If someone is too good to be true, is he really too good to be true?

Just came across this ad in Private Eye No 1274, 29 October - 11 November 2010

MAN, 40s, seeks attractive woman with ticking body clock before time runs out for the both of us.  Your photo gets mine.  eddy2525@hotmail.co.uk

Am I being cynic if I think this man is too good to be true?

Just like this one in fact?

OPEN, attractive, warm, genuine, grounded, caring, no hidden agenda. Confident, yet with a hint shyness. I found David very easy to talk to,  make conversation, and he had  no problems with being open about his personal life.

Approx 6'2"+ish" masculine, solid build,attractive, lovely warm open smile, genuine eyes, he smiles with his eyes, it doesn't just come from the mouth. Very well presented, very nicely spoken, clean cut, wholesome looking in a traditional sense. Shoes, tan leather brogues, navy blue double breasted jacket, cream chinos, classic standards, traditional and values.

Born in X, to a traditional family, Father owned and ran a very successful paper-mill business. His mother remained at home until the children flew the nest, and became a magistrate. David is privately educated, university degree at Birmingham, Engineering degree. At 26 he took a position with an oil company, who he remained with, until approximately 1998, when he turned down a position to return to work in London, after a three year posting in Hong Kong, which he loved. He still has a  strong business connection with Hong Kong, an apartment, office address, yet does not intend to live there.

He has his own very successful business, in the field of jet-fuel technology systems - Shell is a client of his now. His work takes him all over the world, but he would like to reduce his business travel, and increase his personal travel experiences, with someone by his side. 

David has had a rich and interesting life, and comes across as being an interesting person, full of life, optimism, warmth and humor. I would say he would make an exceptional friend, loyal, trustworthy, with honesty and personal integrity rating highly with him. He also come across as being generous, and capable of expressing emotions, not afraid to share or give love to the right person.

Enjoy the outdoors a great deal, love walking, the countryside, peace and quiet away from the bustle of city life. But, NOT a frumpy-country bumpkin, he just adores and appreciates the style of life the country provides. He has a very beautiful large country house set in acres of grounds in Devon which he can't wait to share. He plays tennis, goes to the gym about 3 times a week, and has keen interest in most outdoor pursuits. Keen on rugby, and used to play. Going to take up shooting, clay pigeon to begin with.

  • He like animals, would like a dog, perhaps horses, and feel, that an animal, although, part of family life, should have a separate, ' sleeping area' as not in, upstairs, bedroom in the house. This is not set in stone, well, except, not allowed  in the bedroom, on the bed, if a partner wanted the pet to be more part of the domestic routine, perhaps a basket in a utility room next to a kitchen. The run of the downstairs, but kept in their own area at night.
  • He has a sound traditional belief in a supreme being, although not overtly religious. John doesn't attend church every month, but does enjoy evensong, and a nice supper afterwards on occasions. A partner would have similar ideas and values towards religion, and ideally be of C of E, but someone spiritual, would be fine. 
  • David likes female company, and has no problem with connecting, or dating women. But, does not feel sitting in a bar every night, in a hope to meet ' the one' is the way forward for him - nor would it produce the kind of lady he's looking for. 
  • David would like to see more of the USA, visit Canada, as you've not been to Canada yet. Africa, a Safari holiday, New Zealand, and France. Obviously other destinations would be welcomed with a partner. NOT package holidays though, nor a holiday based around just beach life.

  • Other interests - The opera, theatre, dining out, fine dining, the occasional film, but really prefers to interact with people, take an active part in conversation, opposed to sitting and watching.
She would be of a similar background, privately educated, or at very least grammar school, then on to university. Family background would be middle-upper middle, similar core values, traditional values, enjoy old-fashioned manners, having the door opened etc. Well spoken, intelligent, bright, warm, and easy to relate to. An attuned person emotionally, and able to sense situations where close communication is concerned within a relationship.

She would not necessarily need to be an intellectual, just bright, above average intelligence, with a sunny, open personality. Someone who sees the positive side to life opposed to the negative, looks for the good in people, is grounded no matter how accomplished she may be in her career. He is not be seeking a business woman who has spent most of her life climbing the success ladder, and THAT was all she could be, the business woman.

She would have to be able to kick off her shoes, at the same time as kicking off the days work, and enjoy being around a home environment. She would be someone would could talk in depth over a variety subjects, yet equally be a FUN person able to mix well socially at all levels. Between say 42-48 ideally - but flexibility to perhaps to 50.

Someone about 5'6" to 5''9" ish - FEMININE, slim to medium build, well presented, smart/casual, yet enjoy dressing up and socializing. He  prefers longer hair, to some of the very short hairstyles. A feminine woman, who is classy, classic, NOT frumpy though, just someone who knows how to dress, carry herself without designer labels. Happy in jeans, casuals or a little black dress and heels.

A N/Smoker a MUST, caring and open emotionally. Region is fairly open, providing NOT Scotland, ideally someone based around London, Oxfordshire/ Warwickshire/ berks/Hampshire/Wiltshire/Dorset - South of England. P
rofession is not important, as the person is far more important. It could be perhaps a female who has her own business, or is divorced with her own children, which he's open to.
David loves children, and would IF the situation was right have a family, but not just because it was the thing to do, as having children is not the goal. He wants a partner to share his life, be his soul-mate as finding someone to love is the main goal.
             Summary of David:
·         Age 47
·         Attractive and highly successful
·         Very well presented, friendly, open, able to open up and share intimacy
·         Genuine, with high standards and traditional values
·         Would like a stable relationship and fall in love
·         Confident, strong, independent, but not so independent unable to share
·         Enjoy the gym, dining out, the usual social pursuits
·         Would love travel with a partner
·         Come across, kind, loyal, trustworthy as a person, solid, dependable, reliable.
·         Out-going but in a stable quiet manner
·       Likes the finer things in life, but EQUALLY likes the simple.  Adores home life
  • Female 42- 48, but flexi on this
  • Slim/medium build
  • Feminine, sensitive and warm nature
  • Emotionally intelligent and attuned
  • Region completely open
  • A N/Smoker
  • Adventurous, confident, self motivated,
  • Kind, OPEN, ready for a relationship, genuine, honest, loving, romantic
  • Successful in her own way
  • FUN enjoys socializing
  • Lively, yet grounded, good sense of humor ( GSOH subjective ) NOT a joke teller, but more the way she views life.
  • Looking to fall in love, form a strong relationship long term, likes children/option to have children not vital though
  • Well presented, well spoken, articulate
  • Someone socially adept and interesting and INTERESTED in others
Someone who enjoys some of her own interests and hobbies, to share differences, take occasional separate holidays if she wants, but not on a regular basis. NOT separate living spaces though. She's looking to share her life as you are ultimately under the same roof.

I think he is a figment of the imagination of a romantic novelist.  What do you think?  


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