The feminisation and liberalisation of the Anglican Church and why it is Bad for Britain

The Anglican Church is a creature of the state. It was created by Henry VIII for the purpose of being a creature of the state. The state is now totalitarian feminist liberal, and so is the Anglican Church.

res ipsa loquitur.

Any self-respecting nation should have its own established official religion. The Anglican Church should be disestablished and an Anglican Islam established to fight the poison of demented feminism that is harming both men, women and the next generation.

I know this would please our future king Charles - a closet Muslim - enormously. Edward VII and Henry VIII as well as Charles were of course victims of Christian hypocrisy.

The Anglican Church attracts ambitious and strong-willed women but only feeble-willed and feeble-minded men fit for not much else, as listening to Bishop Goddard reveals.

Therein lies the problem of religion in this country. It too is a creature of the state reflecting liberal values that are antithetical to family values and which has led inevitably to the decline and the current degeneracy of the British nation.

Paul was quite right
that women should, like children, be seen but not heard in Church, or they will, in their madness and silliness, become fervent advocates of free love with the consequences that we are now suffering: widespread illegitimacy, declining standards of behaviour and education, family breakdown and national decline that are the result of over-indulgence of the feminine vices of prevarication, cowardice, hypocrisy, masochism, censoriousness, but worst of all, irrationality and denial of the truth.

We ought of course to remember the reason why Henry broke from Rome. He did so because he didn't want to be one who left a woman in charge of England. If only he had converted to Islam, then he would have managed to sire a son with one of his four wives, without worrying about whether the Pope would grant him an annulment.

It is surely time the dumping of Christianity is seriously considered, since no one, not even the clergy, really believes in family values or even the Trinity these days. All they do is wring their hands, wishing to wound but remaining afraid to strike - a typically female and dishonorable trait.

Secular Koranism would of course be perfect for this country, as it would enable the British to keep all Christian forms of worship (with the exception of the barbaric practice of the Eucharist and Communion, ie pretending to drink Christ's blood and pretending to eat his flesh) and all Christian music, provided that any reference to the Holy Trinity is excised.

Sermons could be based on the Bible with the additional option of using the Koran as supreme authority when the New Testament is too ambiguous and the Old Testament too harsh.


Anonymous said…
The Anglican Church attracts ambitious and strong-willed women


but only feeble-willed and feeble-minded men fit for not much else.


Church is the ultimate in magical thinking. This is the last thing we need in this day & age (of flying jets into office buildings).. Magical thinking in deities of any kind.

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