Women want to shut me up more than men because robust debate is anathema to them

It seems the same old female voices keep popping up to complain every time I make general points to assist us in discovering the cause of our national malaise.  (I say it is female promiscuity, and the widespread tolerance of single mummery and illegitimacy.)

Generalisations are generally true, ladies.  Can you get your pink and fluffy heads round this concept?  Do try anyway.  

It is usually the women who squeal, "You nasty person!  You're hurting my feelings!"  about the offence I have caused when I discuss single motherhood and illegitimacy, which is spreading through British society like gangrene or cancer, who cannot take robust debate and want to shut people up.

That is why they should leave politics and return to the kitchen to nurse their injured  feelings.  When they eventually get over the trauma of having their feelings hurt and their behaviour and morality questioned, perhaps they can start bringing up their children properly, even if they have abandoned, divorced, lost or mislaid their husbands, especially the ones who neglected to even acquire one before having their illegitimate children. 


WooZoo said…
You are shoveling shit up hill.
Me thinks that total breakdown is required.
Claire Khaw said…
What do you mean "total breakdown is required", WooZoo?

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