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Exploding the myth of the multiple orgasm through the exercise of logic

What is this multiple orgasm that some women claim to experience? They can *logically* only be experienced *consecutively* (and therefore *only singly* which negates the concept of its multiplicity) rather than *simultaneously*.

I think the multiple orgasm was thought up by sexologists wishing to drum up business from men and women made to feel inadequate because they have never been given nor ever received such a thing. 

I really think I should be given an award for my services to mankind.  Perhaps it will just be a matter of time before I will be recognised, lionised and listened to with greater attention and respect.

Why don't gay people get it that marriage is *not* for gay people?

Reverend Sharon Ferguson on Sunday R4 wants to mount a legal challenge so she can marry her lesbian lover.

Give them an inch and they'll take a mile.  Marriage is for people who can have children together, ie a man and a woman. It is not something for gay people with which to say they love each other publicly to annoy the rest of us. Why should the law be changed in response to their whims and turn marriage into something it is not? This is precisely why we should only tolerate homosexuality and never grant it equality.

This is precisely what the Koran does, by the way.   It tells states that a woman will get punished for committing lewd acts with women but sets the burden of proof so high - four witnesses would be required - that it is in practice impossible to get a conviction.  (Lesbian orgies whose participants are your four wives would also be OK.)


If someone is too good to be true, is he really too good to be true?

Just came across this ad in Private Eye No 1274, 29 October - 11 November 2010

MAN, 40s, seeks attractive woman with ticking body clock before time runs out for the both of us.  Your photo gets mine.

Am I being cynic if I think this man is too good to be true?

Just like this one in fact?

OPEN, attractive, warm, genuine, grounded, caring, no hidden agenda. Confident, yet with a hint shyness. I found David very easy to talk to,  make conversation, and he had  no problems with being open about his personal life.

Approx 6'2"+ish" masculine, solid build,attractive, lovely warm open smile, genuine eyes, he smiles with his eyes, it doesn't just come from the mouth. Very well presented, very nicely spoken, clean cut, wholesome looking in a traditional sense. Shoes, tan leather brogues, navy blue double breasted jacket, cream chinos, classic standards, traditional and values.

Born in X, to a traditional family, Father owned and ran a very succe…

Lord chief justice calls for reform of family system

Lord chief justice calls for reform of family system

I sat in on a sharia court at Regent's Park Mosque once. Quick and clear, cheap and cheerful. A sharia judge never sits alone. Men and children would have their rights protected better under this system.

Children under 7 live with their mother.

Children over 7 live with their father so they don't get molested by mum's paedo boyfriends while allowing the divorced woman to find another husband without wheeling around her "baggage".

Makes sense to me.

Battlefield of Love is in Breach of Copyright, according to the "General Counsel" of Money Week

Below is a message I have dated 26/10 from Helen Hensperger, with the a very grand title viz "General Counsel". 

Dear Ms Khaw,

I act for MoneyWeek Limited, publisher of the MoneyWeek magazine and owner of copyright in the MoneyWeek magazine content.

It has come to our attention that you have posted MoneyWeek content on your blog. The content includes an extract from an article with Robin Angus and an image of Merryn Somerset Webb. This reproduction has occurred without our consent and is an infringement of our copyright.

Please confirm by return that you have removed the infringing content from your blog.

Yours sincerely,

Helen Hunsperger

General Counsel

MoneyWeek Limited

Listen, Ms Hunsperger, I don't think your boss Bill Bonner who writes from The Daily Reckoning will like the action you have taken.  Having read Finacial Reckoning Dayh…

Emasculated Men's group pathetically protesting with push chairs

Read below this message to oppressed men who have been deprived of their children by the UK Family Courts and know how emasculated and enfeebled men have become.  They even look as if they deserve their abuse. 
They are advised to attend this march with empty pushchairs to make a point.  It is strange how it seems to escape them that they will be derided for the indignity of this protest, like being told to wear women's underwear in public.  
Men no longer have any idea of masculinity and even protest in the way women would. 
No, the only way to protest effectively about this state of affairs is to declare an official marriage strike and/or threaten to convert to Islam.  
There are obvious problems to this because they think so much in the short term that they won't do anything until it has happened to them and it is too late.  
And, to add insult to injury, they are being organised by woman in her 20s called Becky - their Policy and Information Officer. 
It will get nowhere of …

How chasing the female vote increased our taxes and the size of the state while reducing our liberties


Money Week, 22 October 2010 page 39
Merryn Somerset Webb's interview with Robin Angus of Personal Assets Trust

"We wonder if it is the case that you can trace inflation in the West back to universal suffrage.  Politicians promise what they think voters will want and women voters, being society's main carers, are most likely to be promised the things that most expand the state.  Historically, it has mattered more - or been perceived by politicians to  matter more - to women that they get help looking after the young, the sick and disabled, than it is has to the men who don't do so much of this work.

