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"Far too many people are treating these sorts of episodes as a free speech issues without examining the nature of the censorship and substantive content of what is being suppressed. But episodes like this will continue to happen unless the men of society say: "We reject feminism and anti-discimination on principle. We have a right to *be* ourselves and to express normal attitudes. And by the way, we don’t want lineswomen because it changes the feel and character of the match in a way that doesn’t suit us.

That would be what self-respecting menfolk would say which is why Englishmen won’t say it. Claire is right that the modern white Western male is a limp-dicked disgrace who over the past 5 decades has abdicated his leadership role in society. Only a thoroughly degenerate menfolk would tolerate anti-sexist speech policing and anti-male employment quotas."
Lucas Jervasi:

"The problem is mainly with white men Claire. It’s that we’re suckers. For the past few decades we have liked to pretend that the agenda of multicultural/feminist liberalism was mainly about “social justice” when in reality it was mostly about power and humiliation. The intention of feminism and multiculturalism was not to make the sexes or races equal but to reverse the relation between them. The proof is that when men or whites do better, this is asserted to be proof of “discrimination” and urgent action is needed for "equality"; when women or ethnic minorities do better, there's no problem! they’re even encouraged to exploit their gain at the expense of white males as this Guardian article illustrates:


We have been complicit in elevating other groups to our extreme detriment and are now the ones who are most dispossessed and oppressed. Our behaviour has been uniquely abnormal and I think most of us are too embarrassed to admit it!"
If white middle class men  are now already so useless and stupid, think what they will be like when our daughters grow up.  

If we convert to Islam now - which appears to be the only way out of this filth for us now - and reject the degraded and degenerate male spawn of liberal parents, those of us who have daughters might just have a chance of having legitimate grandchildren with  parents who stay married to each other.  

Worth a try anyway, or worth talking about weakly, perhaps, while our funeral pyre is being prepared ...


This was quite a good post Claire.
Some very good points were made, but I don't know whether or not I accept that Islam and Sharia are the only viable solution.

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