Emasculated Men's group pathetically protesting with push chairs

Read below this message to oppressed men who have been deprived of their children by the UK Family Courts and know how emasculated and enfeebled men have become.  They even look as if they deserve their abuse. 

They are advised to attend this march with empty pushchairs to make a point.  It is strange how it seems to escape them that they will be derided for the indignity of this protest, like being told to wear women's underwear in public.  

Men no longer have any idea of masculinity and even protest in the way women would. 

No, the only way to protest effectively about this state of affairs is to declare an official marriage strike and/or threaten to convert to Islam.  

There are obvious problems to this because they think so much in the short term that they won't do anything until it has happened to them and it is too late.  

And, to add insult to injury, they are being organised by woman in her 20s called Becky - their Policy and Information Officer. 

It will get nowhere of course.  The venue or time is not even mentioned in the message.  What real man would join this limp-dicked ragtag of a group who have their affairs organised by a woman with no particular distinction?  Pathetic, retarded and feeble.  

Of course, they are too scared to give me the job, because they have turned into women and, like women, who wallow in their victimhood but don't really want to do much about it, just want a good moan.  

Parents Matter 25 October at 17:59


 Dear All,

For the first time in it's 35 year history; Families Need Fathers is organising a march as above.

With the current Family Justice Review in train (in which we have played a major part and have sent in a substantial submission); for the first time in our lifetime, we have an outstanding chance to drag the Family Justice system from a 1950's model (mother stay at home- father go out and earn the bread- not much involvement with the kids) into a system fit for the 21st century where mothers and fathers play an equal role in the upbringing of their children. This is a reality in society today that the courts have so far refused to recognise; but through the efforts of FNF, F4J and the media are on the verge of having to recognise. The Family Justice System is broken...delay and unfairness is endemic as they cant cope with the workload- and this impacts very badly on the children of divorcing and separating parents.

This is our one chance to get the system changed and we are not going to let it slip by...the chance will not come again in our lifetime. This is the reason for the march..to pull out all the stops possible to ensure that no stone is left unturned. IT IS THEREFORE VERY IMPORTANT THAT WE GET AS MANY PEOPLE ON THE GROUND AS POSSIBLE. There will be major press coverage and we need to make the maximum impression.

The idea of empty pushchairs has been pinched from the German Fathers movement who did a similar march last year. We thought it was a great idea!

It matters not a jot what your views on the Fathers movement are; we all know a friend or family member who has gone through the trauma of divorce. It will just be a fun day out with the possibility of a gig at the end from a youth Buddy Holly tribute band. So please help us to change the system!

Everyone now..the Government, the Judiciary, the Press recognise that Family Justice is broken in the UK and must change dramatically (We are 20 years behind Australia, Canada, Scandinavia and many US states particularly Florida, in how we deal with family breakdown: a sadly very familiar malaise in society today- we have to find a much better way of dealing with it: The Family Justice Review is our chance to get it right.

It matters not your age or circumstances: scroll down to see who Becky is bringing. She is our effective and very professional Policy and Information Officer. She is in her early 20's and only recently married with no children.

So PLEASE- attend with an empty pushchair (or even a full one!) if you possibly can- and please bring your friends and relatives with you for A FUN DAY OUT!

If you can't make it...or even if you can! Please pass this email on to your friends and relatives: That is the very least you can do for us!



Manifold said…
This Saturday, the first international antifeminist meeting will take place in Zürich, Switzerland.

The Men's Richts Movement is much more than just a bunch of desperate fathers who were cheated by state feminism.

Greetings from a Masculist,

Die Söhne von Perseus
dave said…
are you the ss in disguise
Claire Khaw said…
So anyone who questions and challenges feminism is a Nazi? I do admire the mature and informed way you make your point.

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