So what do you do to get the female vote?  You promise more schools and hospitals.  Then you  promise universal tertiary education, tax credits for everyone, free bus passes for the over-60s and subsidised nursery care.  And  the more unaffordable the …

Parasitical Feminism: "Frailty, thy name is woman"

Why are women instinctively collectivist and men the opposite?

I think it is probably a lot to do with the parasitical nature of the human female.

They already know, deep down, that they are not the producers of wealth, but are, rather, the consumers of wealth, by their very nature.

Men are of course the hunter gatherers who must now compete against women - not the best of employees really because they get pregnant and are always whingeing about sex discrimination and suing their employers - in a legal system unfairly biased in favour of women.

Women and collectivists must be reminded again and again that no wealth will be produced for redistribution if we follow their insane policies.

Marriage Bureau for Alpha Males who want to protect themselves from gold diggers

I have often thought of starting a marriage bureau for men who want a wife but don't want to be ripped off. They would be alpha or alpha-ish males who would insist on a marriage contract and a wife who would agree, before courtship even began, to such a thing. I don't see why it wouldn't work, except that men these days seem a bit shy of discussing these things, because they have themselves become girls, and are either dithering about getting married or simply hoping for the best. 

I would have thought negotiating the contract would reveal much of each other's characters sooner rather than later, and all information is useful in deciding whether to go ahead with probably the most important contract of your life.

The feminisation and liberalisation of the Anglican Church and why it is Bad for Britain

The Anglican Church is a creature of the state. It was created by Henry VIII for the purpose of being a creature of the state. The state is now totalitarian feminist liberal, and so is the Anglican Church.

res ipsa loquitur.

Any self-respecting nation should have its own established official religion. The Anglican Church should be disestablished and an Anglican Islam established to fight the poison of demented feminism that is harming both men, women and the next generation.

I know this would please our future king Charles - a closet Muslim - enormously. Edward VII and Henry VIII as well as Charles were of course victims of Christian hypocrisy.

The Anglican Church attracts ambitious and strong-willed women but only feeble-willed and feeble-minded men fit for not much else, as listening to Bishop Goddard reveals.

Therein lies the problem of religion in this country. It too is a creature of the stat…

'Hating the boss is a disability'
"Some police officers on sick leave hate their bosses so much it should be considered a disability, an employment tribunal heard."

Surely this is conclusive proof that this country is suffering from matriarchal dementia?

Pre-divorce guide for men preparing to divorce modern American women

"Sex, Porn and Teenagers" Radio 4

"Shag bands" are thin coloured rubber bracelets, indicating how far the wearer will go sexually if the band is broken.

Purple for a kiss or yellow for a hug may seem comparatively harmless but some of the other colours such as black for full intercourse or blue for oral sex ring alarm bells.

A Wakefield MP recently campaigned to stop shops selling them after complaints from parents including a mother who innocently bought some for her 6-year old's party bag. Elsewhere schools have banned "shag bands" after finding pupils wearing them.

Part of playground culture, they're often worn innocently or in a show of bravado but there is a darker side where early sexual exploration strays into the easily accessible world of internet porn. Where children once passed notes, they now use their mobile phones to share explicit images and there's peer pressure through social networking sites.

Presenter Miranda Sawyer, herself a mother, investigates whether s…

"Whatever happened to the sisterhood?

Women will be hit disproportionately by the Budget cuts already announced by the government: A new study suggests that they will shoulder nearly three quarters of the burden, because they rely more on the state for benefits and are more likely to work in the public sector than men.

The state has reduced women's dependency on men, only to install itself as the new patriarch. If the state shrinks, it will be women who will feel the difference.

Is this what generations of feminists have fought for? Where is the sisterhood now, marching on the treasury?In other words, 75% of women are welfare-dependent.

While many regard feminism as a complex and many splendoured thing, the facts would suggest that it is but a stinking rafflesia attracting nothing but promiscuity, confusion, misery, family breakdown, flies, decline and death.

Next time you are thinking of sticking your cock up the fanny of some slut and slapper who is giving it to yo…