Why don't gay people get it that marriage is *not* for gay people?

Reverend Sharon Ferguson on Sunday R4 wants to mount a legal challenge so she can marry her lesbian lover.



Give them an inch and they'll take a mile.  Marriage is for people who can have children together, ie a man and a woman. It is not something for gay people with which to say they love each other publicly to annoy the rest of us. Why should the law be changed in response to their whims and turn marriage into something it is not? This is precisely why we should only tolerate homosexuality and never grant it equality.

This is precisely what the Koran does, by the way.   It tells states that a woman will get punished for committing lewd acts with women but sets the burden of proof so high - four witnesses would be required - that it is in practice impossible to get a conviction.  (Lesbian orgies whose participants are your four wives would also be OK.)


Professor Robert Winte­mute, of the law department at King’s College, London said that by banning gay couples from entering into civil marriage, and by banning heterosexual couples from entering civil partnerships, “the UK Govern­ment is discriminating on the grounds of sexual orientation, con­trary to the Human Rights Act.” Specifically, the bans violated Article 14 of the Act, which protects against discrimination; Article 12, which enshrines the right to marry; and Article 8, the right to respect for family life.  

What is marriage for? It is 

1.  an alliance between families
2.  a contract to bring up children of the marriage together
3.  about putting up and shutting up

This is not something for gay people surely, is it?

So why do they want to muscle in on something that is really just for husbands and wives who want to be fathers and mothers?

Why don't they just fuck off and leave marriage alone?

It is quite clear that it is now high time
for the Human Rights Act to be repealed.  Too bad Cameron and his cunts of convictionless Conservatism will never get round to doing it. 


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